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Ten of the 29 guns found by TSA agents at airports this week. Not counting the AR-15 at LAX.
Ten of the 29 guns found by TSA agents this week at airports around the country. Not counting the AR-15 at LAX.
Rough week this time around. Just one gun cleaning accident, thankfully. But four cops involved in accidental discharges, four home invasion shootings, six hunting accidents, two injuries caused by dropped guns, two guns that accidentally went off in the carriers' pockets, one gun forgotten and left behind in a school bathroom, and one gun accidentally fired at an airport checkpoint (not the one intentionally fired at LAX).

That last incident happened at the Bismarck, North Dakota airport (where they know what they're doing with their guns). Now, one way to see this is that a forgetful fellow, who just happened to be traveling as a law-abiding citizen toting his trusty shotgun, had a little mishap in unloading the weapon so he could check it safely for the flight. But another way to look at it is that just one day before the LAX shooting, a man walked into an airport with a loaded shotgun and fired it. And this was actually a relatively slow week in terms of the number of guns found on passengers, with just 29 found. Sure, there was no intent to do any harm on the part of the gent in Bismarck. But then again, who waits until they get to the airport to unload a shotgun they want to take on an airliner with them?

Two other incidents of note are illustrative of other important principles of gun safety. First, from Anchorage, Alaska, an active duty military man, leaving his base to meet his family for lunch, accidentally shot himself with his personal weapon. Much has been made of military policy on carrying weapons on-base, after the shooting incidents at Ft. Hood and at the Washington Navy Yard, for instance. But this story tells us a little something about why the military prefers that even well-trained active duty personnel not carry weapons unnecessarily. Because this guy's leg is perfectly fine and hole-free so long as the military's policy governs his behavior. But as soon as he walks outside the gates and exercises Teh Freedomz, POW!

The second incident reminds us once again that although gun safety training for children is thought to reduce the number and frequency of accidents, it is not magic. The father of the 12-year-old boy tragically lost in Pratts, Virginia, last week made a point of noting that he'd been trained in gun safety. We don't know all the details of how this accident happened, of course. But we know it did. And we are reminded by it of the death of another young child in central Virginia in late May, a 10-year-old girl accidentally shot by her 13-year-old brother, also described as having been trained in gun safety.

The child victims of GunFAIL were, unfortunately, rather more numerous this week. They were ages 3, 3, 4, 5, 6, 12, 12, 13, 15 and 17. Meanwhile, there seems to be no stopping the rash of guns found in schools, either, with weapons found this week in Oswego, Illinois; Kansas City, Kansas; Greenfield, Indiana; Gig Harbor, Washington, and; Harvey, Illinois.

Below the fold, the latest compilation.

  1. WESTMINSTER, MD, 9/15/13: A Westminster police officer accidentally shot a mirror last month while dressing for his shift in a locker room at the police station. No one was injured and the department is conducting an internal administrative review of the incident, according to Chief Jeff Spaulding. Spaulding described the incident as an accidental discharge of the gun. “This is a rare event, but one which demands thorough review and timely action. I am confident that we have the appropriate processes in place to ensure that this will not happen again,” Spaulding wrote. On Sept. 15, Officer Elias Cuadro, a two-year member of the department, was changing from his civilian clothes into his uniform when the gun discharged as he went to holster the pistol, according to Spaulding. “It is apparent that he inadvertently placed his finger on the trigger while holstering the weapon, causing the gun to discharge,” Spaulding said. The mirror was damaged and had to be replaced, costing $386, according to Spaulding.
  2. WINDSOR, CT, 9/25/13: A Hartford police sergeant is under internal investigation after investigators say he accidentally fired his personal handgun into his neighbor's house. Sgt. Eric Smith was off duty inside his Windsor home in late September. He told Windsor police he was "unloading his off duty handgun" in his upstairs bedroom when he "accidentally fired the gun one time." Smith said he "didn't think the bullet exited his bedroom wall," according to police But it did. It was found inside his next door neighbor's house on the bed of a young girl. She was not injured. According to the police report, Sgt. Smith wasn't the first to report the accidental firing to police. It was the neighbors. The girl told her father "she found what she thought was a capsule in her bed." Her father immediately identified it as a bullet and called the cops.
  3. ST. JOHNSBURY, VT, 10/16/13: A teenager shot himself in the foot with a rifle on October 16. Police say Gary George, 18, of St. Johnsbury, Vermont, was riding in a car driven by Robert Pennypacker, 19, of Barnet, Vermont, when the gun went off. George was treated and released from the hospital. George told police the rifle was loaded in the car in case they saw coyotes.
  4. BARBERTON, OH, 10/21/13: A Woodlawn Drive man reported he was visiting a friend at his home in Barberton Oct. 21 when he accidentally shot his friend with a firearm he thought was not loaded. He drove the victim to his home in Norton, and his mother put the victim in her car to drive him to the hospital, then changed her mind and called 9-1-1. The victim was transported to a hospital, and the Barberton Police Department was notified of the shooting, which took place in its jurisdiction.
  5. VERSAILLES, KY, 10/22/13: Police say a Versailles man who reported being shot during a home invasion last week lied about the whole thing. Investigators say Alvin Manley told police someone came through the back door of his Dale Avenue home last week and shot him. Manley was taken to UK Hospital for a critical wound to the stomach. When investigators spoke with Manley at the hospital Tuesday, they say he recanted his story, admitting that he accidentally shot himself in the stomach and made up the story.
  6. BRUNSWICK, OH, 10/23/13: A sliding glass door was damaged when a man accidentally fired his 9 millimeter pistol at 10:55 a.m. Oct. 23. He said he and another man were handling their pistols and did not realize the gun was loaded. No injuries were reported and apartment management was called to assess the damage to the door.
  7. LAREDO, TX, 10/24/13: A 5 year old boy was accidentally shot in the chest because his father dropped a .22 caliber revolver gun. The child was transported to a Hospital in San Antonio. Preliminarily was declared stable in critical condition, but out of danger. The unfortunate event occurred on Thursday around 9:00 p.m. in Meadow Avenue, Santo Nino neighborhood. The 39-year-old father, Raul, had just come from a ranch and was getting his stuff from the vehicle. Raul’s uncle, 63, arrived at that time to give him an invitation. During the talk, Raul dropped his pistol revolver which caused an accidental discharge. At impact with the ground, they heard a bang and the two men saw the child bleeding from the chest area.
  8. TRUSSVILLE, AL, 10/26/13: A 62-year-old white male has been transported to UAB Hospital after accidentally shooting himself in the leg, according to Trussville Fire Chief Russell Ledbetter. The accident happened about 5 p.m. Saturday in Carrington in Trussville, Ledbetter said. Ledbetter said the man told police he was cleaning his .45-caliber gun when it discharged. Ledbetter said the man’s injuries should not be life-threatening, though he did say the wound was “pretty significant.” Ledbetter said the bullet also hit part of the man’s hand.
  9. LAMPASAS, TX, 10/26/13: A Lampasas teen remains in stable condition at McLane Children’s Hospital Scott & White in Temple after accidentally shooting himself in the face early Saturday morning. Lampasas patrol officers responded to a 911 call and discovered a 17-year-old male shot himself in the face with a small-caliber handgun. Lt. Jody Cummings said the investigation revealed a group of seven teenagers, ranging in ages from 16 to 19, were present when the shooting occurred.
  10. WHITMAN CO., WA, 10/26/13: A Pullman boy was hospitalized Saturday night after he was shot in a hunting accident according to the Whitman County Sheriff's Office. Authorities said the 12-year-old boy was in Southwest Whitman County hunting with his family when a bullet hit him early Saturday morning. It is still unclear who accidentally shot him. The boy was rushed to the local hospital in Colfax and then transferred to a Spokane hospital for observations. The boy is believed to have serious but non life threatening injuries according to the Sheriff’s Office.
  11. PRATTS, VA, 10/26/13: The father of a 12-year-old boy killed Saturday in an accidental shooting says his son knew about gun safety. Daniel Ray Dixon Jr. told the Newsplex on Sunday he thought his son was with his mother. Dixon said he owns a number of guns and taught his son about how to use one safely. The boy was killed in an accidental shooting at a friend's house in Pratts late Saturday afternoon, not far from Dixon's home. The Madison County Sheriff's Office says the investigation is ongoing.
  12. VINELAND, NJ, 10/26/13: Police arrested a city man for the shooting of a 15-year-old after he accidentally shot the victim through the neck with a .32 caliber revolver, according to reports. Carlos Oyola Jr., 23, of Axtell Avenue, was charged with aggravated assault and unlawful possession of a weapon. Friends of the 15-year-old originally told police that the victim was injured in a “drive-by” shooting while he and Oyola were walking down Lincoln Avenue. Authorities responded to the scene on Saturday evening around 11 p.m. Police later determined that the shooting occurred in the basement of a Lincoln Avenue residence. According to reports, Oyola was handling an old model revolver and accidentally shot the victim through the neck. The victim’s friends made up the story involving the drive by shooting, police said, to cover up the incident. A .32 caliber revolver was found hidden in the backyard of the residence. Police also recovered the projectile fired from the revolver in the residence’s basement.
  13. SOLDOTNA, AK, 10/27/13: A 19-year-old is dead after receiving a gunshot wound while hunting near Soldotna on Sunday afternoon. Jonathan Granger was reportedly hunting near his Isaak Road home when the incident occurred, Alaska State Troopers spokesperson Megan Peters wrote in an email. She said Granger was alone when he received the wound and was able to call his family to report the incident. No one else is thought to be involved, Peters said.
  14. PORT ROYAL, SC, 10/27/13: A Port Royal man accidentally shot himself and his dog during an argument with a woman Sunday night, police say. According to the Port Royal Police Department, the man brought his Glock 21 inside when he arrived home about 7:30 p.m. on Drayton Drive. He originally told police a male friend was inside and that he asked him to leave, but they began shoving each other. The man later admitted it was a woman, who told police she was his financee. The man said he accidentally pulled the trigger when the woman pushed him. Police said it appeared the gun had been in his pocket. The bullet entered his leg above his knee, cracked his knee cap, exited below his knee and went into the right buttocks of his blue-nosed pit bull, according to police.
  15. MORTON, WA, 10/27/13: A hiker and a hunter were both injured in separate accidental gun shootings in Lewis County over the weekend, the sheriff's office said. The first incident happened Sunday morning as a 27-year-old hiker was going up a trail with friends near Highway 12 outside of Morton. Investigators say the hiker's coat got caught on a branch and somehow caused his .357 rifle to fire, striking him in the right foot.
  16. MOSSYROCK, WA, 10/27/13: About an hour later, a 53-year-old hunter was at his camp near Mossyrock preparing to test fire his .22 caliber pistol when he heard a sound. As the turned to investigate, he slipped on a rock and dropped his gun, investigators said. The gun went off, striking the hunter in the leg.
  17. NASHVILLE, TN, 10/27/13: A Nashville police detective is on leave after accidentally shooting a suspect’s ankle during an arrest Sunday night, authorities said. Det. Charles McEachron is on administrative leave pending an internal investigation and suspect Genaro Novarro Pascual, 25, was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in stable condition, police said Monday. Police encountered Pascual at about 9:50 p.m. Sunday night at Woodbridge Apartments on Bridgeway Circle after reports of a man firing a gun. Police patted down the man and found a semiautomatic pistol with a filed-off serial number. After disarming the man, McEachron and two officers struggled with him, police said. McEachron’s AR-15 rifle, which was being carried in a sling in front of his body, went off, shooting Pascual in the ankle, police said.
  18. FREDERICK, CO, 10/28/13: A 3-year-old Frederick boy died Monday morning after what police believe may have been an accidental shooting. A woman called 911 about 9:45 a.m. and said that her child had apparently fallen and was bleeding from the head. She also told dispatchers the boy was not breathing, according to police. After police and paramedics arrived at the home on the 500 block of Pine Street, "It soon developed that there was a handgun laying very close to where the child was," said Frederick Police Chief Gary Barbour. It appeared the gun had been fired, he said. The child was taken to Exempla Good Samaritan Hospital in Lafayette, where he was pronounced dead about 11:15 a.m., Barbour said.
  19. ROGERSVILLE, MO, 10/28/13: A young girl is dead after an accidental shooting, according to the Christian County Sheriff’s Office. According to authorities, the 4-year-old girl and her mother were staying at a friend’s home. The mother went to a neighbor’s house, leaving the girl in the yard with a 24-year-old male, according to Christian County Sheriff Joey Kyle. Sheriff Kyle believes the little girl was playing and is unsure whether the man knew the child was there. The man picked up a rifle to shoot something in the yard and at the moment of the shot, the girl rounded a corner by an out-building and was struck in the head. While Sheriff Kyle believes the incident was an accident, it is being investigated as a crime. UPDATE: According to Christian County Coroner Brad Cole, the girl has been identified as Zoie Dougan of Branson.
  20. MONROE, NJ, 10/28/13: A township senior accidentally shot herself in the foot Monday morning, according to police. The incident took place at a residence in the Ponds Adult Community on North Pondview Boulevard around 11:48 a.m. Monday morning, police said. A 73-year-old woman removed a .38 caliber Smith and Wesson handgun from her closet when the weapon accidentally discharged, striking her in the right foot, according to police.
  21. HUNTSVILLE, AL, 10/28/13: Huntsville police said a shooting Monday night appears to have been accidental. It happened just before 9 o'clock on the 2200 block of Norwood Drive. Police say one person was shot in the lower abdomen when his gun accidentally went off. The man was taken to Huntsville Hospital with non life-threatening injuries.
  22. KIRKLAND, WA, 10/28/13: A man with a gunshot wound accidentally crashed his car into a rock wall as he rushed himself to the hospital in Kirkland on Monday night. Kirkland firefighters responded to the accident at approximately 8:50 p.m. on Monday in the 12300 block of Juanita Drive NE. “Apparently, he was driving himself to the hospital after, he told crews, he had accidentally shot himself in the leg,” said Mike Haschak, Kirkland Fire Department battalion chief, noting that the man’s car struck the wall with moderate impact.
  23. BLOOMINGTON, IN, 10/28/13: Police arrested a Bloomington man after his roommate admitted the man fired a gun, sending a bullet through an apartment wall into a neighbor’s unit, while the two were intoxicated and disassembling the gun. Benjamin Alan Warman, of 3144 S. Acadia Court, was arrested Monday afternoon by Bloomington police on a preliminary charge of criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon. His bond is set at $2,000 surety, $500 cash.
  24. WALTON CO., GA, exact date unknown: Gun Shot Wound – A subject on Hearn Rd. accidently shot most of his hand off while attempting to enter his deer stand.
  25. ST. PETERSBURG, FL, 10/29/13: St. Petersburg Police are searching for a 14-year-old boy who accidentally shot his girl cousin in the chest at his relative’s home. The victim, 13-years-old, is in critical, but stable condition at All Children’s Hospital, police say. According to the victim’s mother, she was at her home in the kitchen when she heard a gunshot in the house. She searched her home and saw that her daughter had been wounded while standing in her bedroom. The gunshot was fired from the victim’s 14-year-old cousin, who obtained the gun and accidentally discharged it inside the home. Officers examining the scene later noted that a single bullet passed through a bedroom wall from an adjoining bathroom. The cousin had been seen in that area before the shooting.
  26. PEMBROKE PARK, FL, 10/29/13: Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies mistakenly shot at a plainclothed detective as they pursued a suspect in a West Park mobile home park, authorities said Tuesday. Deputies just didn't realize that Hallandale Beach Police Det. Anthony DeStefano was a law enforcement officer, Sheriff Scott Israel said. "The only one in plainclothes was Officer DeStefano, everyone else was in uniform," Israel explained about the incident at the Holiday Mobile Estates at 3140 West Hallandale Beach Blvd. in Pembroke Park. Officers pursued suspect Jayson Kalinowski, 31, south on Interstate 95 to Hallandale Beach Boulevard, then west to the mobile home park. Bullets fired there struck a tree, the back corner of a car, a window—and hit Juan Banega’s mobile home. Banega said a bullet crashed through his wall and whizzed by his head as he watched television. "Yeah, I was on my couch, I seen the bullet and it coming behind me, behind, my head," he said in broken English. Banega said the bullet went through his kitchen and stopped in the bathroom. He's lucky he wasn't hit. So is DeStefano.
  27. COCKE CO., TN, 10/29/13: Sheriff Armando Fontes says Richard Dale Lane, 42, was found dead at a home on Carson Springs Road just before 1 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. His wife Missy Lane says they were talking about getting a .38 caliber Rossi revolver appraised and were test firing the weapon to make sure it functioned properly. She says while she was handing him the gun, it went off. Richard Lane was struck in the chest. Mrs. Lane will undergo a polygraph test. She has not been charged. Investigators say they are still examining the evidence and are not sure about Mrs. Lane's statements.
  28. NASHVILLE, TN, 10/29/13: A loaded gun was found at Nashville International Airport for the second time in as many days. [A] Kimber 9 millimeter was found with one bullet in the chamber and six loaded in a magazine in the gun. A separate clip with 6 additional rounds was also found in the luggage. Airport officials said the passenger with the gun was traveling from Nashville to Ohio. It was the 44th gun found at the airport this year. On Monday, Transportation Security Administration officials said a loaded Walther PPK 380 was found in a passenger's carry-on luggage as they went through security screenings.
  29. UNION CITY, CA, 10/29/13: Officers investigated multiple reports of gunshots fired on Endeavour Way at around 9:45 p.m. A bullet went through a fence, penetrated the wall of a home and knocked a picture off the wall. No injuries were reported.
  30. ADAIRSVILLE, GA, 10/29/13: An Adairsville man who accidentally shot himself said he didn't believe the gun was real, although "everyone told him it was." The 24-year-old said he met up with an old friend and visited another home, possibly in Red Top Estates, between 4 and 7 a.m. Tuesday, according to the Bartow County Sheriff's Office incident report, above. The victim returned home with a gunshot wound to his right thigh—with the entry wound to the front of the leg and the exit wound on the back—and his girlfriend drove him to Cartersville Medical Center. Medical personnel alerted police to the man's injury about 9:30 a.m. "(The victim) advised while at the residence he noticed what appeared to be a cap gun on the table and began to mess with it," the report says. "He advised everyone told him it was real but he did not believe them. "He advised he then accidentally shot himself in the leg but due to it not hurting that bad he did not want to go to the hospital immediately. (The victim) advised he was intoxicated during the incident."
  31. JASPER CO., IN, 10/29/13: A man who allegedly shot himself in the foot and later told law enforcement officials he had been robbed has been arrested and charged with false informing. According to reports, on Tuesday, Oct. 29, at approximately 3:21 a.m., Jasper County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a victim who was at the Jasper County Hospital Emergency Room being treated for a gunshot wound. JCSO Sgt. Jack Bulington responded to the hospital and discovered that a man identified as Eduardo Torres-Vargas, 23, of DeMotte, had received a gunshot wound to the lower part of his left leg. According to two witnesses who were with Vargas at the time of the shooting, the group had been robbed at gunpoint on State Road 10 near the intersection of State Road 110 south of DeMotte.
  32. OCALA, FL, 10/30/13: A woman was admitted to a local hospital Wednesday after being shot in the abdomen, which her son said was an accident. According to the Ocala Police Department, Edith Kerekes, 82, of Ocala, was in stable condition going into surgery. Detectives were not able to interview her because of her condition. They did interview her son, Attila Frank “Sonny” Kerekes, 55. According to OPD reports, Sonny Kerekes, who moved in with his mother several months ago, told detectives he has owned the gun, a .38 revolver, which was his father's, since his father died in the early 1980s. He said he used the firearm to shoot sharks when he was a commercial fisherman in Miami. He said his mother wanted to see the gun, so he was taking it from a bag in which it had been stored. He said she was in the kitchen and he was in another room when the revolver accidentally went off and a bullet went through a wall. He said he did not know his mother had been wounded until she told him about pain in her abdomen, at which point he called 911. The residence is located in the 3700 block of Northeast 21st Lane.
  33. WILMINGTON, DE, 10/30/13: Wilmington police say a 23-year-old probationer was arrested early Wednesday morning after he accidentally shot himself in the leg. Officers were called to Wilmington Hospital around 1:30 a.m. for a report of a man who was shot in the leg. Police say the man, Markeese Lewis, told officers he was shot during a robbery but investigators later found out he accidentally shot himself in his home. Lewis, who lives on 2600 block of N. Washington Street, is a level III probationer and is prohibited from possessing firearms.
  34. OSWEGO, IL, 10/30/13: A west suburban high school was locked down Wednesday morning after police said a staff member found a handgun inside a faculty restroom. Oswego East High School was locked down around 9:12 a.m. for just over an hour after a staff member found a handgun in a locked faculty restroom, police said. Michael Martin, 62, of the 25000 block of Cove Court in Plainfield, was arrested and charged with felony unlawful use of a weapon with an enhancement for being on school property, according to authorities. Martin is contracted to work for the Oswego 308 School District IT Department, police said.
  35. BANGOR, ME, 10/30/13: A toddler is recovering at Eastern Maine Medical Center on Thursday after a shooting at a Bald Mountain Drive residence on Wednesday. The 3-year-old girl’s identity was not released by Bangor police Sgt. Cathy Rumsey. Officers were sent to 54 Bald Mountain Drive at 4:42 p.m. Wednesday for a shooting report, according to Rumsey. Neighbor Sandra Smith told WABI-TV ( ) that she believed the toddler was accidentally shot in the neck. She said the young girl was breathing and had her eyes open when she was taken to the hospital.
  36. ANCHORAGE, AK, 10/31/13: A man accidentally shot himself while parked at the Red Robin in Muldoon on Thursday, police said. Police received the call at 11:47 a.m. that the man had shot himself in the thigh, said Anita Shell, Anchorage police spokeswoman. She said a dog and a 3-month-old infant were also in the car at the time of the shooting. Police don't know if the wound is life-threatening, Shell said. MORE:  An active-duty military member shot himself in his leg Thursday in a Tikahtnu Commons parking lot as he loaded his pistol for a venture into town, police said. Police received a call at 11:47 a.m. that a man had a non-fatal injury after shooting himself in his left thigh, said Anita Shell, Anchorage police spokeswoman. The man had just left Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, where regulations bar military personnel from carrying loaded personal firearms, Shell said. The man was in the Tikahtnu parking lot, just outside the base, to meet his wife for lunch at the Red Robin there, Shell said. The man was seating his magazine with his finger on the trigger when he shot himself, Shell said. Police didn't identify him or his branch of service
  37. APOPKA, FL, 10/31/13: An Apopka man accidentally shot his fiancée Thursday when he was placing a hunting rifle into its carrying case, the Orange County Sheriff's Office said. James Maltby was putting the gun into the case when a round discharged, ricocheted off the garage floor, and struck Lauren Tomporowski, who was standing nearby. A Sheriff's Office spokesman said Tomporowski is expected to recover.
  38. BISMARCK, ND, 10/31/13: The shotgun of a 65-year-old Utah man went off in the Bismarck Airport Thursday afternoon, causing $1,000-2,000 of damage. Bismarck Police Sgt. Mark Buschena said the man was trying to disarm the gun in order to check it when it went off, hitting the lower corner of the wall. No one was injured and the airport is filing no charges since the gunshot was accidental and the man has agreed to pay for damages.
  39. SOUTH BEND, IN, 10/31/13: A child is recovering in the hospital after he was shot late Thursday evening at a home on North Olive Street. Police say a father shot his 6-year old child after an argument. The 6-year-old's uncle, Jerome, says he was the intended target of the shooting. He says he argued with the father and told him he needed to take better care of the boy. "This dispute escalated. It ended outside of the house. At which point the father turned to the other relative, fired a shot," said Phil Trent of the South Bend Police Department. He missed his target, but the bullet ended up hitting his 6-year-old son in the leg.
  40. WOODLAND, WA, 10/31/13: The Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office cited a Woodland man for reckless endangerment Thursday after he accidentally fired a bullet into a neighbor’s home in the 100 block of Finn Hall Road, Woodland, according to a dispatch log. No one was injured. Sheriff’s officials said the man was sighting in a rifle and didn’t realize he’d fired at the house. A bullet slug was later extracted from the home’s siding. The suspect’s name was not available.
  41. SCAPPOOSE, WA, 11/01/13: An apparently accidental gun shot left a Columbia County woman seriously injured during a hunting incident in a rural area a few miles west of Scappoose this afternoon. Lindsay Roub, 24, St. Helens suffered a severe leg wound when the rifle she had been carrying discharged as she was handing it to her hunting partner. The shooting appears to be accidental. [Raymond] Ozias told deputies that he was hunting with Roub when they spotted a buck in the woods. He said they were trying to chase the deer into a clear cut so they could take a shot at it. While maneuvering on the deer, they had to walk down a steep hill. Ozias said that he was walking in front of Lindsay with his rifle slung and Roub was carrying her own rifle. At one point, Roub asked Ozias to take her rifle so that she could climb down. Ozias said that Roub handed him the butt stock of her rifle, but as he grabbed it, he started falling backward when the rifle fired. He said he believes that a branch must have been in the trigger well causing the rifle to discharge, shooting Lindsay in the leg.
  42. WICHITA, KS, 11/01/13: A man is in serious condition after an early-morning shooting in south Wichita. Police believe the man accidentally shot himself. Police say the man was shot in the groin area around 1:45 a.m. at an apartment complex at 888 South Hydraulic. Officers found the shooting victim in the back of the parking lot. Officers checked the apartment complex for evidence and witnesses, but Gulliver said nobody there witnessed the shooting. Police plan to interview the man again.
  43. ABBEVILLE, SC, 11/01/13: A Pee Dee man was shot and killed in an apparent hunting accident Friday night in Abbeville. Abbeville County Coroner Ronnie Ashley identified the victim as Bradford Phillip Todd, and said the 40-year-old Florence resident died of a single gunshot wound. Ashley ruled the death accidental. The S.C. Department of Natural Resources is investigating the incident, which occurred between 6:30-7 p.m. Friday on hunting grounds in the Sumter National Forest, near Cedar Springs Highway. A DNR spokesman said the shooting involved two men who were deer hunting. One of the hunters was lodged in a tree stand, fired a shot and struck the victim, who was on the ground. Capt. Robert McCullough, of the DNR, indicated the shooter called 911 and alerted authorities. He noted the bullet, which struck the victim in the back, was fired from a .300-caliber Winchester Magnum hunting rifle.

Originally posted to David Waldman on Sun Nov 03, 2013 at 08:25 PM PST.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA, Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA), and Daily Kos.

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  •  Man driving along with his eyes closed accidently (12+ / 0-)

    hits stuff.

    He had been driving so long he though he was good enough to drive with his eyes closed.

    Of course the damage was unintentional. So there was no problem.

    Sorry, week after week. RGOs flip into WKWS (who knows where shooters) only a very few even think that is strange.

    Only gun owners can control their guns and they say oopsie way too much. I lost it, I forgot it, it just went off. Support Gun Kill Speed Limits and Gun Ownership Speed Limits.

    by 88kathy on Sun Nov 03, 2013 at 08:52:58 PM PST

  •  Airports. (7+ / 0-)

    Remember flying out of Newark just a couple weeks after the planes hit the WTC, and seeing guys in camo and full combat gear with automatic weapons at the ready on guard duty in the gates and terminal. They were there to intercept terrorists, if needed.

    Who knew we might need them now to protect against another kind of heavily-armed fanatics?

    •  Isn't the LAX shooter a "terrorist"? (8+ / 0-)

      I've wondered this -- not eager to define terrorism and treason so broadly that they sweep in everything, but I have to say, why are Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning in prison or stateless for releasing documents that were arguably over-classified in the first place, with no proven harm -- while the LAX shooter had manifestos and documents indicating that his intention was a political one to kill officers of the US government as part of a political revolutionary act, and actually killed someone? How is this not treason or terrorism?

      I guarantee, if he'd been Middle Eastern with a beard and Arabic tracts calling for the overthrow of the US government, he'd be charged with terrorism.

  •  Sigh... (13+ / 0-)
    The child victims of GunFAIL were, unfortunately, rather more numerous this week. They were ages 3, 3, 4, 5, 6, 12, 12, 13, 15 and 17. Meanwhile, there seems to be no stopping the rash of guns found in schools, either, with weapons found this week in Oswego, IL; Kansas City, KS; Greenfield, IN; Gig Harbor, WA, and; Harvey, IL.
    Quite a week.
  •  Thanks David nt (5+ / 0-)

    nosotros no somos estúpidos

    by a2nite on Mon Nov 04, 2013 at 03:53:33 AM PST

  •  Who goes hiking with a rifle during hunting season (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Daniel Case

    I can understand a handgun while hiking into bear country. It's a little more effective noisemaker than those bells people put on their shoes. Word of caution, the locals and the bears call them dinner bells.

    But who would want to carry the extra weight of a rifle? Are they adding the pounds to their packs to pass a forest service pack test? You can do that with sandbag, no weapon needed.

    Maybe they were hunters?

    •  Walking in the woods with a gun is NOT hiking (4+ / 0-)

      I have hiked avidly for years, and I do not once recall someone bringing a gun along, or any hiking guidebook even suggesting that you might want to.

      What's the point? You don't need the extra weight, and if you're afraid ... of ... bears* well I can tell you from personal experience they are even more afraid of you.

      Call it an armed nature walk if you want, but it's not hiking.

      *I do realize that those of us who hike in the woods of the Northeast have only to worry about your basic black bears, not grizzlies or Kodiaks, where fear may be less of a response to sneer at. Still, I seem to recall forest and park rangers, and all the bear-safety info I've read, caution that firearm vs. bear does not always accomplish much, if anything, and may even (ahem) backfire.

    •  Bears and guns (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      The state of Alaska says more people are hurt by the guns they carry than by bears.

      A BYU study reported that in interactions with bears, a gun makes no difference.  

      •  Agreed (0+ / 0-)

        The only thing the gun does is slow you down. My old hiking buddies who used to carry guns were never going to be able to run faster than me. If they were busy taking shots at a bear, it would give me more time to run away. Plus, a 45 adds a lot of weight to a pack if you are hiking light.

        I tried to share a tent with the gun holder because I knew at night that other tents look very bear-like. Didn't want to wake up with a leaky tent and a sleeping bag full of holes.

        I could never convince them that the gun was just a waste of pack space. We never encountered a bear, never needed the gun, always worried about someone from DNR finding us with a gun. It was always a distraction during the hikes.

        We were hiking in grizzly country, but again never encountered one. My answer if we did was always I can run faster than you and if the bear does get me, it's fate, my journey would end there and still be awesome.

  •  warning label needed? (5+ / 0-)

    A lot of these people don't seem to realize that bullets are designed to travel at high speed, high enough to pierce stationary objects like walls. So if you fire one into a floor, ceiling, or wall of a room, the chances are pretty good that the bullet will go through into the next room and hit whoever is there. And if it doesn't, it will ricochet hard and hit you or someone else in the room you're in.

    Basically firing a gun in an enclosed space is highly risky.

    IMO there's a problem, maybe related to video games and TV shows where bullets never ever go anywhere they're not supposed to.

    •  You are right... (4+ / 0-)

      The stories of people at LAX stacking up luggage to hide behind had me shaking my head.   Perhaps a public advertising campaign showing what bullets actually do would ingrain into the national consciousness the damage bullets really do.   For a gun owning society, the public at large doesn't understand what bullets do.  Neither, I am afraid, do some gun owners.  

  •  We need to start rejecting euphemisms (6+ / 0-)

    such, "the gun accidentally discharged." We hear over and over again that guns have no agency of their own, so the gun can't do anything.

    Bullocks! Chief BSer said it was "an accidental discharge of the gun"

    This story free of euphemism:

    This is a Negligent Discharge

    The trained police officer failed to follow safe gun handling protocol. In a sane world he would lose his RKBA at least temporarily while we all await toxicology to find out if he was drunk, high, or is abusing prescription or illegal drugs.  

    WESTMINSTER, MD, 9/15/13: A Westminster police officer pulled the trigger on his loaded handgun, fatally fracturing a mirror in the police locker room. The damage was irreversible and the pieces can not be reassembled even though an emergency glass-smith was called immediately.

    The policeman was attempting a significant multi-tasking that was beyond his skill level; getting dressed and putting a loaded gun safely in his holster...

    The mirror was unarmed, having been installed above a gun free sink zone.

    "They did not succeed in taking away our voice" - Angelique Kidjo - Opening the Lightning In a Bottle concert at Radio City Music Hall in New York City - 2003

    by LilithGardener on Mon Nov 04, 2013 at 10:21:38 AM PST

  •  Maybe the cop in #1 ... (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Glen The Plumber
    A Westminster police officer accidentally shot a mirror last month while dressing for his shift in a locker room at the police station.
    ... was thinking of the last scene of the original Dallas:
    (At least the way it was reinterpreted for the reunion specials).
  •  Another trend coming in big this week (3+ / 0-)

    There are four incidents (Nos. 5, 12, 31 and 33) where the victims attempted to cover up their self-inflicted GSWs by saying someone else did it during the commission of a crime.

    Jesus!  Man up, guys, and admit you did something dumb! Although what strikes me is that, although it is a crime to make false statements to the police, none of these people seem to have been charged for it. We need to make it a felony to do so in order to conceal the fact that a gunshot wound was self-inflicted. Maybe people would be a little less reckless with their guns if they knew that trying to lie their way out of their oopsies to the police could lead to a felony conviction (and, not coincidentally, the loss of their RKBA for at least a few years).

    •  maybe they were drunk or using drugs..... (0+ / 0-)

      and trying to avoid a negligence lawsuit.  Family could also take away your gun if you are a teen.  Or they could be illegally purchased, unregistered guns.  I wouldn't assume the lies were innocent- it could also be intentional shooting.

      You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad. Aldous Huxley

      by murrayewv on Mon Nov 04, 2013 at 06:43:12 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  All the more reasons ... (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        ... to come down hard on them for lying about where the gunshot came from. All these are reasons why they shouldn't have been allowed near the gun, at least not at that particular time or under those circumstances. You're better off coming clean and having only one bad thing you did to deal with (like they say in DC, the coverup is usually worse than what you were trying to cover up).

        As far as the claim being a lie, yeah, if you read some of these regularly you'll see the police don't always buy it (see #27 for when the police are actually confident saying as much).

        While we're at this idea of "nudge" level changes to the law, how about we also require that property owners report any gunshot damage to their property? Hospitals are already required to report gunshot wounds to the police; perhaps if you knew that the bullet you put in the wall of that old shed while you were out in the woods with your buddies would eventually be the subject of a police investigation, you might be more careful with your gun?

    •  Correction (0+ / 0-)

      The miscreant in #31 was indeed charged with what Indiana apparently codifies as "false informing" (scroll down to 35-44.1-2-3 Version a for the version currently in force, to be superseded by Version b next summer), a Class B misdemeanor (about the lowest level of offense that would go on your criminal record in Indiana law, I think).

  •  Irresponsible gun handler of the year ... (4+ / 0-)

    Stephon Odell of Adairsville, GA (see #30, and let's name names here, please, Patch?)
    First, he sets a new record for "audacity of excuse for a negligent discharge"

    An Adairsville man who accidentally shot himself said he didn't believe the gun was real, although "everyone told him it was."
    We've heard "I didn't think it was loaded" and its variant, "I had taken the magazine out and I didn't realize there was a round in the chamber" too often this year to be disgusted anymore by this level of recklessness with a deadly weapon. But to go beyond it and say "I didn't think the gun was real?" Now that's one we haven't heard before! I don't even need to try to be amused :-). Especially since this moron only shot himself.

    And careful reading shows just how many orders of magnitude of irresponsibility went into this one:

    The 24-year-old said he met up with an old friend and visited another home, possibly in Red Top Estates, between 4 and 7 a.m. Tuesday
    So let's see ... it is the wee hours of a weekday morning, and these guys are out cruising the neighborhood? Doesn't look like we're talking about people particularly worried about their day jobs, probably because they don't have one, and things like this show us why they probably won't be helping lower the unemployment rate any time soon ...
    (Odell) advised while at the residence he noticed what appeared to be a cap gun on the table and began to mess with it," the report says.
    Yep, people leave guns out so visiting idiots can play with them ...
    "He advised everyone told him it was real but he did not believe them.
    And why should he have? What did they know, after all?
    "He advised he then accidentally shot himself in the leg but due to it not hurting that bad he did not want to go to the hospital immediately.
    All together now, everyone: "It's just a flesh wound!"

    Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your point of view), this last sentence explains possibly not only why it didn't hurt but ... everything else:

    (The victim) advised he was intoxicated during the incident.
    "A well-lubricated militia bein' neshessary to the insecurity of a free people, the right to keep and beer armzh shall not be infrBLLLLLLLLEEEEAAAAARRRRHHH all over the floor"
    •  Practicing Preventative Anesthesia sans MD Lic. (0+ / 0-)

      bbbbbbut shurrly the Founding Fathersh invishunned the unfringid  drunk

      ♥ Repeal the Capital Gains, Carried Interest & Dividends Entitlements bequeathed to 'more special' taxpayers.

      by in on Thu Nov 07, 2013 at 04:27:20 AM PST

      [ Parent ]

  •  Wow, I'm amazed (0+ / 0-)
    Police arrested a city man for the shooting of a 15-year-old after he accidentally shot the victim through the neck with a .32 caliber revolver, according to reports. Carlos Oyola Jr., 23, of Axtell Avenue, was charged with aggravated assault and unlawful possession of a weapon.
    Someone finally held accountable for their "accidents". We need to see more of this. Gun owners need to be held fully accountable and responsible for their "accidents".
  •  Meanwhile in fantasy land ... (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Laurel in CA

    The NRA keeps a list of gun successes. There are only eight entries for all of October. While David's list above has  more child victims in just the last week.

    Some may pretend that all of the adult victims of guns were somehow the bad people. It is much harder to pretend that both three year old victims this week were evil.

    •  Success sans gun (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      Many of those "gun successes" could have been averted with a good strong voice, or by some other means. I've gotten out of a couple of situations in my life without a gun, where the NRA would have been attributing my "success" to the gun, had I pulled one. In one case, if a gun was available, I might have shot it and who knows how that might have screwed up my life.

  •  Westminster, Maryland (0+ / 0-)

    That wouldn't have been Sgt. Queeksdraw McGraw, practicing in front of a mirror again, would it?

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