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HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius posted a blog on Saturday with updated Obamacare sign-up stats and a description of a part of the ACA computer infrastructure that is in fact running quite smoothly - the Data Services Hub. Apparently it's pinging like a mofo. From Secretary Sebelius' post on :

State-based Marketplaces and the Federal Marketplace are getting real time and accurate eligibility determinations from the Data Services Hub in less than 1.2 seconds.

The Social Security Administration has reported 4.2 million transactions involving individuals or households who have elected to establish an account.  The current overall verification rate for Social Security numbers is 96%.  With respect to those we’re unable to verify, consumers are notified online with instructions for resolving their verification issues.  The highest numbers of transactions continues to involve individuals and households in the following states:  Pennsylvania (323,000), New York (310,000), California (290,000), West Virginia (240,000), and Washington (135,000).

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has received and responded to more than 1.3 million requests for historical household income and family size tax data from the hub.  The number of requests received does not reflect the number of people about whom the requests were made (i.e., a single request can involve everyone in a household).  Thus, the number of individuals about whom the requests were made could be higher than 1.3 million.  The IRS has provided data responses electronically via the hub in “near-real” time (average actual response time is 0.37 seconds).

The IRS also offers an advance premium tax credit computation service, which is optional for state Marketplaces.  If a Marketplace chooses to use the IRS service, it sends a few data points, without identifying the applicant, and the IRS provides a math result in response. More than 330,000  requests have been received for the computation service with an average actual response time of 0.21 seconds.

States are reporting that they are satisfied with the hub’s performance.  The technology program manager for Kentucky’s Marketplace said recently that 92% of applicants have been successfully verified through the hub: “We’re overjoyed with that 92 percent.  I don’t know that we thought it would be that high of a success rate.”  Connecticut has also reported few problems with the hub.

Bottom Line:

The Hub is a 21st century way to assess eligibility for coverage and premium assistance, and it’s working for residents of all 50 states and DC.  We’ll continue to monitor and optimize its performance.  And we won’t stop working 24/7 until the doors of are wide open.  If you need health coverage, it’s our mission to be sure these tools are here for you, running smoothly.  The Hub is on the job, and so are we.

Game over, Goposaurs - your sado-nihilist B.S. has failed catastrophically. The ACA only needs 7 million people to sign up in the first six months for it to be financially viable, and in less than a month, more than half that number have already started the process.

#GoodbyeGOP - enjoy history's trash heap!

Big h/t to Brainwrap for keeping us on top of these growing numbers. :) Here is a helpful stat link from him in the comments:

Originally posted to Animal Nuz on Sun Oct 27, 2013 at 08:10 AM PDT.

Also republished by Good News.

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