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The GOP nutcases in Congress are obvious. They are more beholden to wealthy sponsors than the American people. This crisis is courtesy of the Republicans who stood by saying and doing nothing.

Washington's U.S. Reps. Dave Reichert, R-Blowin' in The Wind, and Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-What Boehner Says, are prime examples.

This looming avalanche of disaster is steeped in Republican cynicism and political cowardice.

Four times the Seattle Times has endorsed Dave Reichert, R WA-8, for Congress. Lance Dickie, the Times editorial columnist who signed this one has a penchant for slanting in favor of Republicans. This editorial by itself should leave blisters on Reichert's back-side, and get strong Democratic challengers fighting for the chance to take this seat, gerrymander or no.

But wait, there's more!

Dickie is strident in his attacks on the Republicans, and rightly so. There is a lot to like in his column but here is one more bit that really caught my eye:

The Republican Party bears full responsibility for its passive response to a parliamentary coup by its lunatic fringe.

The White House cannot give in to extortion - the abuse and misuse of congressional authority - because such capitulation creates a new template: lose in Congress, lose with the American voters? Shut down the government.

This is not the only opinion peace slamming the Tea Party Republicans that is currently available on the Seattle Times website:  You will also see a fine essay by E.J. Dionne entitled the "The heartbreak of extremism" which directly confronts the insanity and cowardice of the Tea Party Republicans and their enablers.  Also running is a fine editorial by Froma Harrop entitled "Abject defeat of budget games needed" seen here at:

The common thread in all of these editorials is that the Tea Party Republicans are solely responsible for the twin crises of Shutdown and Default that are imperiling the global economy and our nation's Constitutional democracy, and that it would be utterly wrong to negotiate with the Tea Party Republican terrorists.

The table is set for a wave election that demolishes the Republican hold on the House of Representatives, once and for all.  But it requires more than just editorial air support to win the battle.  Our President and Democratic Senators have to be resolute, come what may. Strong Democratic candidates have to stand for election. And we have to be the troops who will take this fight house-to-house and neighbor-to-neighbor in support of those candidates.

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