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Lately we've heard both republicans and Dems tout the meme that this latest budget deal is a small but good first step that protects us from future government shutdowns.

We've also heard claims that this latest budget will lessen the chances of a debt ceiling crisis.

That we must avoid jumping from crisis to crisis coming from both sides.

Three empty republican threats - that are being sold as leverage

 1) Republicans will not hold the debt ceiling hostage again.

 2) Republicans will not shut down the government again.

 3) Republicans will not slash Social Security or touch Medicare

 And here is why

  1) The last debt ceiling hostage taking cost the republicans dearly; maybe even the house come 2014.

  2) The last government shutdown over the PPACA cost the republicans dearly; maybe even the house come 2014

  3) The party that slashes Social Security and or Medicare will pay dearly will lose big time and for many years to come will be remembered as the party who slashed and lied. And that lie will be remembered long after 2014 or 2016 elections. It will last as long as people suffer for that cruel decision

Every statement from the republican party about "saving Social Security for the future"; all the years of effort put into creating the fiction that they are responsible and are true in their desire to preserve the social programs comes to an end. The pretense will be gone. They will never again be believed on this (and there are not that many who strongly believe republicans on this "protecting the future of the social programs" gambit today - imo - when you get right down to it)

The republicans have zero leverage that Dems don't allow to be leverage.

That is why our stance should remain focused on our solutions

Now we promote our must do list. I have many but it's nothing that hasn't already been laid out by Kossacks with the skill to make it fly, but a few in the immediate are:

 ♦ Make sure that defense cuts go forward full tilt. Period.
 Use Paul Ryan's or Rand Paul's line. These defense cuts are cuts in the rate of increased spending - we're cutting the rate of increase. Non-negotiable

 ♦ Insist on a higher marginal tax rate schedule on top incomes - Reagan era rates perhaps just before he did this: (Reagan significantly reduced the maximum tax rate, which affected the highest income earners, and lowered the top marginal tax rate from 70% to 50%;) , for the RWNJ sycophants ears to hear it. It's time to pay for the Bush/Cheney wars - that caused the "deficit" with the first in history tax holiday enacted during war

 ♦ close corp loopholes (tax expenditures - spending for corpo welfare) - very populist and a winner,  Make that a red line. Non-negotiable

    Both these are needed to "reduce the deficit" (I'm purposefullu using "reduce the deficit" BS - a non problem for rhetorical effect)

 ♦ Also too - extend the conversation to more rule changes. We now have a simple majority for more than judicial nominations and cabinet appointments lets extend that for all legislation too.

Let the GOP consider that scenario of negotiations from Dems

There are many more ideas - here are a few more listed towards the end of linked Diary

Let the GOP consider that scenario of negotiations from Dems

So now what happens when the RWNJ refuse to budge? Do the republicans get their way some will say; that government doesn't work?

Temporarily only. If Dems continue pushing for what has been proven poll after poll; from right wing polls to MSM polls; to the more progressive polls, and refuse to accept the framing of or identifying of what are so called problems as spun/developed by the RWNJ think tanks the word will get out. What people want matters.

The republicans will be forced to lop off the teabag fringe; Hastert rule abandoned; and every threat against society, all of the spun-up crisis the GOP uses to change and develop a narrative to fit their agenda will be orchestrated completely by themselves - alone

We will not help them. We do not accept their diagnosis of doom.

We will not jump from GOP manufactured crisis to crisis.

 Dems stand for what matters to people. The republican party does not. They represent corporations, Wall Street, and the 1%ers.

We have the numbers

And the votes for our Dem agenda are there in both upper and lower chamber despite the republican/teabag fringe. Republicans will be forced abandon the "Hastert" - majority republicans rule to put up for a vote what the people want.

We will win this, but let's do it now. Reject this latest budget.

 - end of rant

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  •  How exactly you will force House to vote (0+ / 0-)

    for any of this stuff?

  •  Fantasy (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    This diary is fantasy.

    The likely scenario from walking away from this deal was Boehner passing a clean CR and putting it on Harry Reid's doorstep.

    Then we are stuck with either a lower spending number than the $967 billion, or we get to look as unhinged as the GOP did with Obamacare by shutting the govt down because we don't like the BCA. That would be a nightmare in an election year.

    When Sequestration is the law of the land, the leverage lies with those most willing to live with the lower spending. That in this case is the Republicans, because they hate people.

    •  "those most willing" (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      the leverage lies with those most willing to live with the lower spending.
      "Those" being the politicians not the vast majority of people. perhaps - but then again MIC cuts hit the republican awfully hard, so probably wrong on that in addition to being wrong in the repetition of most of the fantasy talking points used to undergird the GOP false premise

      And no politician looks unhinged that listens to the peoples needs and acts upon those needs

      Buying the GOP frame/fantasy, and ignoring the points: that republicans have zero leverage to their threats and the majority of the nations people will punish the party that favors corporations with tax cuts while ignoring the people and their needs

      ..but thanks for stopping by

  •  While I dearly sympathize with your desire to (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    SouthernLeveller, Goingallout

    Find some certainty in the clusterfuck that is congress, your scenario of the people finally, finally recognizing that the Republicans are the authors of our austerity driven pain, our government shutdown disaster, and that Republicans are lying to us about their desire to save the social safety net, and thus finally freeing the Democrats to set a progressive agenda, is fantasy.  And here's why: 90% of the electorate simply doesn't know anything about any of these issues or who's to blame.  We know, because we pay attention to actual facts.  But Joe Blow does not.  And all the Joe Blows aren't going to punish the Republicans, or reward the Democrats when their noses get rubbed in this mess.  They're going to blame both parties, because they don't know enough or follow the news enough to be able to sort it out and come to your very reasonable conclusions.  If we had an electorate that paid 1/2 as much attention as kossacks do, then you'd be right about what the Democrats could do.  But it pains me to say that not only don't they know, but they don't care to learn.
    However, I appreciate your effort to connect these dots.  Keep thinking.

    •  Yet 90% of the people want gun safety measures.. (0+ / 0-)


      90% of the electorate simply doesn't know anything about any of these issues or who's to blame.
      ..and that is not a fantasy. That is real. It is also only one of many issues where the Progressive Dems hold the majority/populist opinion

      But whether or not we Dems have immediate wins on every issue  not really the point in this Dairy. It is changing the national narrative; pushing back on years of carefully crafted untruth from the RWNJ think tanks that govern  the republican agenda.

      Making the corporate crafted  bullshit"common wisdom" that too many fall for a thing of the past or at the very least to be questioned at every step.

      Break that MSM that tracks the wants of the supply side interests message wide open for the people to see

      The word
      for the past couple of days has been that  this Murray/Ryan budget protects us from govt. shutdowns or that the republicans will be less inclined to hold the ceiling limit hostage. Both assume that republicans will be willing to do these things.

      As McConnell himself said: "their is no education in the second kick of a mule"

      Except for the teabaggers they won't. We're witnessing that GOP infighting happening

      And then there is the threats to social Security and Medicare coming from the right. The truth is the republicans will never slash these programs unless is it done on a bi-partisan vote. The GOP has no real threat here. No leverage.

      So the reasons being touted for this budget being a good first step are dumb.

      We can and should hold out for a strongly progressive agenda and continue hammering that platform without any interference or RWNJ spun framing the issues.

      That is how we inform the people you have highlighted as being unable or unwilling to:

      "follow the news enough to be able to sort it out and come to your very reasonable conclusions."

      - onniptionfit

      Thank you for our kind comment. I don't agree though

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