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If any one act of regressive deconstruction instigated by the neocon fringe in this country defines their basic principles under the presumption that one is judged by what one does and not necessarily what one says, we need look no further than to the cavalier way in which congress discarded an entire segment of the middle class by legislating extended unemployment benefits out of existence during the last budget battle.

Further, that the democrats agreed to this - and the President signed it into law- for the sole purpose of getting a "bipartisan" budget passed is equally telling: from this it can be seen that such behavior is not necessarily a function of political proclivity but more accurately a fundamental component of the animalistic side of human nature governed by situational morality.

"By their fruits ye shall know them" -  such is observed in the scriptures of many faiths. The tragic evidence presented below the fold illuminates one glaring example of the systematic destruction of this country by self-styled "patriots" who happen to own 99% of the wealth.

There appears to be a common thread among people who are handsomely compensated to absurd degrees of excess yet produce nothing of substance but administrative bilge designed to maximize profit at the expense of the people who actually create things: once they reach a certain income level where their energy, housing and medical costs are inconsequential, other human beings become disposable, inconvenient speed bumps on their road to perpetual security. Suddenly, those in need become "thieves". In their world, destitution is a trait of laziness instead of circumstances; if employment is evasive to someone who seeks it, then it's somehow the fault of the seeker because something about them must be undesirable or offensive, regardless of their qualifications to fill a position. Indeed these self-entitled keepers of wealth steadfastly and unashamedly believe that people who occupy the lesser stations of financial achievement are there because of their take on “natural selection”, and they deserve nothing more than what they have, regardless of opportunities denied or conditions external to their control. Interestingly, this is the group of people most likely to regard evolution as a farce.

So now, in an attempt to throw the dwindling middle class a bone in an election year, the Senate majority leader is trying to reintroduce an extension of unemployment insurance, only to learn that the republicans have declared it D.O.A. employing their usual stunts to delay it into oblivion. If there's anything that surprises me about this business of Boehner trying to load up the unemployment insurance extension legislation with neocon social engineering earmarks and cuts in social services in order to pay for it, it's that many in the pundit industry appear to fault Harry Reid for somehow being intransigent in refusing to go along with this latest neocon gambit where it is neither wanted or fiscally responsible. And none of the shrill media honeys on the Sunday circus of right wing talk shows are noticing that job creation in this so-called "recovery" has stalled... which further adds gasoline to this blazing crematorium for the middle class.

And why would that be? How come job growth seems to have abruptly stalled? I suspect that since it's an election year and since the few job creators that remain in this country don't like the current prospects for a turnover in the House come November (given that more and more people are starting to place the blame for this economy squarely on the shoulders of those responsible for it), why not tank the economy some more with a hiring freeze to make Obama look even worse? After all, their business partners in communist countries like China and Vietnam would rather deal with people who tacitly sanction the theft of American jobs and technology instead of those who would try to prevent it.

There's an example of the kind of delight conservatives take in poisoning this country from the inside out: several years ago when- I believe this was during the Clinton administration- an anti-tobacco bill that everybody except southern neocons wanted to pass somehow magically (and rather suspiciously) managed to be defeated by a narrow vote. It's said that Boehner later passed out celebratory cartons of cigarettes to his friends on the floor of the House - donated by the tobacco lobbyists - and essentially thumbing his nose at those who championed the bill and rubbing their noses in the defeat.

Given that virtually everything the conservative movement espouses is based on the fantasies of right wing fanatics, machiavellian theorists, bigots, proponents of 15th century science, Luddites and sooth-sayers with no regard for human nature or reality, perhaps it's time to appeal to their world of revisionist reality: those who are familiar with the fiction of Star Trek lore would understand the implication of Nancy Pelosi taking a page from Boehner's playbook by passing out gifts of Ferenghi tooth sharpeners to her "bipartisan friends" on the right side of the aisle.

Fitting poetry for those who are doing everything they possibly can to kill America from the inside out.

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