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  • Today's comic by Ruben Bolling is Who did they get to fix the Obamacare website?:
    Cartoon by Ruben Bolling - Who did they get to fix the Obamacare website?
  • George Zimmerman's hometown bans guns for Neighborhood Watch. The main manuals for Neighborhood Watch make it clear that members should not carry weapons or pursue suspects. Now, Sanford, Florida—where Zimmerman, a Neighorhood Watch volunteer, was acquitted last summer of shooting and killing an unarmed 17-year-old— has made it official. Volunteers in the program cannot carry firearms. The rules go into effect Nov. 5:
    Around the time of the shooting, other neighborhood watch members trashed Zimmerman for his actions on that fateful night. “In no program that I have ever heard of does someone patrol with a gun in their pocket,” the Executive Director of Citizens’ Crime Watch of Miami-Dade told the Grio. A neighborhood watchman added in a Wall Street Journal editorial, “George Zimmerman gives neighborhood watch volunteers a bad name.” Even one of Zimmerman’s fellow neighborhood watchmen said that Zimmerman shouldn’t have had a gun.
  • One in four Americans say they'd buy pot if it were legal:
    Legalizing marijuana would more than double the potential market for the drug, according to a new HuffPost/YouGov poll.

    Results show that 26 percent of Americans say they would buy marijuana at least on rare occasions if it was legal in their state, compared to 9 percent who said they buy it at least on rare occasions now. The percentage who said they would buy marijuana often, jumped from 1 percent who do so now to 4 percent who would buy if it was legal.

  • The Logic of Stupid Poor People:
    Why do poor people make stupid, illogical decisions to buy status symbols? For the same reason all but only the most wealthy buy status symbols, I suppose. We want to belong. And, not just for the psychic rewards, but belonging to one group at the right time can mean the difference between unemployment and employment, a good job as opposed to a bad job, housing or a shelter, and so on. Someone mentioned on twitter that poor people can be presentable with affordable options from Kmart. But the issue is not about being presentable. Presentable is the bare minimum of social civility. It means being clean, not smelling, wearing shirts and shoes for service and the like. Presentable as a sufficient condition for gainful, dignified work or successful social interactions is a privilege
  • Hallmark decided "gay apparel" needed revision:
    One of Hallmark's ornaments for the holiday season is snowballing into some controversy following the replacement of the word "gay" while quoting "Deck the Halls."

    The red "Holiday Sweater" ornament is decorated with the lyric, "Don we now our fun apparel." [...]

    "When the lyrics to 'Deck the Halls' were translated from Gaelic and published in English back in the 1800's, the word 'gay' meant festive or merry," according to a [Hallmark] statement released Wednesday. "Today it has multiple meanings, which we thought could leave our intent open to misinterpretation."

  • Sure Obamacare can be confusing, but things can get downright frustrating when our elected officials ask stupid questions. "I would encourage you to be just like the American people," said Colorado Rep. Cory Gardner, as he explained that HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius should drop her perfectly fine current healthcare plan and sign up for the exchange. On today's #TWiBRadio, we not only covered the constant Obamacare stupidity, but discussed the use of Britney Spears to keep away pirates, why there are better ways to kill the one you love than setting them on fire, that one Black friend does not a racist force field make, and in an interview with NC State professor and author of Right to Ride Dr. Blair Kelley, why blackface really gets people so upset.

    Weigh in on the comments and check out more at This Week in Blackness!

  • Wackjobs say U.N. plans to take over the Alamo.
  • Wut-woh! Halloween is a busy night for demonologists! -- DS
  • American Petroleum Institute wants you to carve your pumpkin like this:
    A public relations spat has emerged between the Department of Energy and the American Petroleum Institute after the government agency released some energy conservation-themed pumpkin stencils in celebration of National Energy Action Month. The print-outs included things like a wind turbine, a solar panel and a clever CFL lightbulb. Seems like a nice, innocuous PR move right? Well not to the API, the trade group that represents U.S. oil and gas companies.
  • On today's Kagro in the Morning show, Greg Dworkin recaps the Sebelius appearance on the Hill, the continued debunking of ACA "horror" stories, and the latest polling. We were joined by Joan McCarter, discussing the "can you keep" your crappy insurance flap, the next Senate nominations standoff, NSA snooping (including brain-shattering statements from House Intel chair Mike Rogers), and the Food Stamp Cliff. Tired of "sexy" everything costumes (including "Sexy Hamburger")? Tired enough to say a website featuring better costumes for women & girls should get $10,000+? And from Joshua Holland at, "The High Cost of Low Taxes."

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