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In the December 2013 issue of American Legion magazine (a publication for veterans who are members of the American Legion), the centerpiece of the issue was an interview with Oliver North.

To be honest, I didn't even read the interview.  I didn't need to.  And I'm not encouraging you to do so.  The fact alone that the Legion decided to publish the interview was enough by itself.  As I wrote to the magazine, Legion customer service, and National Commander Dan Dellinger:


The interview with Oliver North in the December issue of Legion magazine -- actually, just the mere notion that you found it necessary to lionize a man who is an outright criminal and anathema to the concept of honorable service -- made my upcoming American Legion renewal decision easy.

When I joined the American Legion in 2011, it was with eyes wide open.  While my joining was predicated on the concept that the primary mission of the organization is to serve those who served, at the same time, I recognized and accepted that the Legion is politically conservative. And from the very first issue of Legion magazine that I received, it was clear that the editorial slant of your publication naturally reflected the inherently conservative nature of the organization.  I'm ok with that.

I'm not ok with the decision to publish the North interview.

I'm so not ok with that decision that I'm requesting you immediately cancel my subscription to Legion magazine.  Also, please be advised that I will not be renewing my American Legion membership in 2014.


Yeah, my minor protest will make a lot of waves in the Legion.  So much so, that I received the following email in response:
Customer Service

Mr. Cranium

We've cancelled your membership, which will take effect with the February issue of the magazine.  Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Thank you,

Amy Walden
Customer Service Specialist, IT Division

This veteran is sad that he can no longer support an organization that's done so much for him.  Not even an explanation why the Legion decided to print this interview, without so much as an intro that Ollie North is a criminal and a disgrace to anyone who ever wore the uniform.

Maybe there's a lesson embedded in this story.

Image above shamelessly stolen from fellow Kossack and vet BOHICA.

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