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News from the Plains: All this RED can make you BLUE

The Party is just getting started
by Barry Friedman

For women ... yesterday wasn't a good day in Oklahoma.

For women ... today is even worse.

One law prohibits any abortion for a minor until at least 48 hours after a parent receives written notice, except in cases of medical emergency or abuse by a parent.
Oh, this is a good idea. Let's make a 14-year-old girl who's scared and pregnant have to go before her parents so they can decide if she should be a mother or not. And notice the law says exceptions for "medical emergency" or "abuse by a parent"--nothing about a stranger who rapes her, meaning the girl, literally, will need to get a note from home if she decides to rid herself of the evil seed, literally, implanted inside her. And why stop there? Since her pregnancy affects the whole family, shouldn't all members get a say in the decision? Let's invite grandma and grandpa over, too.

"Timmy, we know you're only eight, but would you like to be an uncle?"

A second measure further restricts the process of judicial bypass, which allows girls younger than 18 to ask a judge's permission to get an abortion without parental consent.
Opponents of abortion put this measure into law to prevent pregnant girls--these manipulative sluts--from finding judges outside their counties of residence who will sign the appropriate paperwork.
State Sen. Connie Johnson (D-Forest Park) told the Associated Press that of the roughly 1,000 abortions performed on teens in the state each year, only about 20 obtain judicial bypass. By adding in the photo ID requirement as well, abortion opponents make it clear that their mission isn’t to ensure that pregnant teens talk to their parents about abortion, but to block them from accessing the procedure at all, even with permission. “We do not have a court that is rubber stamping abortions for minors,” Johnson told the AP. “I’m very suspect why we have to bother something that is not broken.”
I'm shocked--shocked--that anyone would suggest the GOP is demagoguing this issue.
A third new abortion law adds more than a dozen questions to the list that abortion providers must answer for each abortion performed, including several that are related to measures that have passed in recent years.
A similar bill was already struck down in state court in 2010, but GOP legislators in Oklahoma are nothing if not heartless, cynical, and stubborn (but enough about their skill-sets), so they introduced a similar bill again.
The state already requires pregnant people to supply a plethora of information before an abortion, ranging from demographic details to reasons she wants a termination (including whether or not she knows who impregnated her).
The GOP, as we all know, is the party of limited government.

We continue.

" ... but with the new bill doctors would also be asked to add their own private information to the database, including the type of abortion method performed, what type of medical practice the physician specializes in, where he or she has admitting privileges, whether the sex of the fetus was determined, and what happened to the fetal remains.
Again, this all goes into effect today, November 1. The Oklahoma Supreme Court, the state entity most responsible for Oklahoma not boldly and proudly--vaginal probes held high--backstepping to the 4th Century, will probably rule these measures unconstitutional); still, when will GOP women in Oklahoma demand that their party stop double and triple stitching the Scarlet Letter it wants them all to wear? When will GOP women in Oklahoma tell their party to stay out of their non-partisan vaginas?

At some point, a girl--Not an abstraction. Let's call her Madison--will be anally, vaginally, orally, and repeated raped (you getting the picture?) in the parking garage of her work, or after an OU game, or at a bar, or on a scouting trip. And then Madison, if she becomes pregnant, will experience the further humiliation, fear, and pain of the legislation that went into effect today.


Someone's daughter.

Your daughter.

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  •  My son was born in 1969. In Southern (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    California. Not exactly the time & place in which this type of injustice ran rampant. Still, this type of insanity is one of the many reasons I was glad my child was born male, not female.

    Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring and integrity, they think of you. H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

    by Ellen Columbo on Sat Nov 02, 2013 at 04:27:03 AM PDT

  •  Proposed legislation (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    belinda ridgewood, BeninSC

    I wonder if someone could use these guidelines for another bit of legislation. I hope I've laid this out so that the parallels aren't too muddled.

    "The state already requires pregnant people [candidates for public office] to supply a plethora of information before an abortion [receiving campaign contributions], ranging from demographic details [where the candidate lives]to reasons she wants a termination [reasons they want the office](including whether or not she knows who impregnated her[whether or not they know the people making the contribution]).

    " ... but with the new bill doctors [contributors]  would also be asked to add their own private information to the database, including the type of abortion method performed [where they got the money], what type of medical practice the physician specializes in [what type of money making activities the contributor specializes in], where he or she has admitting privileges [where the contributor practices these activities], whether the sex of the fetus was determined [whether the contribution was in money or services], and what happened to the fetal remains [and what was promised in return for the contribution]."

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