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she should be coming home on Monday.  We had hoped for tomorrow, but she is having some tummy problems and they want to get that under control before she returns.

As far as her bloodwork - and remember, she has a blood cancer - the only area of concern was her platelet count, which reached a level several days ago that led to a platelet transfusion, which has brought that back up.

The key issue after this procedure- an autologous (meaning, her own) stem cell transplant - is her white blood cell count.  On that she is doing spectacular well, which is why she should return home on Monday

I am spending most of my time this weekend scrubbing the house to ensure no dust, mold, mildew, etc, and to make it acceptable not only for my beloved - for whom the disorder that has accrued over the past 10 months is at least annoying if not distressing - but for the woman who will move in with us during the week to care for her during the day.  In the past two days I have spent 16 hours dusting, putting things in containers, throwing out things no longer necessary, vacuuming, scrubbing, cleaning carpets, etc.  

 Because one cat is elderly and having trouble moving,I have replaced all our cat pans with smaller ones, with a lower step-over.

Oh, and as of today, my wife is starting to lose her hair.  They would have given her a buzz cut at the hospital (so she would not look "patchy") but they could not find the clippers!

Some children who were related to staffers on the ward did a reverse trick or treat, offering candy to the patients.  That was a small delight.

And for me?  I think I am finally learning what it means to truly love someone.  Perhaps it is helping my wife walk slowly around the ward to get her exercise that makes it most clear.

Do not give me too much credit.  Trust me, I know my failures as a spouse.  

I also know how lucky I am to have her, which is why I am taking great pleasure in doing things that will please her when she returns home.

In the meantime, since the woman who will be her care-giver does not drive, several people from my Quaker meeting and from our neighborhood have volunteered to help with errands, including driving her to the doctor to get her blood-work checked.

Please continue to support us with your prayers / holding us in the light / concern.  Even when she comes home, there will be almost three weeks before we can hope that she can return to work in her office (although she may be able to telecommute earlier).  

She is wonderful, and stronger that I could have imagined.  She has trusted - in her medical team, in her faith, in herself, and amazingly enough in me.

I am honored, and overwhelmed, and incredibly grateful, to be able to be her spouse.


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