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To paraphrase LBJ, a Texan who knew a thing or two about politics, when you've lost FOX, you've lost the war.  That's a fact Granny Palin and the Cruz-aders just have to accept. Like it or not.  

What happens when a FOX contributor goes shopping for healthcare under the ACA?
  That's an excellent question.  Here's the tale of the tape -- by the numbers:

Three years ago when I was shopping for insurance, there weren’t that many options to choose from. And the plan I ended up with is expensive and, to put it bluntly, crappy.

Currently, I pay $965 per month for family coverage that includes:

•  a whopping $7,000 deductible;

•  $36,000 out-of-pocket max per year;

•  an annual coverage limit of $2,000,000;

•  a $35 co-pay for doctor’s visits ($55 for specialists); and

•  a $15 co-pay for generic prescriptions.

All this plus the plan has very limited out-of-network coverage that, I found out the hard way, is subject to such a gauntlet of procedural hurdles that my family has spent thousands of dollars in so-far-unreimbursed out-of-network expenses.

So how does this free market solution in the greatest country God ever created fare  when you  compare it to the socialist system shoved down the throats of the American people by that tyrannical secret Muslim, Kenyan usurper occupying the White House?   Glad you asked....

While the exchange site was user-friendly and explained my options in a clear and simple way, picking an insurance plan isn’t exactly like ordering a hamburger. It took a minute to find my calculator and think about the options.

Within a week, I had settled on a “gold” plan offered by Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield. The plan includes:

•  a $2,000 total deductible;

•  an out-of-pocket max of $12,500 for the year;

•  a $30 co-pay for visits to our primary care doctor;

•  a $15 co-pay for generic prescriptions;

•  NO annual coverage limit — because that’s now prohibited thanks to the Affordable Care Act; plus

•  an added bonus: the plan I selected includes child dental.

This option will cost my family $931 per month — $408 per year less than my previous crappy plan and a $5,000 savings in deductibles. A big win for me and my family financially and in terms of what’s covered.

Plus in the past, I spent several days looking for and comparing insurance options. Under ObamaCare, even with the slow and sticky website, I spent a total of four hours — to save over $5,400. That kind of return on investment would make Warren Buffett drool.

So not only did she save money, she got services that weren't previously available?  That's incredible!  But wait!  There's more!
Counter to wild stories about the government taking over health care, the exchange was simply a public portal to a range of all-private insurance options.
Oh.....SNAP!  You mean this isn't a big gubmint takeover of medicine like Granny Palin and her clownish colleagues have been screaming for the last few years?   Bowl me over with a feather.  I do declare... will wonders never cease?  Apparently not... CHOICE has entered the equation!
one of the most exciting things is the new companies providing private insurance through the exchange; I’ll be watching the reviews over the next year and might change plans when re-enrollment comes around.
And just to add insult to injury for all those ideologue dead-enders shrieking about the End Times (I'm looking at you Bachmann)
We’ve suffered through four years of outlandish attacks against ObamaCare -- that it will kill our grandmothers, or at least just kill our economy. But the fact is that ObamaCare has created a private marketplace so that millions of American families like mine can get affordable, quality health insurance while keeping more of our hard-earned money.

Ideologues may not like ObamaCare, but my wallet and my family’s health sure do.

Yep, that's right.... good ole American self-interest is getting paid and all you Cruz-aders just got served!  Speaking of served... I wonder what is going to happen when the people getting served by the exchanges get a chance to register to vote through them?  Who you going to vote for: The people who just saved you a ton of money providing services you could never get before, or the people who want to take that all away from you?  Gee....I am thinking now is the time to invest in sickness bag futures, because they are going to be using them up like nobody's business in the Red States.
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