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I don't know why I choose message boards as a way to get my writing fix on, but I have.  I was at home sick (occupational hazard), and had A LOT of time on my hands for about a week. I was sharing one these offering from the Daily Show site with my daughter recently. She in turn sent a text back and told me that I better watch myself. They might kick me off of the site because I was being a Troll. As you can imagine, being a busy man old enough to have a college age kid, I was unfamiliar with the term. When I was first on line in the early/mid-nineties this would be called "flaming". Just goes to show if you take 9-10 years off things change: Whoda thunk.

My first offering here was opined on October second in the beginning of our little shut down thingy over the Affordable Care Act, or what ever the right wing decides that this whole can of turds was about.

My Original Posting:

You know, I woke up cranky this morning so forgive me if I cut straight to the point on this whole AFFORDABLE FUCKING CARE ACT kerfuffle (here to fore to be known as the AFCA for brevity.) I'll try and see if I can explain this in terms that even the most brain dead, talking points spouting, republican moron can understand. To this end, I'll try and keep it monosyllabic when and where I can, but It'll be hard.

In a lot of ways you guys and I are of a kindred spirit. You guys think the AFCA is illegal, or unconstitutional or whatever else Faux News decides is wrong with it today. I dig it, I dig it. Because, you see I didn't much care for Fucking Loosing My Only GOD DAMN SON ON NOVEMBER 17'th 2000 and GOD DAMN FIVE!!!!! Like you guys, I was certain that our little incursion into that sunny, sunny, sunny, little slice of heaven, Iraq was built on a house of cards and that the Congress was duped into giving its tacit approval to it by being lied to by the last semi functional nearly retarded asshole that occupied the Oval Office and his equally slimy little, greedy little, money grubin' little, rectal wart of a Zebra Queef VPOTUS. My son, being a good boy, wanted to help, particularly after 9/11 and quit college, against my wishes, and joined the Army and trained as a medic. He had every intention of coming back and returning to school to follow in MY footsteps!!! (And, before you ask, I have absolutely no residual guilt on that one.) HE DIDN'T EVEN CARRY A GUN!!! So you see, our positions are pretty damn close you guys and I! The only thing is, you guys will potentially get better health care out of your fight and I got...well his mother got a GOD DAMN FLAG OUT OF ALL OF THIS!!! So you see the two issues, well, they're practically the same thing now aren't they.

You see, the reason I've woken up cranky this morning is because I dreamed about him last night. But even in my dream, the illusion didn't last long because I started asking too many questions like: how can you be here if you died in Iraq? and you can't be real, your dead or, didn't we bury you. Then he became just a picture and I cried, actually cried in my dream. He'll be only 23 for the rest of my life. I'll never get the thrill of getting that call with him telling me how great he did on his MCAT's, or the one where he was accepted into medical school, or that he found "that special girl", or that his mother and I are about to be grandparents. All because we entered into a senseless and stupid war to bring Democracy to the Middle East. How's that one working out for ya republican fucks? Ain't it grand to see Democracy in action!!!

Now if you'll excuse me I think I'll go cry a bit now.


The Only Reply Was:

Maybe I am missing something... someone explain it to me, but here is what I have... SO they failed to balance a budget for the last however many years and misdirect this to a failure in AFCA (TY docclay for the brevity ). Our "backed by the biggest gun manufacturer " president is trying to be a man and picks this as his battle ground to show he has a pair.... Honestly, they don't play by the rules of the constitution ( #28 ) , so why don't they just print some more money that isn't back by China and put everyone back to work.. we can pay our bills with American lives as the world police ...

To Finish the Exchange, I Posted:

Back by China huh? Constitutional "rule" number 28 ehhh. The old Constitutional rule # 28 gambit again?!? I'll be perfectly honest, I didn't remotely see that one coming. Nicoola di Bernardo dei Machiavelli has nothing on your ass my friend! I fear though, I digress. So for those of us that aren't Constitutional scholars or don't have or are too lazy and Cranky to find and/or look up their copy of the Constitution please enlighten us as to which #28 you are referring to. Is it Article I, Article II, or are you guys again making a constitutional argument by raising Article III. Are we talking about your interpretation of the Amendments to the Constitution, or what.

If you could stand a little constructive criticism, you're all over the map here. I can't tell if you're pissed off because of the AFCA, or the Fed's monetary policy over the last decade, or the fact that some asshole gun manufacturer read the teabagger leaves and decided to hedge their bets by giving a small percentage of their political donations to a few key Democrats in a vein attempt to curry favor? BE SPECIFIC. It'll help you in future writing assignments. Just a thought. BTW have you tried Aderrall? Might help.

As to you're original question as to whether you're "missing something"? You're God Damn right you are. I don't blame you. It's society and the damn schools in this country! They just aren't putting out the same class of students anymore, evidently. So if you read ALL of my post concerning the AFCA and this is what you produced then, my boy, you have indeed missed the FUCKING POINT!!

As I say don't blame yourself. I think that it's just that the parents aren't getting evolved in the Educational Process like they ought to.

As always



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