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Just when you thought birthers couldn't get any more absurd, one of them goes and files a lawsuit accusing NBC's Savannah Guthrie (and about a dozen other people including senior aides to President Obama and officials in the State of Hawaii) of helping to forge or cover up President Obama's 'phony' birth certificate (which, of course, isn't actually phony). The suit was filed by a wingnut named Douglas Vogt in federal court in Washington State.  He titled the complaint:

Notice of Commission of (i) a Felony Cognizable by a Court of the United States as required by 18 U.S.C. §4--Misprision of Felony and (ii) Treason against the United States as required by 18 U.S.C. §2382--Misprision of Treason and Motion to Seal Document
Notice of commission of treason. Oh my. This sounds serious.

I am not making this up. He actually filed this in federal court: complaint, affidavit part 1, affidavit part 2, affidavit part 3, docket.

As you might recall, on April 27, 2011, the President of the United States took time out from planning the raid that would kill Osama bin Laden less than a week later to present to the press and the world his long-form birth certificate. That evening on NBC News, White House correspondent Savannah Guthrie said this:

I was actually given an opportunity to look at this birth certificate today. I felt the raised seal. I saw the names, the date, the place of birth Honolulu, Hawaii.
She also tweeted a photo of the document earlier in the day. Sure, this all seems innocent to the gullible sheeple, but Mr. Vogt knows better. His complaint lists 20 'points of forgery.' Number 4 on the list is this:
The forth [sic] point of forgery is that there was no evidence of an embossed Hawaiian Department of Health (DOH) seal on the certificate of live birth and that NBC journalist Savannah Guthrie publicly misrepresented that fact to advance her carrier [sic];
Now you see, don't you? She made up the stuff about the raised seal. There is no raised seal. Mr. Vogt demonstrates that in his affidavit, sort of...but not really...and not very convincingly...but by birther standards, a hint of a suggestion of anything nefarious about President Obama becomes 100% true when they decide it's true. Therefore, treason. NBC's involvement in the crime of the century doesn't stop with Savannah Guthrie. Vogt goes on to say this:
John Doe #2, John Doe #3, John Doe #4, who are the top executives at General Electric, National Broadcasting Company and the Executive Producer of the Today Show who arranged for Savannah Guthrie to "see" the Obama [certificate of live birth] and have her certify that a nonexistent Health Department Seal was on it. Also John Doe #5 an NBC Executive who arranged Savannah Guthrie's promotion to the Today Show nine days after the April 27, 2011 White House News Conference.
Based on no evidence whatsoever, Vogt hypothesizes that NBC helped President Obama cover up his forged birth certificate in return for special dispensation its parent company GE and GE Capital received as part of the massive federal government bailout of the financial industry. They owed President Obama a favor, and Ms. Guthrie was right there to step in and pretend the birth certificate had a raised seal. Mr. Vogt believes--and, again, based on no evidence whatsoever--that this is how Ms. Guthrie got the Today Show gig. If this isn't treason, I can't imagine what is.

Mr. Vogt is not the first birther to accuse Savannah Guthrie of being somehow complicit in a birther cover-up. Google "Savannah Guthrie birther" and you will see that the photo she tweeted that fateful morning is the source of quite a bit of birther speculation.

And who is this Douglas Vogt? Well, like most birthers, he's a human cartoon character. He used to be a typesetter and now sells scanners, copy machines, and their accoutrements. His birther theories have been the subject of several WorldNetDaily articles. He testified at the birther trial of the century in Georgia in January of 2012 where birthers lost despite the fact that the defense didn't even show up. He has written a couple of books. According to the blurb on, his book "God's Day of Judgment: The Real Cause of Global Warming" answers the questions of why the Universe was created, who created God, and what man's purpose in the universe is. In the "about the author" blurb for his book "Reality Revealed: The Theory of Multidimensional Reality" Mr. Vogt is described as "the first person since Baruch (Jeremiah’s grandson) to discover the real Mount Sinai. He discovered all the altars that Moses describes in the Torah. In addition he was the first person since Moses to see the real Abraham’s altar also located at Mount Sinai and not in Jerusalem."

This totally qualifies him to do a forensic analysis of a pixelated image of a document to determine the authenticity of the document itself. This is a profoundly stupid thing to do, but if I wanted someone to do this for me, I would probably choose someone like Mr. Vogt.

On a more serious note, these birther lawsuits have been clogging up the courts for five years--over 200 of them. (The Birther Scorecard lists them all.) Even though this lawsuit is complete bullshit with no basis in law or fact (I'm not even sure that this can be properly characterized as a lawsuit), the court--and perhaps the 'defendants'--will have to dedicate some of their scarce resources to getting rid of this pile of crap.


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