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I gave a ride for my friend so she could clean houses. I know the owner well.Mary opened her car door to let my friend in and I asked her when she was going to marry me and stop
cleaning houses.She knew I was kidding. She said she would be cleaning houses until she died.She is 65 and can"t live on Social Security alone.Her savings went to her daughter to
provide food and care while she looked for work.Mary looked bad,her color was white.I know a lady who has worked for Microsoft and has written computer codes for the best companies.She was abused by two husbands.She is a lovely lady with a great resume. She is 67 and can"t find work. I know of a 75 year old man delivering pizzas. Others are working as bag boys. I never see them as cashiers. I can fill this page with true stories about people doing menial work over 65. They had savings, but their kids needed help.
Age discrimination is alive and well in this Country. Retirement will not happen for many of my friends. They can"t afford it.Republicans have lowered the amount of food they can have. One food bank I know is now open once a month. They used to be open more often,but don"t have enough food.Seniors have rent or property tax,energy costs,food prices go up,etc.
Republicans want to lower Social Security benefits. Social Security payments should once again be tied to the true cost of living in this Country. Seniors earning under  $30,000,should receive free housing,Medical,Dental,Mental, and eyecare.I am fine with playing with the $30,000 figure slightly.
Imagine your Grandmother on her knees scrubbing floors in a rich persons home. Imagine your Geandfather or Dad delivering Pizza or mowing lawns.Pensions are disappearing  in this country.  Savings are at a low rate for Seniors in this Country because they often had to raise their grandkids or give money to help raise them.
Elders in other Countries are looked up to and held in great reverence. Not here, I am
so sorry.

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