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Just when you think Christie's Bridgegate problem is really bad news for him it gets worse

HOBOKEN — In the wake of the George Washington Bridge controversy, several Democratic mayors are speaking out saying they, too, believe they were punished by the Christie administration for failing to endorse the Republican governor's re-election in November, WNYC reports.

Jump over for the skinny...

Mayors in New Jersey say they're starting to consider foul play on behalf of the Christie administration in light of the George Washington Bridge lane closure controversy.

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer says she had a face to face visit with Governor Christie in the Spring, when he asked her to endorse him for re-election.

Zimmer asked for $100 million from the state and got $300,000, less than one per cent.
In Jersey City, Mayor Steven Fulop recently disclosed that the Christie administration cancelled several meetings — the day after he refused to endorse the Governor.
In Elizabeth, Chris Bollwage, who has been the mayor for 21 years, says his city has gotten payback from Christie after its state legislators opposed several pieces of the Governor's legislation.
The Division of Motor Vehicles was closed down there, the fourth largest city in the state.

It would seem that in hindsight, things are looking suspicious to a few of the Democratic Mayors. A few others are still defending Christie, but then, they didn't cross him in the first place.

Still not looking good for POTUS there Mr. MyWayortheHighwayGetsIt.

6:06 PM PT: I've been having such a good time gossiping with you all I forgot to say thanks for the tips and recs, thank you.

6:14 PM PT: Quick update.

I just read that Christie has to give his "State of the State" speech this Tuesday.

That should be um, interesting.

Sun Jan 12, 2014 at 4:52 AM PT: Very late update, but I'd like to point you all to some really good info Flint put out, read his comment here...

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