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Most importantly, I've changed my view on mental health.  I used to think it was a weakness. I now see it as a disease.  I know I always accepted it as a disease, like when I talked to others, but inside, I thought since I was tough enough to beat it, others could too....  Like lifting weights to build body mass, one could rigor himself out of mental illness.  Boy was I wrong.

So much came out , and particularly in the "Gun Battle" that followed, I saw that regulating guns was not the real issue.  The real issue is helping those who see nothing wrong  with taking other's lives and then their own...
I used to think the rising trends of mass murders,  came solely because we lost control over who bought guns... To some extent, it still is.  But there was another trend of which I was then ignorant and that was how cutbacks since the Recession was, and still is, ..creating more mentally unstable people...

Our society's basic overall problems come down to this one single thing:   too-little money.  The self-imposed lack-of-it behind supporting government functions, means those functions are now not there, because no private entity volunteered to step up and take it on... The money needed for these programs is still out there, but continues to filter up to the top 1%.

Had we had a healthy, thriving support system to deal with our mentally ill, ... other choices may have been made leading up to that shooting..

Had we had the same in Aurora.... that disaster may have been prevented...  Had we had the same in DC, there is a good chance the Navy Yard Shootings would never have happened....

We make choices and those choices have consequences... We consciously chose to cut taxes on the wealthy and by doing so, hasten our government into bankruptcy ... I know it was a conscious decision because I was right there eloquently arguing against it... and was over ruled.   Not by a lot, but by enough...  It was the way they saw of making ourselves better... and often when one narrows one's universe a little smaller, to where those things happening on the outside no longer matter, one can make a smaller universe indeed appear better... until of course the outside comes crashing in....

As so the problems of one burned-out divorced mother trying to deal with a mentally ill child, crashed in upon the national consciousness in a sickening way. So we've learned:

Lesson 1:  Mental illness is a security risk..  Mental illness is a disease.   We need to spend lots of money to cure and contain mental illness from crashing into our lives ever again...   No sliver amount of any billionaire's income is worth the loss of those children at Sandy Hook, ever again.

Secondly.   Unless a shooting takes place over drugs, almost all shootings are caused by those mentally ill.  Husbands, wives, children, killers, non killers, or Floridians  prejudiced against hoodies...  We are learning in just one year, particularly with Gun Fail publications now illuminating all the deaths around the country,  that all shootings probably have mental illness at their root.....

Which practically means, if we could completely eliminate mental illness from our society, we wouldn't have to regulate guns at all, (except for the drug warriors of course... )
But until we do... we need to keep the guns our society has chosen to make so readily available, out of the hands of those who really don't have the same values of right or wrong as do the rest of us,  particularly when it is about our lives....
In that regard, we need to hold those of red states accountable and put the blame squarely upon them, for they are the blockage of both directions at this problem... Either they open the now-dry channels of dollars to fast flow towards  the treating of mental illness. or they opt to tighten the free flow of guns in order to make sure that only those who are not mentally ill, can legally own them...

There is truth in the saying that criminals  being criminals can always get guns if they want, because criminals aren't worried about obeying the law....  That is entirely true.

However, the converse is also true, that if you have guns laying all over the street and readily available, more are going to get used than if it is really difficult and expensive to acquire even one...  A lot of legislation designed to tighten up the easy access to guns and gun paraphernalia,  was lobbied down this year...

Often by people who to some, appeared a little mentally ill themselves upon expressing they feared the government of the People, for the People, and by the People, far more than they feared a bullet escaping out of a gun nozzle headed their way....  Those who had the other fear,  ie, guns over government, need to continue forward, clarify their argument, button down the rhetoric, and state that at stake, is just keeping guns out of the hands of those mentally ill....

Mental illness is a disease... Curing it should be our first priority, and from just hearing the results of the passing of the US Budget today,  that will never happen until we can get into Congress, only those who agree with these sentiments....  It's about money. We know where it is kept, and we need more of it now....
We have a security risk, and we need to contain it.
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  •  There are (0+ / 0-)

    reports of a school shooting today in Littleton, Colorado.

    Possibly two victims have been shot, but are far.

    If this report is true, sickening one year anniversary of Newtown incident.

  •  The gun clubs, the shooting ranges, the gun shows (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    have no responsibility or desire to get involved.

    What if the gun club and shooting range in Newtown had been a resource? What if they had urged the mother who knew full well her son was struggling to get the guns out of the house? What if they had done that instead of scaring the crap out of her, saying THEY JUST WANT TO BAN YOUR GUN.

    How about gun owners stepping up as a community and leading the way in dealing with mentally ill and gun mix.

    Here's a mild treatable mental illness - catastrophizing. Catastrophizing and gun ownership do not mix. Who would be the first to notice this mix? Why couldn't they intervene?

    Had we had a healthy, thriving support system to deal with our mentally ill, ... other choices may have been made leading up to that shooting..
    I am getting real tired of gun owners scaring the crap out of each other, they just want to ban your guns.

    No, all we are saying is hey buddy watch what you are doing.

    Now they have the 2nd (safety net for sloppy) Amendment, and can't be infringed to actually treat their gun like a gun and not a video game controller.

    by 88kathy on Fri Dec 13, 2013 at 12:57:52 PM PST

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