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Brigido's family
Yesterday, my friend's husband Brigido, who I wrote about two weeks ago, was deported by immigration authorities.

"Family values" Republicans clearly don't give a shit that families are getting torn apart. Brigido leaves behind a three-year-old son and teen-aged stepdaughter, but since he's not trying to marry another man, they don't care.

The Obama Administration continues its record pace of deportations while pretending it has no other options. And for what? It's not as if Republicans are applauding the administration's record on immigration. They never will, no matter how many families are destroyed in the process. As for other options, they exist. The administration's decision to stop deportation of DREAM kids makes that clear.

While I may be personally pissed, it's nothing like the anger that is bubbling up in the Latino community. Republicans bore the brunt of it over the summer as the Senate reform bill languished in the House. But with Congress paralyzed, immigrant communities are looking to the White House to offer administrative relief from the law's most destructive elements. And while they continue to blame Republicans, they want to blame Obama more and more.

You'd think now, with job approval ratings approaching Bushian levels, the administration wouldn't be working so hard to make enemies out of its remaining allies. You'd think wrong.

Originally posted to kos on Wed Nov 20, 2013 at 01:19 PM PST.

Also republished by Daily Kos.

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