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At the end of Roy Edroso's excellent nut-picking column at the Village Voice on the phony War on Christmas was this surprising bit of holiday cheer -- the 14-year-old white supremacist site has "closed for Christmas."

It's apparently a fund-raising ploy VDARE has used before -- shut down the site entirely except for a desperate plea for money. Must CLOSE For Our Christmas Appeal: Here’s Why

James Fulford writes: Despite several days of entreaties, our Christmas Appeal has completely stalled.

We haven’t yet received the level of support that we need to keep our virtual doors open. We need desperately your help! And, sadly, experience has taught us that many of our readers only take our appeals seriously when the site is actually closed.

Remember that is saying things that no one will say, and we’re able to do so because we are not under the control of foundations or advertisers. This is why we HATE closing the site.We speak for you, and we can only continue to do that with your donations.

Edroso found Fulford's latest in cache, entitled "War On Christmas Denial: Daily Show, Salon, Hufffington Post All Piling It On." It is a remarkably silly bit of wingnut poutrage, which Roy ably mocks. will presumably be back soon, as there is regrettably a market for pseudo-intellectual anti-immigrant screeds.

Some background on VDARE, below.  

VDARE was founded by an immigrant from Britain, Peter Brimelow, who is a financial writer/editor. Naturally, he is white.

According to the wiki, "The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) called VDARE a hate group, that was 'once a relatively mainstream anti-immigration page,' but by 2003 became 'a meeting place for many on the radical right.'"

SPLC's page on VDARE notes:

While Brimelow vehemently denies that the site is white nationalist, preferring instead "politically incorrect," many of the articles published there contain typical white nationalist themes; Brimelow also concedes that he does publish some "white nationalist" authors, like Jared Taylor of American Renaissance magazine. They decry the demise of white America, blaming immigrants, multiculturalists, and members of the "Treason Lobby" — essentially groups concerned with protecting immigrants’ human and civil rights — for undermining the racial cohesion of the nation.


VDARE also publishes essays by prominent academic racists. For example, a column by Jared Taylor, who has argued elsewhere that black people are incapable of maintaining any kind of civilization, dismisses "the fantasy of racial equality," and claims the Civil Rights Act of 1964 "stripped Americans of the right to make free decisions."


The website also serves as a repository for an archive of nativist columns by the white nationalist movement’s foremost intellectual, Sam Francis, the immigrant-bashing editor of the newspaper of the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens who died in 2005. In his columns, Francis rails against the "emerging Hispanic majority," plugs conspiracy theories, and promotes white racial consciousness.

When white British immigrant John Derbyshire was dismissed from the National Review in 2012 because of a racist article in another magazine, he was proudly picked up by VDARE.

Where he wrote stuff like this:

Leaving aside the intended malice, I actually think "White Supremacist" is not bad semantically. White supremacy, in the sense of a society in which key decisions are made by white Europeans, is one of the better arrangements History has come up with. There have of course been some blots on the record, but I don't see how it can be denied that net-net, white Europeans have made a better job of running fair and stable societies than has any other group.
VDARE will probably come back, but it will continue to struggle financially because, IMHO, various tea party groups have cornered the market on sotto-voce white supremacist organizing and small-donor fund-raising, and the right's big moneybags are just not that into anti-immigration outfits like VDARE that inevitably produce bad publicity.
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