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Last night I posted a diary on the subject of "gutter oil" in China, the recycling of waste cooking oil salvaged from grease traps and sewers for "reprocessing" for re-use in cooking.

Chinese Street Vendors Use Gutter Oil - Business Insider

You may never eat street food in China again after watching this video - Washington Post

China Cracks Down on “Gutter Oil,” a Substance Even Worse Than its Name - Time Magazine

After posting the diary, I was taken to task for the tone of my writing by fellow Kossack Kyril who characterized it as "borderline racist". My immediate reaction was anger, until I went and re-read my diary and to my horror, had to agree. I used broad statements like "the Chinese" rather than more accurately limiting my remarks to "some unscrupulous businessmen in China".

I am deeply ashamed of the diary, have withdrawn it, an apologize unreservedly for writing it. As much as I can assure you that it was NOT my intent to be racist, that is how my diary came across. I wrote it, they are my words, which I now repudiate.

I apologize for the offense/hurt caused by my words and for writing something which reflected poorly on The DailyKos and my fellow diarists.

I thank Kyril for taking the time to address my diary, painful though the words were to read.


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