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Today's source material, thanks to the president's excellent trolling:

With the government shutdown over, President Obama took the opportunity to lecture his political opposition about the way government is supposed to work: he’s supposed to dictate, and others are supposed to remain silent.
President Barack Obama said no such thing, of course. What he actually said:
“I recognize there are folks on the other side who think that my policies are misguided. That's putting it mildly. That's OK. That's democracy. That's how it works. We can debate those differences vigorously, passionately, in good faith, through the normal democratic process. And sometimes we'll be just too far apart to forge an agreement.”

“You don't like a particular policy or a particular president? Then argue for your position. Go out there and win an election. Push to change it. But don't break it. Don't break what our predecessors spent over two centuries building. That's not being faithful to what this country's about.”

Weird. "Argue your position" sounds nothing like "remain silent"...

His core message was "don't break democracy" just because things didn't go your way. Sensible enough, right? But that dig about "win an election"? It's sublime. It's taunting Republicans with something they are more and more incapable of doing by the passing day. So rather than say, "Fine, we WILL win the next elections!", they ... well, you can see for yourself below the fold.

We did win you dumb ass Obama. We elected people in the house to stop you. That's what elections are for and its not all about you and what you want.
This is kinda complicated, so I don't expect no teabagger to keep up: Democrats won the House popular vote by over 1 million. An artificial gerrymandered delivered a GOP majority. 50 teabaggers and their Senate papi effectively eliminated that GOP majority. So in the end, it was Democrats that made the House work.
From Reagan to Obama, in the past 8 Presidential Election cycles Republicans have won 5 times, and Democrats have won 3 times.

So, Mr. President. . . . .What's your point???

Popular vote winners:

Bush I
Bush II

That's nine presidential elections. Democrats won five of them. Better yet, Democrats have won five of the last six.

Still, I'm confused... Republicans get to throw tenter tantrums because Reagan was once president?

They did win elections! I know the DICTATOR doesnt respect the PEOPLES HOUSE but all of those republicans were elected and most of them campaigned on getting rid of his crappy healthcare law. He speaks of bipartisanship but his actions are totally the opposite. When Obama says WE WONT NEGOTIATE, how is that being bipartisan? He acts like a spoiled child. The reason he wont negotiate is because he simply doesnt know how to. He has never worked anywhere in the real world. He is a community organizer. He only knows how to rant and rave, picket and complain and beat his opponents into submission. Its like dealing with a child who just pisses and moans until the parent gives in. Unfortunately its been effective with this republican leadership that has little or no spine.The left's idea of compromise is that they get thier way no matter what. Compromise to them is simply to tell our side the we're really lucky that they didnt scew us even more. For example they say: We wanted a single payer system but we compromised with this free market solution by allowing private companies to be the insurance providers. We on the right hear them say: We could have went full blown communist on you but we compromised and only went socialist/facist on you.
Democrats NEVER compromise! Well, except that one time they compromised. And sure, it was a HUGE compromise because they did things the way WE wanted to, but, WHY WON'T THEY COMPROMISE?
1. We are not a democracy, we are a Constitutional Republic. 2. This is not a winner takes all political system. 3. You can only draw from a poisoned well so many times.
What about a well full of Tea Party Kool-Aid? When does that run out?
The most loyal voting bloc for the Dems. is the bloc of freeloading, panhandling, gimmee, gimmee, bums. It is tough to beat Santa Claus.
Why do people vote for people who are generous and kind and beloved and dedicated to bringing joy to the masses and kinda jolly? They should vote for Genghis Kahn instead.
If we ever have an honest election again, we need voter I.D., no illegal aliens, no dead voters, no one voting multiple times, no disallowing of the military vote, no district with over 100% voter turnout, you would not be so quick to say that
It was hard to cover up evidence of five million undocumented immigrants and dead voters voting!
STFU. I am your lord and god and thou shalt not oppose me. I'm growing tired of this whining little boy who really believes no one should criticize him. Grow up Little Man. We had thousands of Americans who died to free us from despots and I'll continue to speak out as long I have breath in my lungs.
Phukin Ni****ER.
How many "g"s does that racist think is in that word?
We did...they're called Tea Party Republicans in the House of Representatives. And there will be more after the 2014 mid-terms.
They won FIFTY elections in the House. Why won't Obama let them decide them everything?
IMPEACH OBAMA NOW! This illegal alien has committed at least 50 impeachable acts against the Constitution. He is a walking Hitler incarnate who will murder millions of Americans with his "change".
FIFTY? Adorable! Every teabagger member in the House chipped in with a fantasy impeachable act.
Our national elections are as rigged as anything in Stalin's USSR! The illegal alien Obama was never elected...he was SElected, twice; and his agenda is the total destruction of the USA and the murder of tens of millions. This will allow the confiscation of all our wealth by the Jewish international banking cartel so they can invest in that slave labor nation, China. George Soros and his band of Hebrew gangsters are pulling all of Obama's strings. They are merely the latest in the continuing sacking of the wealthiest nations on earth and the murder of millions. HITLER was financed and set up by Jewish banksters on Wall Street; and so is Obama!
It was right there on his "issues" page: the murder of tens of millions, and he was still selected president by the sheeple!
Obama: 'Go Out There and Win an Election' if You Want to Oppose My Agenda

Well...those WI Democrat Senators didn't seem to get that message, Mr. President.

You mean the ones that tried to effect change with ... elections?
From the communist sneaker who stole into the first term by hiding his past, and stole into the second using the IRS to suppress his opponents. And now he wants an election crony in the military in charge of DHS. Posse comitatus, destroyed from the top. Time for the jackboots.

Go to H377 you evil communist, Frank Marshall POTUS. Go to H377.

Go to hett?
If Oblamo throws the gauntlet down, the least we can do is accept the challenge.

We can start by primary'ing McConnell. Heck, even Ed Schultz wants McConnell around. Was slobbering over all the pork projects McConnell votes for.

I don't think Obama was talking about pri-- Ah hell, that's exactly what he was talking about: beating Mitch McConnell. Lamar Alexander too. And Susan Collins. You know what? Just go whole hog and primary all of them.
Republican won 230 elections, ya dumba$$.
With fewer votes than the Democrats who won about 201. Because that's what happens in republics, apparently.
Hey, Mr. Community Organizer. Just because conservatives lost the election and you won doesn't mean that they will allow you to destroy this country. The inept and incompetent Obama as President is so far in over his head on doing the job someone needs to step in and do the job right or at least the way it should be done.
Why rehash the GOP's 2012 election message, given how poorly it performed?
How about we just drag this fraud out of office and dispatch him as a traitor?
Obama: Win an election
Teabagger: Sorry no-can-do. Maybe sedition instead?  
Those are the most evil eyes I have ever seen.
I think he really is the Anti Christ .....
He gave himself away when he fought for expanded access to health care. Only Satan would want such evil.
Throw this guy out now while were still alive.
The Nuremberg trials will get this traitor sooner or later.
False flags will commence now , probably another this week for punishment .
He is evil.
It'll be pretty awesome when he's shipped back in time to 1946 to stand trial.
Yeah, sure, go try to win an election now that the dims have hacked the electronic voting system and have a completely untraceable way to modify the election results in any county they so desire. Just a few close counties flipped is all it will take. So, go ahead, try to win against that.
Democrats are so incompetent that they have a system to rig elections in completely untraceable ways ... AND FORGOT TO USE IT IN THE HOUSE!
I oppose you WITHOUT an election, you little puzzy!
Come and get me.
Hey Hey IRS
Look at what I said today!
IRS is busy. Can we stick you in a FEMA concentration camp instead?
The Black Socialist Dick #Obama and Ugly looking Communist Democrats are afraid of the "New" Tea Party taking over in 2016. Thanks to the Christian Extremists and the Almighty power of Jesus Christ the one and only King of "ALL" Kings & Lord of "ALL" Lords. Obama is a Loner!!!
"Obama is kinda of anti-social!" is the nicest thing any Breitbarter has said Obama ... perhaps ever?
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