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No one else has diaried this that I've noticed, and it doesn't seem to have hit the MSM, and while I'm no expert on the subject this seems far, far too outrageous to let pass. This is beyond the beyond.

A Navy officer who admitted to Virginia's Child Protective Services (CPS) that he sexually abused his 13-year-old daughter has yet to be punished by the service for his actions.

CPS found that the allegations made against the officer... were credible. Though he only confessed to molesting his 13-year-old daughter, his 10-year-old son alleged that the officer had tied him to a chair and forced him to watch as he had intercourse with his current girlfriend.

According to the daughter in statements obtained by The Virginian-Pilot, the officer actively molested her for two years before the night he took her into a bedroom, pinned her down and raped her.

He ONLY confessed to molesting his daughter??

When people get promoted instead of court-martialed and imprisoned after they sexually abuse their own children, what hope is there of bringing any change to the military's handling of any kind of sexual abuse from within such a corrupt system?

from Press TV:

"The military is reluctant to make findings in any kind of sexual abuse cases," said Betty Wade Coyle, executive director emeritus of Prevent Child Abuse Hampton Roads. "Especially if it's an officer, it practically takes an act of Congress."

According to Navy regulations, a substantiated case of child sexual abuse carries a mandatory penalty of administrative separation from the service.

As was reported today even from outside the military Senator Gillibrand can't get a vote in Congress on her amendment to protect victims of sexual assault who are in the military.

The story keeps getting worse.

...CPS placed the officer’s name on the State Child Abuse and Neglect Registry, and forbade him from being within two miles of the home, school or workplace of any of his four children until they are adults.

Despite the CPS's findings and the severity of the punishment it handed down, the Navy declined to prosecute the officer internally, effectively clearing him of all charges. He has received two promotions since being cleared...

And worse:
Meanwhile, the Navy lieutenant is divorcing his wife, who has been left destitute. The family home in Virginia Beach has been lost to foreclosure. The wife and four children have moved five times in four years, ending up in a cockroach-infested motel room at the Oceanfront, where they live among the homeless and drug addicts.

The judge in the divorce case, persuaded that the allegations were impeding the officer's Navy career, has declared his wife in contempt of court and sentenced her to 10 days in jail - time that she will have to serve unless she pays a $5,000 fine.

She has no money to pay the fine. She is barely able to feed her children.

Somewhere in the universe there must be a big glob of justice and logic floating around to balance out the injustice and insanity stemming from all this.

Originally posted to jpmassar on Mon Dec 09, 2013 at 03:50 PM PST.

Also republished by House of LIGHTS and This Week in the War on Women.

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