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Today's source material, from the supposedly "serious" National Review:

Screen capture of National Review story: Reactions to Nelson Mandela's passing
The piece is just a cut and paste of official statements from various Republicans like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John Boehner. But the comments, oh the comments .... check them out below the fold.

Sometimes, I'm just too sickened to add smart-ass inline comments. This is one of those days. I'll let the comments speak for themselves.

I'm very disappointed that Cruz would have such kind words for a well known Marxist. He'd have been smart to keep his mouth shut at a minimum.
So, Cruz, you've moved up in to the ranks of the elite pandering schmucks, too?
Live press briefing from the President on Mandela's passing. Written statement from the President on Lady Thatcher's passing earlier this year. Just saying.
She wasn't dark enough.
The Afrikaaners have been enduring genocide at the hands of the blacks.

South Africa went from a beautiful, first world nation to another black Hell.

It is fine that the mainstream media and conservative cuckold fetishists want to prostrate themselves before blacks. But as long as they're saying that whites are evil....then they will have no problem when whites leave their black Hells and form our own ethnostate.

We need our own ethnostate, like the Arabs have Saudi Arabia, Jews have Israel, blacks have Zimbabwe, Chinese have China.

Or, we need to pummel and bash those bloody savages until they figure out it's better to do things in a civilized manner. Make them grow up.
No. That is their nature.

I'm not ethnocentric: I don't want to turn blacks into whites (which is impossible, anyway).

They have their own ways. I'm against imperialism, and don't want to impose white laws and values onto them. (Which fails, anyway.)

Okay, NRO Staff, you have jumped the shark. Screw you. Goodbye.

Oh, don't forget to wear your Che t-shirts to the office party.

A left wing terrorist, aider and abettor of white genocide in SA and primarily responsible for turning his country into yet another African 3rd world basket case. Good riddence.
Mandela was a communist and a terrorist. I can forgive the communist, not the terrorist. He was lucky to have gotten off with jail time and house arrest. They should have hanged that murderer in public, along with his helpmeet. And by the way--apartheid was obviously so hideous that South Africa is a paradise on earth, now that apartheid has gone away and the blacks are in charge.
Mandela - BFF of Fidel Castro - NEVER renounced the ANC's killing of innocents or his own past. He killed, and he approved of others being killed. The only way he "stands alone" is in Hell with his buddies Saddam and Osama!
Gosh. Only the good die young.
I have dreaded Mandela's passing for years knowing that it would bring forth innumerable gusts of nauseating verbal flatulence like those quoted above.

Utterly predictable. Totally unbearable.

I've wracked my brains to come up with a suitable tribute to mark the occasion. This seems appropriate -- The only good Communist is a dead Communist. Today Mandela became a good Communist.

Whites must be separated so that blacks can be safe.

Yes, when blacks come into white civilizations, they murder, steal, and rape, and so police states are a consequence.

Therefore, so that blacks do not need to be oppressed by whites like you, I believe that they should have their own lands free from Eurocentric laws and culture. And whites must have our own lands, just as Jews have Israel, Arabs have Saudi Arabia, etc.

Any white man who celebrates low IQ murdering blacks is either evil or else, nowadays, you know.
It was bad to keep the bloody savages at bay?

Apartheid was totally justified. Those people are savages. As for the fate of apartheid, well, it never seems to occur to you racist whites that the blacks could possibly have built their own modern, civilized state - in their townships. Because they're savages, right?

Apartheid wasn't racist, YOU ARE for thinking blacks couldn't have built a functioning society in their enforced ghettos!
Sure, I think that the Afrikaners were fascists clinging to power in a situation that they created by open borders and unlimited immigration but the ANC were Communists who ruined the lives of their people by boycotting all schools and targeting black professionals as collaborators.
Apartheid was bad, but only because of comprehensive immigration reform! Shit, I need to go back to just letting the comments speak for themselves.
South Africa needs a replacement black communist terrorist. D'you think they'd take Obama?
I just tuned in to NPR. They're practically performing fell at io on the corpse
Mandela and the ANC sought to create a Soviet client state in South Africa. He received training from the Stasi. Apartheid was a sideshow. They would have been doing the same thing Apartheid or no Apartheid.

Apartheid had nothing to do with the Soviet sponsored terror happening all over the world in those decades. Apartheid just lent a gloss of moral outrage to placate the rubes in the cheap seats. Are you one of those?

In the left's effort to move everyone toward communism they must insist that whatever ill communism is supposed to solver is "worse" than the communism itself because they still haven't gotten everyone to believe that communism and it's attendant horrifics are desirable. Apartheid horrible so communism, soviets, stasi, antisemitism, killing whites in revenge must be good. But of course, that's how you convince people that communism is the way to go.
Here's a quote today from Obama: "So long as I live, I will do what I can to learn from him."

If only that included the 27 years prison time.

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