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White America doesn’t understand the Divine role placed upon the shoulders of President Obama. This observation springs from my belief in a Supreme Creator. America is a nation founded and built upon the horrific brutality, pain and injustice of human slavery. The majority of its white residents have in various ways, directly and indirectly, shared the wealth and benefits of institutionalized slavery over the centuries. The price that the white population continues to pay for institutionalized slavery is buried deep in the soul of its citizens.  The discussion continues below the orange squiggle.  

President Lincoln refused to admit that the Civil War was being fought over the issue of institutionalized slavery; rather his argument was that the battle was over the preservation of the Union of the United States.  However his argument was pure sophistry simply because in reality the southern slave states seceded from the Union of the United States of America in response to the northern states’ rejection of the aggressive campaign by the southern states for the further expansion of institutionalized slavery throughout the territories of America.

The post-Civil War environment in America was filled with pernicious societal anti-Negro race based Jim Crow which continues to be practiced by the white population to this very day. America has now crossed over into the 21st century. The way that America clings to its “home-grown” three century long anti-Negro racism is reminiscent of an incident in the story of the Biblical patriarch Joseph in the book of Genesis. For those unfamiliar with the tale it is briefly retold below.

Jacob assembled his tribe together and left his father-in-law Laban the Syrian. However unknown to Jacob his wife Rachel had stolen her father's favorite household gods and packed them in the camel's furniture just before Jacob's family caravan departed from his father-in-law Laban’s encampment and lands.  Upon discovering that his gods were missing Laban immediately rode off after Jacob's caravan, and once he reached Jacob’s encampment Laban accused Jacob of stealing his gods. Strongly protesting his innocence, Jacob challenged Laban to search every inch of the Jacob family encampment to look for the missing gods.  

When Laban entered Rachel's tent he found Rachel sitting on top of the camel's furniture (the hiding place of Laban's gods). As Laban looked around inside the tent Rachel excused herself for not rising, using the formidable excuse that she could not stand "for the custom of women is upon me".  As was the custom in those times honorable men would give great distance to any woman who was in the midst of her menstrual cycle. Rachel being well aware of this knew that just her revelation of her (supposed) condition to her father would cause him to immediately withdraw from her tent. Thus as chronicled by the story Rachel risked everything just to keep her father's gods with her.

Rachel’s emotional response to the prospect of moving with her husband to lands and places far removed from her father’s house can be seen analytically as a devastating loss of the secure environment provided by her father, the reaction to which resulted in her stealing her father’s gods to take with her. Further, the extreme seriousness of the theft is a clear indication of the depth of Rachel’s psychological dependence upon the security provided by her father’s household.

In comparison the subconscious dependence upon anti-Negro racism is critical to many white Americans, who use the institutionalized acceptance of expressions of anti-Negro racism as a societal coping mechanism. This dependence of white Americans upon the associative connection between expressing anti-Negro racism and the rewarding influence of enhanced societal acceptance is like unto the dependence of Rachel upon the perceived protective power inherent in her father’s gods. In the case of many white Americans the subconscious psychological self-esteem boosting effects caused by the conscious awareness of the institutionalized acceptance of anti-Negro racism was a welcome stabilizing force for the psyche, which in turn effectively counters the inescapable crushing daily stress directly engendered by living in a multi-ethnic, fast evolving, highly competitive American society.  I also believe that unconsciously American society provides a unique reward to its white population en-mass for their continued advocacy of anti-Negro racism. This reward is in the form of the psychological phenomena known as White Privilege. Thus in my opinion anti-Negro racism and White Privilege are opposite sides of the same two edged mass psychosis sword, an artifact of institutionalized American slavery.

Enter Barack Obama as America's first black president, who upon taking office instantly became the “SUPER LIGHTNING ROD” for every possible anti-Negro racist emotional response that has ever been created over the past four hundred and six years of American history. The outpouring of such despicable pernicious hatred displayed towards this particular black man, (who now for the second time wears the regal certification of the elected President of the United States of America) is like the steady continuous emptying of a vast reservoir filled with rotting human excrement. But never-the-less this hidden psychological reservoir MUST BE FULLY PURGED and EXHAUSTIVELY FLUSHED OUT before America can fully participate in the new international world culture of the 21st century. This I believe is the lot and the divinely authorized role for the 44th president of these United States of America.  

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  •  I'm not sure it's helpful to say Jim Crow (0+ / 0-)

    continues to this day without explanation. Most people agree it ended over a generation ago.

    Aspects of Jim Crow went on later, and maybe there are some aspects going on now that I'm not aware of. Racism certainly still exists. The Southern states are passing voter ID laws that will likely disenfranchise many Black citizens, though I think the main goal is usually to disenfranchise Democrats--such as what is happening to a big percentage of TX women right now. It isn't bad to admit things are so much better since the 1940s for African Americans.

    The people I've talked to who lived through Jim Crow know its horror and know that what we live today is NOT it. Seems like some of them would feel that using the Jim Crow term for what we have today trivializes what they went through. Perhaps you have lived through it and it effected you and you see today as more of the same. I know that many people do not.

    I was under the impression that President Lincoln's opinion of the reasons for war evolved over time and by the war's end he felt ending slavery was the main goal. He could not say it out loud then for political reasons. I don't know a lot about this but did you see the movie Lincoln?

    It's important in diaries like this not to gloss over truths if you want people to read the whole thing. I'd want people to read all of what you wrote but find I'm here typing this before I finished because these two items struck me.

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