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I admit it, I couldn't decide with what to work with today, so I decided to go with two different nutpicks. So the bonus source material:

The Senate voted Thursday, 52-48, to end the filibuster rule for all executive and judicial appointments except for Supreme Court nominees, which would still need a 60-vote supermajority to end debate and move to a majority vote on confirmation. The move, dubbed the "nuclear option," represents a historic power grab and a blow to the procedural prerogatives of the minority party in the Senate.
If Republicans are so concerned with minority rights, they can always institute a filibuster in the House. But that's not what it's about, is it? It's about ... see for yourself, below the fold.

I once told a Libtard that she has a right to her own philosophies on life. But don't force her philosophies into my backyard. When you do so you are initiating violence against me. I will return the volley with a flamethrower. More and more we are becoming 2 countries. The Socialists insist on forcing their philosophies down our throats. There is no longer any option to us but the nuclear option. SUBJUGATE OR SEPARATE! PERIOD - END OF ISSUE!!!!
Democracy, it's a bitch! But if you need to separate, we'd probably be okay with you guys taking the Texas panhandle and western Oklahoma. It's yours! Just don't try crossing the wall and moat we'll build around it. With sharks. Wearing lasers.
We MUST repeal the 17th Amendment which is TOTALLY responsible for "Fundamentally Transforming" the Senate from representing the States to representing the PARTY, the PARTY, the PARTY.
Let the State Legislatures appoint these guys the way the Founders knew was the ONLY way to avoid "the mischief of the factions."
God Help US.
REPEAL THE 17TH AMENDMENT! Put senators back under control of the state legislatures where they should be as our Founders mandated! To do less is to loose our Republic (if it isn't lost already). Our system was designed to be run by HONORABLE individuals, people with INTEGRITY, PRINCIPLES, and MORALITY, qualities that are all but extinct in present day Washington. It's a sad, sad, day in our history.
Democracy sucks! It sucks, I say!
Oh, hey...I didn't want my voice represented in the Senate anyway.
Isn't this taxation without representation?
Jesus, why is democracy so difficult for these clowns to understand?
And so it begins. In a short period of time, besotted with their new power the Democrates in the Senate will continue to chip away at the rules for a filibuster until there wont be any such thing as a filibuster. Then they can pretty much enact anything they like. For those who said it cant happen here, watch closely because its happening right now.
For those who said what can't happen here? Democracy?
I can't wait to see who President Cruz appoints to run EPA and HHS!
Me neither! It'll be as intellectually a stimulating exercise as wondering who President Mitt Romney and President John McCain are up to these days!
good luck getting anything to even be heard in the HoR. They will extend the same courtesy to you that the Senate extended to the GOP. Say hello to the world's longest lame duck session of presidency in history.
Damn, the House will no longer vote on Democratic-sponsored bills?
Revenge is sweet, and in 2014 if we take the Senate if should be an absolutely delicious meal.

Hopefully they will have the stones to absolutely rule with an iron fist, starting with the impeachment of El-Presidente for committing fraud

Cool. Now we don't have to wait till 2016 to get rid of Odumbo. As soon as we take the senate back, change the rules so it only takes 51 votes to impeach.
Can't wait for the turn around to occur after the 2014 midterms. Harry and company will be faced with minority status and a well rehearsed majority who when impeachment charges are delivered from the House of Representatives will gleefully say, "super majority?" what super major? we don't need no stinking super majority, just ask old Harry sitting over there with the scowl on his face. Rules, what rules? Hey Harry, rules are to be broken right? The majority could serve up his own words on a rusty platter " since 2005 my views have changed" I have come to the conclusion that only a simple majority is required to convict related to impeachment. Well Harry, you opened Pandora's Box. Now lets see how you deal with what has been released.
Reminder: these are the same jokers who walk around waving pocket Constitutions. Too bad they never read before, or after, the Second Amendment.
OKay, well, I'm tired of Conservatives feeling like we have to play 'fair' because it is the right thing to do. These guys are truly never going to fight fair. It is time to take the gloves off, America. They just don't get it...WE'RE NOT GOING TO TAKE ANYMORE OF THIS CRAP.
infographic: 82 president nominees filibustered during Obama presidency, 86 for all other presidents combined.
Harry Reid and his Democrats are thugs...thugs who created
their own Frankenstein Monster which will will destroy them.

We will not forget what they did to the country, how they lied
and attempted to stand our republican on it's head with one
breach of the rules and one strong arm tactic after another.

They are guilty of FRAUD, Criminal Fraud, Conspiracy
and perhaps they can be tried under the RICO Act.

2014 will be a rout and Democrats and Progressives will
not see the light of day for at least a generation.

Admit it, who tried to stand a Republican on "it's" head? Wasn't me, too icky pulling their heads out of their asses.
This just puts more pressure on us to get it right in 2014. The conservative people need to pull this together with out the drama. Seriously folk, it's time to start acting like grown-ups, making a case that is not and attack and letting the kids know that while being young, it may be cool or hip to be liberal, if you plan on having a life with any financial meaning, you better wake up to where this is all going. Being Greece is just around the corner.
I just saw Greece, right there! Peeking around the corner! It pulled back when I saw it, but it was too late. I totally saw it.

Don't worry, I won't tell the kids.

Tyranny comes on little cat feet,
It doesn’t announce itself, it’s very discreet,
It sits looking over harbor and city,
There are those who thinks it’s pretty,
But once ingrained, liberty is gone,
On silent haunches it sits,~~~then moves on.
So anti-tyranny Republicans will reinstitute the filibuster next time they control the Senate, or will they become TYRANTS themselves?
Make no mistake about it. We're in a war. A new Civil War, if you will. Not between North & South per se, but between those who want to do away with our constitutional republic and we who want to preserve it. It's also a new Civil War over slavery. But this time, it's the slavery of a peoples who will exist at the will of and for the benefit to the State.
Shit, I know! Just above, people are ragging on democracy! And they want to ignore Constitutional provisions for impeachment! We need people who actually know what the Constitution says and embraces its tenets of liberty and democracy! Lucky for everyone, liberals are fighting the good fight.
There is no end to which these foul and disgusting liberals will not go. They have no regard for decency, diplomacy or fairplay. They have less regard for our Constitution. Saddest of all is their minions, who've not a brain to know better.

Here's a little math: What does $17T in debt borne on 43% of our population that have full time employment equal? obama's definition of success.

It sure was treacherous to eliminate the Constitutional-mandated filibuster.


Oh, polls now matter to conservatives? AWESOME! Time to move on immigration and gun safety reforms!
This shot today, was one across the bow of America. It will be middle and far right Americans that will sink this communist move. We will take 2014, oust this freak and cast the liberals back generations. We will get people working, off their ases and scale back taxes to get the machine of America's innovation running again.
Republicans will counter this "communist move" by taking back the Senate and, uh, reinstating the filibuster? Is that what will happen?
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