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I've tried several times to sign up for health insurance via

I tried it again today and it worked! I signed up our 3 person family and we are eligible for a premium subsidy. Our child is still eligible for CHIP, and my wife and I are able to get a credit for $486/mo. With a silver plan (costing us $170/mo after credit) and the cost sharing, we get no charge for primary care DR visit, a $25 copay for specialist, $5 x-ray and lab work, $5 generic drugs, $30 name brand drugs, $20 chiropractic, $0 deductible, $3000 out of pocket max. All of the doctors that we see are in the network, and our medications are in the generic formulary. I can't believe it!

We could have opted for another even less expensive plan, but our doctors and preferred hospitals/clinics were not included. Even so, this will save our family many thousands of dollars a year. Our current high deductible plan costs us $475/mo and it has a $7500 deductible and we have to pay for everything until that deductible is met. Our out of pocket on our current plan is $15000. With our current plan, we end up spending around $12000 a year, and the insurance just sits there waiting for some terrible accident, and then it only covers anything over $15000 (at 80%).

With this new plan, we'll be at about $5000/year max. Barring any unfortunate illnesses or accidents, I think we'll be far less than that, since the insurance covers so much more than our current plan, and the copays and deductible are so low.

Thank you President Obama and all of the Dems who voted for ACA! I can only imagine how much cheaper it would be if Sen Michael Bennett had actually offered an amendment for the public option, but I digress...

PS- We live in Missouri

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