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Last week America got to see what a “Real Conservative” looks like during Commandant Ted Cruz's brilliant GOP-led Shutdown. America saw what “small government” looked like and America hated it.

But the GOP and the FoxNewsiverse can't admit that. And so they are screwed.

President Obama has learned from his mistakes after the GOP-led 2011 debt ceiling crisis that got America's credit downgraded. Obama learned his lesson and decided he wouldn't cave to GOP hostage demands again. This is what learning from your mistakes looks like.

Remember that moment the GOP was shocked to learn Mitt Romney lost?

That is where the GOP is still stuck right now.

And since the GOP media echo chamber can never admit when they are wrong it has become impossible for them to learn from their mistakes.

The incestuous amplification of the Conservative media monolith coupled with Reagan's unwritten 11th commandment that states that a conservative should never EVER criticize a fellow conservative has shut the door on the rest of non-wingnut America to the average Republicans' ears.

So what do you do when you have lost 76% of independents? If you are the GOP it appears that you double down on the crazy wishes of the Tea Party, of course! Or is it triple down? Or quadruple down? Every time the Tea Party screws up the FoxNewsiverse hangs a mission accomplished banner up and declares victory, and that inability to admit defeat means that the hard core right has no reason to change tactics or their message.

So, having learned nothing from the GOP-led Shutdown Debacle the Tea Party is poised to repeat all the mistakes they just made all over again.

Slightly more below the fold

Last night Ann Coulter went on Fox to crow about how the GOP-led Government shutdown was "Magnificent, ran beautifully," and how she couldn't be prouder of these Republicans.

My point exactly.

The FoxNewsiverse has told the Teabaggers that they won the Shutdown. So why would the Teabaggers change their tactics if they think they are winning? By pandering to the loser Teabagger strategy the FoxNewsiverse is sealing the GOP's fate. They are stuck in a sea of skewed polls again and until the GOP can admit the failure of their ideas Conservatives are doomed to repeat history, which means more losing for the Republican party is on the way.

When the economy collapsed under George W. Bush and McCain lost in 2008 we heard that McCain and Bush Jr weren't “real” conservatives, thus giving rise to the Tea Party and empowering the unelectable Sarah Palin's of the GOP. That worked in 2010 amid a huge Democratic enthusiasm gap but failed miserably in 2012, which has led to another round of Republicans crying that Romney wasn't a “real” conservative, and here we are today. The need to pretend that conservatism can't fail, it can only be failed, that need by conservatives may paper over it's failures with the devout true believers in the GOP but it doesn't work outside the right wing echo chamber. Now that Republicans are shedding independents at an alarming rate they are stuck with their Teabaggers, without whom they have nothing else, so the pandering to Teabagger idiocy will continue at the price of building back the GOP brand with independents. In short, the GOP is entirely screwed, and as long as they believe their own bullshit about how great the Shutdown was for them conservatives are doomed to keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

In the aftermath of the disastrous GOP-led Government shutdown it is obvious that President Obama has learned from his mistakes in dealing with Republicans during the crises manufactured by the Tea Party. Adversely, the GOP has proven that they have not learned a damn thing.

And thus, history shall repeat itself.  



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