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Thank you, President Obama for just saying no to the Tea Party extortionists. You can't negotiate with extremists who hold America hostage in a brazen attempt to nullify two presidential elections. This victory is sweet. Judson Phillips, owner of Tea Party Nation just melted down.

Barack Obama demanded unconditional surrender from the Republican Party.

He pretty much got it.

The Republican Party has capitulated on the central issue of Obamacare.  Mitch McConnell and John Boehner never wanted this fight.  In true RINO fashion, they wanted to surrender early and often. ....

In short, the GOP got nothing from their fight.  But then again, McConnell, Boehner and the GOP establishment never tried.

With the implosion of the Obamacare roll out, they had the perfect opportunity.  The GOP should have been parading real Americans in front of the cameras every day to talk about how they have lost health insurance coverage thanks to Obamacare or how they cannot find full time work thanks to Obamacare.

What did the GOP?

It caved totally and completely.  And the GOP leadership does not care.

The government shutdown is pushed back until January and the debt ceiling until February.

Does anyone believe either McConnell or Boehner will have the intestinal fortitude to go to the mat with Obama again?   It does not matter what Obama demands, these two will cave, guaranteeing it will pass.

I have been a Republican since I was 13 years old in 1972, putting out yard signs for Richard Nixon.

Don’t call me a Republican today.  It is an insult and it just might be fighting words.

Mr. Phillips, The Republican party just threw you overboard ass over teakettle. Bye bye.

Update A Pew Poll taken on October 15 shows the Tea Party's popularity has plummeted across the political spectrum. The biggest drop was 19 points in the self-described liberal to moderate Republicans. And this is before the Tea Party gets the complete blame for the political damage of shutdown debacle from the Republican faithful.

For Republicans, the decline is steepest among those who describe themselves as moderate or liberal. Today, Moderate Republicans Less Positive toward  Tea Partyonly about a quarter (27%) of moderate and liberal Republicans have a favorable opinion of the Tea Party movement, down 19 points from June. Yet the Tea Party’s ratings have also declined among conservative Republicans, from 74% favorable in June to 65% now.
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