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I like this.  Today in an interview with a Nevada radio station, Senate majority Leader Harry Reid ruled out any Grand Bargain with Republicans over the budget:

He also ruled out the possibility that a budget conference committee convening next week will reach a "grand bargain" that would cut entitlements, raise taxes and reduce spending.

We are not going to have a grand bargain in the near future,” he said.

Instead, he suggested negotiators should focus on a replacement for sequestration and forget “happy talk” about a grand bargain.

The Hill, Reid rules out grand bargain  

Reid also said he and the President were "too lenient" with Republicans in the past and pledged to no longer do so.  

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Thursday he regrets being "too lenient" in previous budget talks with Republicans.

Reid said he and President Obama were too willing to compromise in talks that took place in 2011 and 2012, and that he intends to drive a harder bargain going forward.

If you give a bully a dollar today, they ask for a dollar and a half tomorrow,” he said in a radio interview with Nevada's KNPR. “It has taken a while for all my caucus to come to that understanding. And quite frankly, the president, wonderful man that he is, he doesn’t like confrontation and he likes to work things out with people.”

The Hill, Reid rules out grand bargain  

The Grand Bargain never was a good idea and I am glad it is dead, at least for the near future.  Hopefully it will not rise from its grave.  Electing more progressive Dems will help to stake that vampirish idea.

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