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On Sunday, Oct. 27, several churches in the Charlotte area announced they would cut ties with the Boy Scouts of America. A pastor of the largest, nondenominational Calvary Church, said:

“The ministries of Calvary Church are aligned with our purpose of making authentic followers of Jesus Christ,” wrote the Rev. Jim Pile, pastor of family ministries, in an email to the Observer. “This is not the mission of the Boy Scouts of America.”

But Pile would not say whether the move was a response to the May decision by Boy Scouts of America to allow gay members.

Read more here:

Of course he wouldn't. About 100 Scouts will be displaced On January 1, 2014. Today, the Observer published a letter to the editor from an actual, authentic follower of Jesus Christ.


Scouts are welcome at St. Mark’s; we embrace all

The writer is senior pastor of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Charlotte:

I am always a bit disturbed by “Christian” churches that claim to be authentic followers of Jesus and then turn people away for whatever reason. Jesus turned no one away. After reading about a local congregation’s dismissal of a Boy Scout troop the Scripture that comes to mind is John 11:35, “And Jesus wept.”

Let it be known that any Cub Scout or Boy Scout troop that has been dismissed from a church is welcome at St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Charlotte. Not only will you be welcome, but you will be embraced. Call us.

Peter Brown


Simple. Authentic. Thank you, Rev. Brown.

Update 14:28 EDT
Thanks so much for the rec list! This was a complete spur-of-the-moment diary, but I wanted to share some positive energy with the community.

Also, quick plug for those in the area: I-77 Kossacks mini meetup is in Charlotte tomorrow, 10/30. Details here.

Update 11/1/2013
Title changed to spell out "Letter to the Editor." I was not aware my acronym was incorrect and had other connotations. H/t to Frank Palmer for clarifying.

Originally posted to SteelerGrrl on Tue Oct 29, 2013 at 10:31 AM PDT.

Also republished by Street Prophets and Anglican Kossacks.

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