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Clowns in High Places Get A Well-deserved Pie in the Face

The watchdogs at CREW have come out with their latest list of the Worst Governors in America, and the usual suspects---think various permutations of Rick and Scott and you'll come up with many of 'em---made it into the freak show.  Here in Maine, we're once again embarrassed to find our tea party nimrod, Paul LePage, among them:

Augusta is a dangerous place for anyone who gets in the way of Gov. LePage’s ALEC-written agenda.

Portland (Maine) Press herald headline about Gov. Paul LePage (R)
One of his more subtle remarks.
• The first-term governor packed his administration with lobbyists and used his office to promote their environmental-deregulation agenda, and allegedly went so far as to fire a state employee who testified in favor of policies the administration opposed.

• Attempted to gut an open records law

• Under investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor and the U.S. Solicitor General for bullying employees

Not to mention nixing both a state ACA exchange and Medicaid expansion…oh, and also having a mouth so filthy it would make Toronto Mayor Rob Ford blush. And a thousand other despicable things. See the worst of the worst here:

We should replace them. Yeah. Let's do that.

Cheers and Jeers starts below the fold... [Swoosh!!] RIGHTNOW! [Gong!!]

Cheers and Jeers for Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Note: Due to the sequester, citizens will no longer be able to use the Capitol dome as a juicer.  If it's any help, Tropicana with extra pulp comes fairly close to fresh-squeezed.  ---Congress


Cherrywood Art Fair logo
4 days!!!
By the Numbers:
Days 'til winter: 18
Days 'til the Cherrywood Art Fair at Maplewood Elementary School in Austin: 4
Reduction in superbug infections at hospitals that employ robots to emit flashes of ultraviolet light: 80%
Time it takes them to eliminate nearly all traces of bacteria in a room: 10 minutes
(Source: Details)
Year by which carbon pollution must be reduced by a minimum of 17 percent under President Obama's Climate Action Plan: 2020
Months it'll take the Mars Maven probe to reach the planet: 10
Current number of fatalities accounted for from Typhoon Haiyan: 5,260


Tuesday Words of Wisdom from the Right-wing Blogosphere:

Having nearly completed his goals of destroying private healthcare, decimating the U.S. energy industry, destroying our foreign policy, unleashing the political power of the IRS, grabbing power through the senate to stack the judges benches and plunging us into a black hole of irreconcilable debt, Obama's now openly reaching out to the most militant groups of activists to tell them he has their back. His new civilian security promised.
---Commenter jm2 at RedState
All together now: 1…2…3… Classy!


Puppy Pic of the Day: And the winner of the National Dog Show ain't nothin' but a…


Spoon catapult
My War-on-Christmas
catapult stands ready.
CHEERS to December.  The year's glorious, sparkling, musical, snow-bedecked, bell-ringing, Norman Rockwellesque grand finale!  Bring on the swans a'swimming and polish your Festivus pole.  Bring on the Hobbits, The Wolf of Wall Street and Ron Burgundy!  Bring on the Grammy nominations!  Bring on the winter solstice!  Oh, and check the expiration date on the eggnog that's been sitting in the back of your fridge since 1999 before you take a swig. (If it's turned semi-solid, you can use it to patch potholes in your driveway.)

The White house on fire during the War of 1812
December Safety Tip: Do NOT
leave Christmas lights unattended.
JEERS to December.  The year's stress-filled, bone chilling, dark-by-3, be-cheerful-or-else, and oh-look-it's-a-giant-blizzard grand finale.  The Harry Simeone choir will make curmudgeons' ears bleed, and you just know there are a handful of beloved mega-celebrities who will inconvenience us by dying this month.  (I miss you already, whoever you brought [joy, laughter, amazing innovations] to millions and broke new ground in whatever you did).  Also too Pearl Harbor anniversary.  The wise among us will forgo candy canes and instead hang holiday-themed Prozac Pez dispensers.  And remember the Republican mantra this holiday season: You can't spell Noel without "No!"

CHEERS to HealthcareDotGov II: The Obamacare Strikes Back.  And lo, on the first of December in the Year Of Our Flying Spaghetti Monster Two Thousand and Thirteen, the revamped Affordable Care Act web site did appear.  And the people did gather in the square to pronounce judgment:

And then, from his Princeton Parapet emerged…Krugman the Grey:

Screen shot of E.T. setting up the communicator  (1982)
"E.T.! It's working!!!!"
In short, the crisis is over---for Obama and the Democrats.  It’s just beginning for the Republicans, who won’t be able to let go of the notion that it’s a criminal scandal, and that mobs with pitchforks will march on the White House if only they can find the right words. … Maybe they’ll get 60 Minutes to do a report that has to be retracted.  And yes, maybe they’ll gain some seats in the midterms, although those are a long way away.

But health reform is, almost surely, over the hump.

You can compare plans in your state (if it doesn't have its own exchange) using John Aravosis's three-click method.  I plan to check on mine today.  I'm leaning towards one that offers free hospital room Spice Channel and an immortality option.

U.S. flag with stars representing states that have passed marriage equality.
The flag of marriage equality
is gathering star power.
CHEERS to Maui'trimony.  Same-sex couples in Hawaii officially started getting same-sex married yesterday.  But not everything went smoothly:
The early-morning ceremony was delayed about 40 minutes by computer glitches as the six couples applied for their marriage licenses online as soon as they were available at midnight.  Still, the delay did nothing to damper the mood of the hundreds of friends and family on hand to see the couples marry.
Said an architect of the revamped site to the Hawaiian webmaster: "Scotch?"

Ornaments being donated to the 2013 Netroots nation online Holiday Bazaar auction
On the block: whimsical
ornaments like these.
CHEERS to holiday shopping made easy.  Only two days 'til the 5th annual Netroots Nation Holiday Bazaar online auction starts.  Everything on the block is donated by the talented netroots community, and you can still donate an item or two by going to the auction page and clicking on "Donate items." (It's so easy my 5 year-old butler can do it.)  Proceeds help offset the cost of the annual NN convention.  Don't hesitate to e-mail Karen Kolber at karen [at] if you have questions.  C&J has assembled a gaggle of ornery sorts to bake ducky, lighthouse and lobster cookies this year.  Extra bonus: we'll make sure each batch contains at least one with an image of the Virgin Mary for eBay purposes.

CHEERS to the Land Of Lincoln and Obama.  Happy Birthday, Illinois---195 years old today!  The name means "Tribe of superior men."  Deadbeat dad and former crazy congressman Joe Walsh is also from Illinois.  So is Donald Rumsfeld.  So is the Catholic bishop who conducted an exorcism after the governor signed a marriage-equality bill into law.  Oh they say, every village has its idiots.


Five years ago in C&J: December 3, 2008

CHEERS to Hillary's Big Day Out.  Today, in yet another press conference (someone cut his mike already, I can't take all this openness at once), President-elect Obama will formally announce his nomination of Hillary Clinton as our next Secretary of State.  A preview:

"It is my pleasure to announce a woman who is bright, intelligent, experienced..."
  "Psst!  Respected, well-liked, sassy, brassy, a team player..."
"Uh, Hillary?  I got this.  As I was saying..."
  "Don’t forget a natural leader, tough as nails, trustworthy, spirited..."
"Uh, Bill?  I said I got this."
Let's call it a work in progress.


And just one more…

JEERS to accidents waiting to happen.  And now, a few reasons why won’t be delivering purchases by drone anytime soon:

Amazon's drone prototype
"My bushes!"
"My car!"
"My roof!"
"My lawn!"
"My mailbox!"
"My baby!"
"My tomatoes!"
"My cigar!"
"My eyes!"
"My cat!"
"My pot plants!!!"
"My 'Ted Cruz for President' yard sign!!!"
"Mah Moufff!"
And the #1 reason: "Mr. Bezos…my lawyer."

Have a nice Tuesday.  Floor's open...What are you cheering and jeering about today?


Today's Shameless C&J Testimonial:

Uncommon Douchery: Erik Estrada Stars In Liberty Counsel Movie With Bill in Portland Maine
---Joe My God


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