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Today is the day! Clinton-hater has-been gadfly sociopath birther insurrectionist Larry Klayman and his Reclaim America Now Coalition have begun their Hatriots' Revolution. There are dozens--DOZENS--of people wandering around Lafayette Park in Washington, DC. They mean business. They have snakey flags and Confederate memorabilia. They are quoting the Founding Fathers. They even wrote a new Declaration of Independence.

The speeches thus far are pretty predictable. Barry Soetoro is a Kenyan Muslim usurper out to destroy our once great nation. The gun grabbers are coming. We are all terribly oppressed by ObamaCare. Benghaaaaaaaazi. America is on the brink of something really, really bad. Blah, blah, blah.

This isn't the event Klayman was hoping for. He wanted millions of people who would camp out in DC until President Obama resigned. (If he had an idea of the mechanism that would impel the President's resignation, he never shared it publicly.) But, even as he was promoting a massive, multi-day event, he knew he wasn't going to get millions and they weren't going to be staying overnight. According to the permit issued by the National Park Service, he expected 500 attendees, the demonstration would last from 10 am to 5 pm, and there would be no civil disobedience.

Livestreaming courtesy of the right-wing group Patriots Ride - Reclaim America is available here:

A few photos courtesy of @RightWingWatch

Protesters at
Dozens of protesters at 'Revolution' rally in DC 11/19/2013
Attendee opposes Shariah Law at
Despite their awesome show of force, I will make a bold and risky prediction: This event will not cause President Obama to resign from office. There. I said it. You can quote me. This is what I fervently believe.

Edited to add: As several commenters have noted, this event took place in a national park. While these hypocrites were whining about the evils of socialism, they were lapping up the benefits of it, spewing their seditious blather on prime real estate within shouting distance of the White House.

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