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Having been shot down in flames by the last gasps of reason in his own GOP, Redstate's Erick Erickson has a new plan to win!

Two Republicans in the Senate [Cruz and Lee] caused this fight that their colleagues would have surrendered on more quickly but for them. Imagine a Senate filled with more. We have an opportunity to replace Mitch McConnell in Kentucky with a better conservative. We should do that. We have the opportunity to send a strong conservative from North Carolina and we should do that. Kansas looks to be in play. Mississippi will soon be in play. Tennessee could be in play too.
Just to be clear: in the US Senate 2014 elections, the Kentucky seat is held by a Republican (Mitch McConnell). The Kansas seat is held by a Republican (Pat Roberts). The Mississippi seat is held by a Republican (Thad Cochran). The Tennessee seat is held by a Republican (Lamar Alexander). Of those Senate seats that Erick Erickson wants to fight for, only the North Carolina seat is held by a Democrat (Kay Hagan), who currently holds polling leads of 12% to 17% against seven possible GOP challengers.

Judging by the Senate elections in 2010 and 2012, where the Democrats gained four (apparently hopeless) seats when the electorate rejected Tea Party loons nominated by the Republicans, the outlines of Redstate's insidious Tea Party plan have now become clear. The TP plan is not merely to remain in the minority in the Senate, but to make their minority status even more unassailable! The brilliance here is astounding, when you think about it. With no majority, the TP can never be responsible for anything (such as governance) and therefore can always be on the complaining side of things. Which is really the only thing they're any good at, anyway.

And lest you imagine that Erickson has no idea of where this all leads, rest assured that he does! It leads to the destruction of the Republican Party, and Erickson is right out front leading the charge!

This fight too will break apart the GOP. There will not necessarily be a new party from it, but there will be a fundamentally altered party of new faces fueled by a grassroots movement now able to connect with each other and independent from Wall Street and K Street funders.
And perhaps even more importantly:
Imagine now the possibilities in 2014 if we make examples of a GOP that refused to fight Obamacare.
Ohhhhhhhhh yes! Let's just imagine those possibilities! Please keep on making more examples of defeat, Redstate. Speaker Pelosi thanks you!
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