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Welcome! "The Evening Blues" is a casual community diary (published Monday - Friday, 8:00 PM Eastern) where we hang out, share and talk about news, music, photography and other things of interest to the community.  

Just about anything goes, but attacks and pie fights are not welcome here.  This is a community diary and a friendly, peaceful, supportive place for people to interact.  

Everyone who wants to join in peaceful interaction is very welcome here.

Hey! Good Evening!

This evening's music features blues harmonica player and singer George "Wild Child' Butler.  Enjoy!

Wild Child Butler - Gravy Child (Lickin' Gravy)

“All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; Second, it is violently opposed; Third, it is accepted as self-evident.”

  -- Arthur Schopenhauer

News and Opinion

Legislators Launch Effort to Stop State-Enabled NSA Snooping

Citing the National Security Agency's "direct threat to our liberty and freedom," California State Senators Ted Lieu and Joel Anderson introduced a bill on Monday to stop the state from enabling the agency's "massive level of spying" and violations of the Fourth Amendment brought to light by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

“The National Security Agency’s massive level of spying and indiscriminate collecting of phone and electronic data on all Americans, including more than 38 million Californians, is a direct threat to our liberty and freedom,” Sen. Lieu, a Democrat representing Torrance, stated.

“All 317 million Americans cannot reasonably be considered to be suspicious simply for making or receiving telephone calls,” the statement from Sen. Lieu continued.  “The NSA’s blanket seizure of the telephone records of all Americans is therefore an ‘unreasonable seizure’ by any definition of the term under the Fourth Amendment.” ...

As the OffNow coalition, which helped craft the legislation, outlines, Sens. Lieu and Anderson's Senate Bill 828:

  • Prohibits state and local agencies from providing any material support to the NSA within their jurisdiction. Includes barring government-owned utilities from providing water and electricity.
  • Makes information gathered without a warrant by the NSA and shared with law enforcement inadmissible in state court.
  • Blocks public universities from serving as NSA research facilities or recruiting grounds.
  • Provides sanctions against corporations attempting to fill needs not met in the absence of state cooperation.
More Israel disclosures in Snowden’s trove of 'significant stories' – Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald, the investigative journalist who first published Edward Snowden leaks, said that the NSA whistleblower still has "a huge number of very significant stories to reveal," including those relating to Israel.

"There definitely are stories left that involve the Middle East, that involve Israel. The reporting is going to continue at roughly the same pace that has been happening," the former Guardian journalist said in an interview with Channel 10 television station that aired Monday night. ...

Documents leaked in December by former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden, revealed that the US National Security Agency worked hand in hand with the UK's GCHQ to target email addresses belonging to the then-serving Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Ehud Barak, among others. According to an exclusive report by the Israeli news agency, Debka, specializing in intelligence and security news, after 2009 Washington introduced "a high-powered, multilayered system of intelligence-gathering” – especially against Israel, about which neither Snowden nor the Israelis have been forthcoming. This system, the agency claimed, had a "single narrow focus: to pick up the slightest murmur or clue suggesting that Israel was about to launch an attack on Iran’s nuclear sites, which it had threatened to do without prior notice to Washington."

"Listening in on the laconic conversations Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu held with Ehud Barak was not enough. What the spies were told to look for was out-of-the-way conduct, such as an order placed suddenly for a large quantity of aircraft fuel, or the import of an unusual amount of emergency medical equipment," Debka's report concluded.

Democracy needs whistleblowers. That's why I broke into the FBI in 1971

I vividly remember the eureka moment. It was the night we broke into an FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania, in March 1971 and removed about 1,000 documents from the filing cabinets. We had a hunch that there would be incriminating material there, as the FBI under J Edgar Hoover was so bureaucratic that we thought every single thing that went on under him would be recorded. ...

[I]n Philadelphia we participated in anti-war protests against Vietnam. Through that activity we knew that the FBI was actively trying to squelch dissent, illegally and secretly. We knew that they were sending informants into university classrooms, infiltrating meetings, and tapping phones. The problem was that though we knew all this, there was no way to prove it. ... A physics professor at Haverford College named Bill Davidon called a few of us together at his home. ... Bill articulated for all of us the frustration over the foment of those times, and the feeling that we all had of being compelled to do something as ordinary citizens because no one in Washington was holding Hoover accountable. ...

Democracy needs whistleblowers. Snowden was in a position to reveal things that nobody could dispute. He has performed a legitimate, necessary service. Unlike us, he revealed his own identity, and as a result, he's sacrificed a lot. ...

I still worry a great deal about the state of our democracy. Back in 1971, the country was so divided, there was so much foment, but there was also much determination to change things, and people felt empowered to do so.

Nowadays, the country is divided once again, but I don't see much concern about the abuses that are happening today, like the surveillance of mosques in America, using agent provocateurs. I hear people say, "I don't care," the government can do what it needs to do as long as it protects me from terrorism …" To me, that's giving the authorities blanket permission to cross the line again.

"It Was Time to Do More Than Protest": 1971 Burglars Who Exposed COINTELPRO Reveal Their Identities

James Woolsey Versus Edward Snowden

I was surfing channels the other night and came across former CIA director James  Woolsey declaring, in high moral dudgeon, that NSA leaker Edward Snowden “should be  prosecuted for treason [and] hanged by his neck until he is dead.” ...

Woolsey also believes that the United States is at “war” with Edward Snowden. That’s right. The United States is not just at war with al Qaeda, but with an unarmed, loyal American citizen who sought to inform the public, before it is too late, that the NSA, CIA, and FBI are working to destroy our constitutional system of checks and balances, including our free press, by creating an unaccountable system of mass surveillance from which no one can hide, not even for the best of reasons. ...

Woolsey would like us to think of him as a patriot, trying to keep Americans safe from “traitors” and their free press. In truth, however, the former CIA director is what in World War I we would have called a war monger, because of his incessant advocacy within government circles of military solutions to political problems in Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere. Woolsey is also a wartime profiteer, whose advocacy of war, spying, and secrecy has directly benefited the corporate clients who have paid him handsomely for years. These include Booz Allen, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin, which have made millions spying for the NSA, and the Paladin Group, a venture capital firm that makes millions off of the Department of Homeland Security. ...

Indeed, with consummate hypocrisy, the former CIA director demands that Snowden be hanged for exposing government and corporate wrongdoing, while urging the Obama administration to block a criminal investigation of CIA torture. Under these circumstances, it is probably not too harsh to point out that on George Orwell’s Animal Farm, James Woolsey would have been a pig.

Obama nears decision on NSA reforms as spy leaders meet at White House

The leaders of the US intelligence agencies were holding talks at the White House on Wednesday as US president Barack Obama neared a decision on curbing the National Security Agency’s controversial bulk surveillance powers.

Obama was meeting the leadership of the US spy agencies and his privacy and civil liberties oversight board, to be followed on Thursday by additional meetings with key congressional leaders.

Legislators critical of the NSA’s bulk domestic phone records collection, such as senators Ron Wyden and Mark Udall and congressman James Sensenbrenner, were expected to attend. The White House will also welcome surveillance skeptics from the private sector, including ACLU President Susan Herman.

According to the White House, Obama has yet to decide which NSA and FBI authorities to restrict and which to ratify. An announcement could come as early as next week, and the White House has said it will occur before the state of the union address on 28 January. ...

There is widespread expectation that Obama will embrace a recommendation from his surveillance review board that urged him in December to have the phone companies or another private entity store Americans’ phone data on behalf of the NSA.

Former US defence secretary criticises Obama administration in new memoir

In a forthcoming memoir leaked to the New York Times and Washington Post that threatens to exacerbate current criticism of US policy in Afghanistan and Iraq, Gates – who was first appointed to his post by former President George W Bush – reveals, in a series of swipes that are surprisingly combative coming from such a senior former official, problems between the White House and the Pentagon that have made for troubling relations at the very highest levels.

“All too early in the administration,” adds Gates, “suspicion and distrust of senior military officers by senior White House officials – including the president and vice-president – became a big problem for me as I tried to manage the relationship between the commander in chief and his military leaders.”

Perhaps most damagingly, he also alleges that Obama did not believe in his own strategy for ending the war in Afghanistan, which he was “skeptical if not outright convinced ... would fail,” and that he was skeptical at best about the leadership of the country’s president, Hamid Karzai.

“The president doesn’t trust his commander, can’t stand Karzai, doesn’t believe in his own strategy, and doesn’t consider the war to be his. For him, it’s all about getting out,” writes Gates.

Obama's policies toward both Afghanistan and Iraq are under fresh scrutiny this month, as Karzai has refused to sign a deal to retain a US military presence after the bulk of troops are withdrawn this year, and Iraq has faced renewed al-Qaida militancy.

Kill-Zone: US-armed military assault in Fallujah to unleash more blood

Al Qaeda group vows to attack Syrian rebels, opposition leaders

An al Qaeda affiliate based in Iraq and Syria has vowed to crush rebel groups fighting it and to target members loyal to the Syrian National Coalition, the internationally recognized opposition trying to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad.

Five days of heavy rebel infighting has shaken the al Qaeda-linked faction, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), which lost its main base in the northern city of Aleppo to rival rebels on Wednesday, according to a monitoring group. ...

While both the Nusra Front and ISIL have roots in the global al Qaeda network and welcome foreign militants, the Nusra Front has focused its goals on toppling Assad instead of creating an Islamic state, which has been the main aim of ISIL.

Nusra forces have also cooperated more with other rebel groups and largely avoided the power struggles that ISIL has faced since wresting control of many opposition-held areas from other groups.

ISIL is the restructured al Qaeda branch of Iraq, but its spread into Syria is opposed by al Qaeda's central leadership, which has recognized the Nusra Front instead.

ReptilianMingle - A Dating Site for Globalist Psychopaths

US investigates Yemenis' charge that drone strike 'turned wedding into a funeral'

The Obama administration has launched an internal investigation into a Dec. 12 drone strike in Yemen that targeted an al Qaeda militant but which local villagers say ended up hitting a wedding party, killing 12 and injuring 14 others, U.S. officials tell NBC News. ...

U.S. and Yemeni officials say the drone strike was carried out by the Defense Department’s Joint Special Operations Command, not the CIA, which operates its own drones in Yemen.  The intended targets, they say, were “dangerous al Qaeda militants,” including Shawqui Ali Ahmed al Badani, a “mid-level” operative who is suspected of helping orchestrate a terrorist plot that led to the shutdown of U.S.  embassies around the world in August. ...

Baraa Shiban, a human rights activist who interviewed local villagers two days after the  strike, said he saw no sign that  Badani was anywhere near the village, noting that he was from another region of Yemen, and, as a “stranger” to the area,  was unlikely to have been invited to a gathering celebrating the wedding between a groom and bride in two neighboring villages.

“There was clearly a wedding party,” said Shiban. He said he believes U.S. officials “may have been fed the wrong intel. They saw a group of people waiting in trucks for a convoy and they assumed they were militants, so the made the decision to strike.”

Shiban said he has compiled a list of the 12 men killed in the strike. They were  shepherds and khat farmers, who ranged in age from 20 to 65, he said.

Navy Spent $670 Million On A Combat Ship That Is “Not Expected To Be Survivable”

The USS Freedom is set to be deployed into its first major operation overseas. The only problem: Everyone, including the military itself, doesn’t think it even works.

The USS Freedom, a Littoral Combat Ship whose job is expected to be mostly maritime policing and anti-piracy missions, is being deployed despite the fact that it has not undergone crucial tests to ensure that it actually functions as designed. Even more troubling, from what experts do know of the ship, it doesn’t appear that it does function.

In an annual report released recently by J. Michael Gilmore, the Defense Department’s director of operational test and evaluation, he reveals that the Littoral Combat Ship may be a waste of money:

Gilmore’s bottom line is that the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) is still “not expected to be survivable” in combat. His office will punt on conducting a “Total Ship Survivability Test” for the first two LCSes to give the Navy time to complete a “pre-trial damage scenario analysis.”

The systems the LCSs will carry, from their weapons to their sensors, compound the problem. The helicopters scheduled to be aboard the ship can’t tow its mine-hunting sensors, so the Navy is going to rely on robots instead — only the robots won’t be ready for years. And the faster the ship goes, the less accurate its guns become.

Senators introduce bill to force more disclosure of settlements

Two U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday unveiled a new bill that would force enforcement agencies to provide more details about deals to resolve corporate misconduct by U.S. companies.

Senators Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts Democrat and a fierce consumer advocate, and Tom Coburn, a Republican from Oklahoma, introduced legislation they said would force regulators to better explain the true value of those legal settlements.

Some lawmakers have complained that federal officials tout large dollar figures when they settle accusations of wrongdoing by financial firms and other companies, but sometimes do not provide key details of the charges. Settlements allow the companies to avoid trials, which the lawmakers say also prevents a full airing of the facts.

When the Justice Department announced a $13 billion deal with JPMorgan Chase & Co. in November that included a $2 billion penalty to resolve a civil fraud investigation into flawed mortgage bonds, for example, it did not lay out the specific charges or explain how that penalty was calculated.

It did release a "statement of facts" that described some of the bank's harmful conduct.

"When government agencies reach settlements with companies that break the law, they should disclose the terms of those deals to the public," Warren said in a statement.

Obama-backed jobless bill clears Republican roadblock

A White House-backed bill to extend jobless benefits for 1.3 million Americans narrowly cleared a Republican procedural roadblock in the U.S. Senate on Tuesday, the first volley in a new battle to combat poverty.

In a largely party-line vote of 60-37 - 60 were needed to prevail - the Democratic-led Senate agreed to begin consideration of the measure, which, at a cost of $6 billion, would extend recently ended jobless benefits for three months.

The Senate may vote later this week on whether to pass the bill and send it to the Republican-led House of Representatives, where it would likely die unless there is a deal to cover the cost without increasing the record federal debt.

The NYT spreads AEI’s Big Lie of the Housing Crisis

What in the world is The New York Times doing running an op-ed from AEI’s Peter Wallison that perpetuates his thoroughly discredited argument about what caused the housing crisis?

It’s the high/middlebrow equivalent of forwarding on to millions of people a chain email your crazy uncle sent—without even clicking over to

The Times lends Wallison the most valuable space in journalism to write, speciously, that the housing bubble has returned. Okay. But in doing so it lets him claim yet again that government policies caused the housing crisis—a line so blatantly false that Barry Ritholtz dubbed it the Big Lie of the Crisis. And that’s seriously problematic.

Here’s Wallison:

Both this bubble and the last one were caused by the government’s housing policies, which made it possible for many people to purchase homes with very little or no money down. In 1992, Congress adopted what were called “affordable housing” goals for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which are huge government-backed firms that buy mortgages from banks and other lenders. Then, as now, they were the dominant players in the residential mortgage markets. The goals required Fannie and Freddie to buy an increasing quota of mortgages made to borrowers who were at or below the median income where they lived.
No mention of the deregulation that Wallison and AEI pushed or of Wall Street’s massive subprime securities machine or of the global wave of cash searching for return or of shady credit raters or of fraud. It was the gubmint wot done it—all by itself!

This isn’t just wrong. It’s worse than that.

Inauguration Speech by Kshama Sawant — Seattle Socialist Alternative City Councilmember

My brothers and sisters,

Thank you for your presence here today.

This city has made glittering fortunes for the super wealthy and for the major corporations that dominate Seattle’s landscape. At the same time, the lives of working people, the unemployed and the poor grow more difficult by the day. The cost of housing skyrockets, and education and healthcare become inaccessible.

This is not unique to Seattle. Shamefully, in this, the richest country in human history, fifty million of our people – one in six – live in poverty. Around the world, billions do not have access to clean water and basic sanitation and children die every day from malnutrition.

This is the reality of international capitalism. This is the product of the gigantic casino of speculation created by the highway robbers on Wall Street. In this system the market is God, and everything is sacrificed on the altar of profit. Capitalism has failed the 99%.

Despite recent talk of economic growth, it has only been a recovery for the richest 1%, while the rest of us are falling ever farther behind.

In our country, Democratic and Republican politicians alike primarily serve the interests of big business. A completely dysfunctional Congress DOES manage to agree on one thing – regular increases in their already bloated salaries – yet at the same time allows the federal minimum wage to stagnate and fall farther and farther behind inflation. We have the obscene spectacle of the average corporate CEO getting seven thousand dollars an hour, while the lowest-paid workers are called presumptuous in their demand for just fifteen.

To begin to change all of this, we need organized mass movements of workers and young people, relying on their own independent strength. That is how we won unions, civil rights and LGBTQ rights.

[Rest of speech transcript at link above]

Outsourcing Pays Big to Private Companies While Americans Suffer

Remember how outsourcing was shoved down the throats of the American people by claiming it would save money and was more efficient?  Guess what, not only is costing more, the services now provided are dismal failures.  A new report, Out of Control describes the abysmal state and consequences of outsourcing public services.  Not only did America lose these jobs in many cases, taxpayers have lined the pockets of private enterprises while receiving less and paying more.

The report goes through a litany of examples to show privatization of public services leaves little accountability and opens avenues to skirt public disclosure  This is in addition to charging more for receiving less.  Through contract law, many local and State governments cannot even fire these private enterprises and must guarantee payment even when the contracted services are negligent or non-existent. ...

Generally speaking, it seems the most incompetent and inefficient software development companies are the ones who obtain government contracts.  We have never seen such absurdities.  Over and over again projects cost millions, take years and result in nothing.  This is when there are hundreds of thousands capable U.S. technical workers who are out of a job available for work.  There is no doubt U.S. workers could create the same desired functionality in a few months time with a price tag much less than what is being paid.  Yet these American workers are not hired, instead these businesses most often import foreign workers and offshore outsource.  The report gives one example of a software contract ripoff, but there are many others, including the infamous Obamacare website and exchange system.

Poor, Jobless Hit Hardest By Assistance Program Tech Glitches

As the New York Times revealed Tuesday, in the rush to modernize social service payment programs—such as food stamps, unemployment, and Medicaid—faulty websites and underfunded technology initiatives on the state level are leaving many of "the poor, the jobless and the neediest" perpetually on hold.

Untold in the media storm that has surrounded the botched Obamacare website roll-out is the broader story of how those who are seeking work or government assistance are increasingly spending "countless hours in front of buggy websites" and listening to the drone of a busy signal when they try to get through by phone.

Faulty Websites Confront Needy in Search of Aid

Three months after the disastrous rollout of a new $63 million website for unemployment claims, Florida is hiring hundreds of employees to deal with technical problems that left tens of thousands of people without their checks while penalties mount against the vendor who set up the site.

Efforts at modernizing the systems for unemployment compensation in California, Massachusetts and Nevada have also largely backfired in recent months, causing enormous cost overruns and delays.

While the nation’s attention was focused on the troubled rollout of the federal health care site under the Affordable Care Act, the problems with the unemployment sites have pointed to something much broader: how a lack of funding in many states and a shortage of information technology specialists in public service jobs routinely lead to higher costs, botched systems and infuriating technical problems that fall hardest on the poor, the jobless and the neediest.

As a result, the old stereotype of applicants standing in long lines to speak to surly civil servants at government unemployment offices is quickly being replaced. Now those seeking work or government assistance are often spending countless hours in front of buggy websites, then getting a busy signal when they try to get through by phone.

Pastafarian Sworn Into Office

A unique style of headwear was present during newly-seated Pomfret [New York] Town Council member Christopher Schaeffer's oath of office Thursday afternoon, but it wasn't intended to keep his head warm.

Schaeffer wore a colander (a strainer typically used to drain water from spaghetti) while Town Clerk Allison Dispense administered the oath of office to him before the board's reorganizational meeting. When the OBSERVER asked afterward why he wore a colander on his head, Schaeffer said he was a minister with an even more unique organization - the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

The Evening Greens

Days Before Casselton Oil Train Explosion, Obama Signed Bill Hastening Fracking Permits on ND Public Lands

On December 20, both chambers of the U.S. Congress passed a little-noticed bill to expedite permitting for hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") on public lands in the Bakken Shale basin, located predominantly in North Dakota. And on December 26, President Obama signed the bill into law.

Days later, on December 30, a Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) freight train owned by Warren Buffett carrying Bakken fracked oil exploded in Casselton, North Dakota. Locals breathed a smoky sigh of relief that the disaster happened outside the town center. In July 2013, a "bomb train" carrying Bakken oil exploded in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, killing 47 people.

Dubbed the "Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Streamlining Act," the bill passed unanimously in the Senate as S.244 and 415-1 in the House as H.R. 767, with Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) serving as the sole "nay" vote and 16 representatives abstaining. Among the abstentions were representatives Keith Defazio (D-OR), Henry Waxman (D-CA) and John Campbell (R-CA). ...

The BLM Streamlining Act passed into law by the Obama administration is actually an amendment to Section 365 of the Bush-era 2005 Energy Policy Act. It creates offices in North Dakota and Montana to rubber stamp fracking permits on public lands in those states.  

Section 365 created a "Pilot Project to Improve Federal Permit Coordination" on public lands "to improve coordination of oil and gas a means of meeting the Nation's need for dependable, affordable, environmentally responsible energy," explains the BLM website.

Another crude-by-rail train derails and catches fire

A CN freight train carrying crude oil and propane derailed Tuesday night in a sparsely populated region of northwestern New Brunswick, forcing the evacuation of about two dozen homes after a fire that the rail company described as "significant."

CN spokesman Jim Feeny said 16 cars derailed near the village of Plaster Rock and of those, 15 are toward the end of the train and in the area of the fire. Four are carrying propane and another four are carrying crude oil, Feeny said.

It was unclear how many of the cars were burning because emergency personnel were keeping well back as a precaution, he said.

Canada's Top Spy Watchdog Lobbied For Pipeline Construction

Canada's head of intelligence oversight board lobbied for pipeline construction as its internal spy agency spied on pipeline opponents

Chuck Strahl and CSIS, it's come to light a couple weeks ago that they've been spying on opponents of the Northern Gateway Pipelines Project and passing that information to Enbridge, to the company building the $8 billion pipeline to take tar sands oil from northern Alberta to the B.C. coast and then then ship it to international markets. So that was a bit of a scandal, where it came to light about CSIS spying on opponents of the project. And now what's come to light is that as the head of the--as the person overseeing ceases, Chuck Strahl, the former Conservative minister, has also been lobbying for Enbridge for the last two years. He just announced he just signed the official lobby registry in B.C. a couple of days ago, saying he's lobbying for Enbridge. But now the Vancouver Observer online newspaper has found that he's actually been lobbying for the company since at least the end of 2011. So this is a pretty serious conflict of interest. This is a serious embarrassment. Environmental groups are calling on Chuck Strahl to step down as the head of the intelligence--as the head of the watchdog over CSIS. But it just speaks to how close the Conservatives are, how tied in they are with the oil companies in the tar sands, but also the, you know, pipeline company like Enbridge trying to build this $8 billion tar sands pipeline.

Controversial Insecticides Could Have Bigger Impact on Biodiversity 'Than We've Ever Seen Before'

New research on "neonics" shows lasting impact on wetlands with "domino effect"

The "impact on biodiversity" from a controversial class of insecticides called neonicotinoids "could be probably bigger than we've ever seen before if we keep going at this rate," a biologist has warned.

Speaking to Canada's CBC News about findings from her four-year study in progress, Christy Morrissey, a biologist with the University of Saskatchewan, warned that the widespread use of "neonics," as they are also called, across Canada's Prairies has contaminated wetlands, thereby risking a "domino effect" on the insects and birds that demand upon them.  

Neonicotinoids have been linked to harm to bees and other pollinators, as well as the developing human nervous system, and a report on bee mortalities released by Canada's pesticide regulatory body, the Pest Management Regulatory Agency, "concluded that current agricultural practices related to the use of neonicotinoid treated corn and soybean seed are not sustainable." ...

In addition to finding concentrations of neonics far above levels thought to be safe for insects, Morrissey's research found that the insecticides persisted in the water in some cases for years, meaning that "the bugs... basically are being hit continuously with the chemical."

Given that at least 44 percent of cropland across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba has been doused with neonics, Morrissey told the news agency that the area of potential harm was vast, and said that "upwards of 80 to 90 per cent of the wetlands [her research team sampled] are contaminated."

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George "Wild Child" Butler - Put It All In There

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