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I thought you'd be interested in this note from the brother of a friend.  It pretty much speaks for itself.

My brother is a “Navigator” in another state, where he assists people face-to-face by appointment to sign up for healthcare on the federal marketplace. There is so much demand for getting insurance through the exchange, now that the website is working, that his office has extended hours from daytime to every evening and weekends.
I have a 30 year-old niece (single) with an AGI of about $15,000.00 who is signing up for health insurance at a cost of $25.00 per month.

I have a 50 something brother (single) with similar income who will be signing up for about the same premium as my niece.

I have a married 30 something nephew with one child and another on the way with a household income of around $25,000 who will be signing his family up.

A couple came in, the husband an avid tea party member who told my brother he “hates Obama,” and his wife who has some substantial healthcare needs. They signed up for health insurance at a monthly premium of $93.00. When they left, he shook my brother’s hand, thanked him, and told him he was doing a good job.

People leave my brother’s office in tears of joy. Sometimes they refuse to shake his hand and demand to give him a hug instead. A few weeks earlier when my brother was getting frustrated with the website, the person he was helping said, “Don’t worry. We can be patient. I have been waiting a life time to get health insurance.”

This is what Republicans are fighting.

Cross-posted at BlueNC.


UPDATE:  Thanks for the recs!  Sometimes "just the facts" is all that's needed.  

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