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I'm pretty sure I know the answer. Yes it is. Its a progressive/grass roots site, who's ultimate purpose is to elect more and better Democrats.

Sometimes though, my head spins.

I see diary/comments belittling and complaining about the plethora of diaries about Christie and Bridgegate. Is that more important than world hunger? or the NSA spying scandal? or millions losing unemployment benefits? or veterans and military retirees getting screwed? Of course its not! Any reasonable person would be hard pressed to argue the point.

But, rather than write a diary whining about the myriad of Christie diaries, especially on the front page, why not write diary about something you care about? And if man-in-the-moon marigolds is your pet issue, then write about and convince people why they should care and why your pet issue is so important. You're not going to win people over to the things you care about by attacking or tearing others down about issues THEY care about. In fact, you're liable to turn them off completely.

To see comments ridiculing, belittling and insulting people for being PARTISAN, well I'm just flummoxed. This is a PARTISAN site. PARTISANS come here. Heaven forfend !!! If the thought of Democratic partisanship makes you throw up a little in your mouth, then 1) maybe mount a campaign to convince Markos that his site needs to be more to your liking or 2) maybe start a website that is more to your liking. Attacking others who are partisans on a partisan blog because they're too partisan seems counterproductive for you and demoralizing for those who come here to be partisan. They don't deserve to be attacked, called names, belittled and humiliated.

I know some will conflate this with SUX/ROX and Obama can do no wrong. To them I say - I can be a partisan and still see the need for dramatic NSA reform, for more and better health care reform, and more and better financial regulation. I can do all that while encouraging MY party, the DEMOCRATIC Party to embrace those issues and do something about them.

Nobody at DailyKOS should hold their head down in shame for simply being a partisan Democrat.

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