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Oh man this is rich.
The actual, official title of the editorial by the Newark Star-Ledger (aka is:
What Chris Christie bridge scandal? Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi
and they dive right into it as well as any blogger here could:

Somehow, the right’s response to Chris Christie’s still-breaking Bridgegate scandal has devolved into this: Why are you writing about New Jersey traffic jams, because Benghazi!
continued on the other side of the mangled traffic cone...

In letters to newspapers and online comments, in phone calls to their favorite conservative radio and TV pundits, conservatives are in a state of collective denial: They refuse to acknowledge there’s anything to Gov. Chris Christie and the George Washington Bridge scandal until President Obama and the consular attack in Benghazi get equal time.
Later they offer the obvious reason for all this nonsense:
What’s clear is that, scandal or not, most of the Republican Party won’t abandon Christie – the only GOP candidate assumed to have the juice to compete for the White House in 2016. Just the opposite: They’re circling the wagons and shoveling Benghazi and other old news at the public to divert attention from headlines coming out of New Jersey.
Just thankful that a major mainstream media outlet is not afraid to point out the absurd caricature the GOP has made of themselves.

Oh and of course, EDIT to add: the wingnuts have responded (must have hit a chord).  They are "appropriately going nuts", almost 400 comments now, most as lucid as this:

EDIT: LOL!!! This AM someone added the ultimate zinger:
All these commenters talking about Benghazi, the IRS, etc., are actually proving the editorial's point. Thanks, guys

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