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Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, France and Israel on the same team? Who but the Iranian theocracy could have pulled that one off! What does that say about any deal with the Iranian government regarding  nukes?

On this one, I have to go with the opponents of a deal while the centrifuges spin and the "water gets heavy." (A stopped clock is right twice a day.)  Some people are going to oppose the deal because Obama is behind it, but others are genuinely concerned. Whatever the motivation for Iran's antipathy toward the West,  especially America, the development of nuclear weapons is too much to grant.

Of course the Israel haters will point to Israel's nuclear arsenal, but that has existed for decades, it seems, without use or threat of use. Israel denies, or at least refuses to admit, that it possesses nuclear capability, and has not made it a factor in its conflicts. Unlike Pakistan, India and North Korea, Israel does not rattle the nuclear sabre, even though it is has faced, and continues to face, a genuine existential threat.

An Iranian bomb would be catastrophically de-stabilizing, even more than the North Korean sort-off bomb or the South Asian bombs.  Unlike India and Pakistan, who are actually in confrontation (with Pakistan facing the greater potential threat), the Iranian bomb would serve only to make Iran the big thug in that part of the world. In terms of the real division which is a threat to peace, the Iranian bomb would be the "Shia bomb," requiring an answering "Sunni bomb." The arms race to follow, in a terribly unstable and fragile region, could be the beginning of the end.

I genuinely believe that Iran is stalling for time, and trying to finesse a lifting of the sanctions while retaining the ability to "race to the bomb" of short notice once the sanctions are removed. They have not invested so much time, energy, money and prestige simply to give it all up so they can sell some oil openly.

I am concerned that President Obama is too trusting and too willing to be "reasonable." If it didn't work with the Republicans, why does he think it will work with the Ayatollahs?

A hostile theocracy with a nuclear capability frightens me more than the old cold-war threat. During the cold-war, both nuclear powers were motivated by some degree of rational thought (as during the Cuban Missile Crisis). But a bomb in the hands of people who think they speak for God makes me shiver. If religion can motivate people to blow themselves up to get into heaven, why could not a whole government of zealots blow themselves, and their country, up to kill the infidels. After all, they would all end up in Paradise, wouldn't they?

One could only hope that they are as hypocritical about their own lives, as they seem to be.

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