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Please say it can't be so. What this miserable complex of Norquist "totality pledge" signatories and colluding partisan media have put this president through should have made it crystal clear by now that the insatiable appetite for usurped power just will not stop with a bargain--grand or otherwise.

If Nicole Wallace--George W. Bush's former mouth piece, likens president Obama's "truth-stretching" in assuring anyone who likes the convenience of not having to question their health care plan that they can continue to remain ignorant and won't be prompted to suffer the inconvenience of having to get insurance from a company which abides by regulations that favor the consumer greatly whether they know it or not to Bush's pathetic incompetence and neglect in Hurricane Katrina, after which everything will be measured differently, then President Obama and Democrats should take her up on the challenge. Only instead of bending over backwards yet again, this should be the last cave-in to try to make nice with the dis-loyal rabble who have taken over the republican party. Grand bargain? You have to be kidding.

The administration and people of good sense and loyalty to American traditions and institutions, please consider that, just as President Nixon overstepped the boundary between "politics" and "tyranny" in which he broke the law to ensure his own power, whether he realized it is was criminal or was as he said to John Erlichman on tape "everyone is bugging everyone's politics", it was clearly time to find where that line is and observe it no matter where it led.

No president has ever faced the onslaught of a partisan media industry which got fat during eight years of an outlaw administration before. Besides the errant war, the pathetic neglect in the wake of Katrina, the blindness to intelligence about possible attack on the homeland in 2001, the creation of a domestic intelligence stampede where no one really knows who can do what with whom, why hasn't it occurred that to secure the future of the menace that was that gang, they they knew damn well that letting an un-elected opportunist force wannabe republican Congress-persons to sign a blind ideological totality pledge would lead to a takeover of at least one chamber of Congress with people who will do nothing but what is scripted for them? Who gets to say where the footprint of Bush-Cheney begins and ends? Or that of Gingrich, or Norquist or Reagan?

When I hear Chris Matthews ask again and again why doesn't John Bohener speak up about the extremes of the "birther" crowd I can't understand why by now it's not obvious that the answer is and has always been the same--he can't. There is a "gang" who has taken out all the moderates and inserted unqualified dullards or reckless ideologues through a process which no one has yet challenged by law and may have been deliberately overlooked if not encouraged by a disastrous mis-administration who should argubly be tried for multiple war crimes. $5 billion for Gitmo and counting. What could we do better with that $5 billion?

If anyone on the right in office does anything remotely resembling the democratic order America had followed for two centuries, they will be skewered by Lush Rimjob and what's left with be masticated by the rest of the partisan right media where RINO is the least of the antagonistic gestures and names they will draw. Why doesn't Boehner man up? Self preservation, Mr. Matthews. Self preservation. Got it now?

No bargains with these people. Speak up Americans. Demand accountability. Where and when did this take-over of the republican party start? Was there extortion? Was their conspiracy to commit fraud in choosing the language used in these man-made economic crises which are clearly intent on shrinking the government until it can be "drowned in the bath tub"? Why did a presidential nominee have to sign a blind ideological totality pledge--Norquist's anti tax pledge? Why would any man sign such a thing much less an aspiring US president? My god.

Mr. Norquist, has this EVER really been about taxes? Or is this un-American pledge nonsense your fool-proof innovative way to fulfill Ronald Reagan's assertion that "government IS the problem" i.e. by starving it and steering it into crisis and more concessions and "bargains"?

No bargain with criminals. Discredit every signatory of that pledge. Find out which smart republicans who chose not to sign because they knew that would mean signing away their good names to run to come forward. Surely one has a job they won't lose for being honest. Let it be known to republican voters far and wide that this scheme has robbed them of intelligent choice. Get Americans who don't like having their choice robbed from them so they get stuck with the Louis Gohmerts and Steve Kings of the world to speak up and ask what happened to brains and quality? We understand family traditions of voting one party and that to many that party is republican--but it is only democrats and specifically President Obama and Attorney General Holder who can take action to expose this dreadful monstrosity so that YOU can clean up your own party and run people again who participate in democracy and don't collude to undermine it.

Wake up, Mr. President. There is no implication that you're not up to the job--no one has ever faced what you have had to. It's not that your black. It's that your green--green as anyone of any color or gender would be who had to walk into the maelstrom you have.  And just as the tyranny against you has come from outside the system, perhaps identification of the crimes and the strategy of how to turn back some of their damage may also have to come from outside the system.

No bargains with underminers of democracy, with colluders in extortion tactics that have pushed us to the edge a number of times. There is no third term. No more apologies. You want health care to succeed? Find out who acquiesced to extortion to get their job and turns around and participates in it. If you don't indict them, call on what's left of the real media establishment to do their freaking jobs i.e discredit the underminers and liars--not only in Congress but in governor's chairs in state houses in the 37 states who sat on their hands when their duty was to get with the American system. Let's have a press renaissance where what's left of the main stream media does what it did in Watergate--get the story right and get out of the game of profiting from manufactured sensationalism.

No bargains with idiots, liars, crooks, criminals. They won't honor bargains. They'll just thank you for another concession and great right to work on getting more. They are a cancer--a wound with a mind of its own that must be cut out. Fight and end the first American tyranny who gets away with it by calling tyranny first and keeps the green POTUS on his heels. Start calling tyranny last because that's what it is. And tell Nicole Wallace to be careful what she wishes for.

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