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It's clear that the reason that the GOP has been willing to Destroy The Country in order to "Save" it from ObamCare" is the reality that the success of this program means the complete and utter failure of the GOP as credible political force in this nation.

They've been so strident, so hysterically over-the-top in their opposition that they've left themself no room or escape path from the ledge.  They've bet the farm, and they're about to go into hock - because their grossly deluded claims from Death Panels to Personal Info-mining are proving groundless.

Yes, their has been Glitch-Gate, which can also be blamed on Recalcitrant Republicans in States who refused to create their own exchanges, and Congresses attempts to block the implementation of HealthCare Navigators for those who don't want to - or can't - access healthcare through the web, creating a massive overload on the primary Federal site.  However, in time, eventually  Any Software Glitches Can Be Fixed.

What does the GOP do then?

This is the question asked by Greg Sargent at the WaPo's Plumline. What do Republicans say if Obamacare works?

I'm not thinking "Oops, we did it again" is gonna fly.


There’s no minimizing the political problems the web site is currently creating for Dems, and it remains possible that the politics of Obamacare could get significantly worse. But one possibility that no one seems to be entertaining is that the current battle could end up seriously backfiring on Republicans. If the web site does get fixed — and if demand proves to be such that enough people enroll – what do Republicans say at that point?

Republicans will have spent weeks expressing outrage on behalf of Americans who have been unable to tap into the benefits of Obamacare because of administration incompetence, and on behalf of people who are “losing” coverage because of outrageous liberal Big Government overreach. At that point, though, the web site will be working, and untold numbers of people will be shopping for real, tangible plans. Many on the individual market will find plans that are better, and potentially even cheaper overall — whether because of subsidies, or because the plans don’t disguise their true long term cost, as the current, crappy ones do – than their previous ones. None of this is a given, obviously; again, it all turns on whether the law works.

But if it does, what is the Republican argument at that point? Continue to push for full repeal, which would wipe away the benefits that these Americans — the very same people Republicans were professing to speak for in expressing outrage over the web site — are now enjoying?

With the policy in place and with real people, finally having access to genuinely affordable health care plans - what happens when the Conservative Base slowly, painfully, begins to realize that nearly everything they've been told about the "Horrors of Obamacare" have been a pack of Bald-Faced Lies?

Oh, I'm not expecting most of them to come to that realization right away.  I think, as they have since the mental still-birth of the "Tea Party", that they will continue to try and squirm away from reality and rationalize lies and paranoid fantasy into "facts", while genuine facts and TRUTH remain, for them, "liberal spin".  Just as did this Rep on CNN when Confronted with Proof of the ACA's Success in Kentucky.

Yet Public Reports that the problems of may soon be in the past are growing, and that can't be denied or rationalized away.

Washington (CNN) -- For the first time, someone in the Obama administration apologized for the problem-plagued Obamacare website.

Marilyn Tavenner also said on Tuesday that the online troubles were being resolved and the overall program was working, albeit slower and less successfully than hoped.

In the first congressional testimony from a government official on the botched launch of, the head of the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services told the House Ways and Means Committee that the "vast majority" of consumers would be able to successfully use the site by the end of November.

"I want to apologize to you that the website does not work as well as it should," she said, adding that "can and will be fixed."

The Rolling Tally by our own Brainwrap at ObamaCareSignups.Net currently shows 911,000 Applications Processed.  That's an average of over 300,000 Applications each week since the initial first week failure of "only" 118,000 applications processed.  Those totals are likely to dramatically rise once we get more and more data not just from the State Exchange Sites but also from the 36 States that are run through the Federal Exchange (who haven't yet reported their signup results).

The fact is that People Are Signing Up.

The Affordable Care Act is beginning to improve the quality of the lives while saving them - and the nation - $Billions.  People who could not get care at any price are beginning to.

People like these women.

And this Doctor, who had been kicked off her insurance at 23 and had to pay $1,900/month for her medications after being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

It's these stories, these individual case-by-case stories with real life people - whom may be members of the family of a Tea Partier, or their friends or their co-workers - that will slowly change the tide of public opinion.

We are now past the point of theory and have begun practical implementation.  It's hasn't been perfectly smooth, just as the roll-out of Medicare Part-D wasn't smooth either, but gradually reality will set in.

Rep. Marsha Blackburn may claim that "violates HIPAA" - but the reality is that it can't since it doesn't request any personal health information now that PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS DON'T MATTER ANYMORE!

And GOPers can hound Secretary Sebillius about joining the exchanges herself - except that SHE CAN'T since she's ALREADY 65 AND ON MEDICARE and thereofre trying to get additional earned benefits through an exchange would be illegal for her.

Some will continue to believe their ObamaScare tripe no matter what. They are lost to us.

But others will begin to see through it, and they'll begin to understand the depths of GOP deceit, treachery and sabotage against the people of this nation.

That's when the GOP will begin to slowly, painfully, wither and die when all the people who've placed their deep undivided trust purely with the Righteousness of the Conservative Cause - and the "Truth and Fairness" of their Media Wing Fox News - will have NO CHOICE but to turn around and start choosing another path.

A path without the GOP as what it is now - A Clear and Present Threat to the Health and Welfare of the American People.

Gradually that day is coming, and it will be a Good Day for America.


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