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Oh, Fox.
Even for a Fox News host, Megyn Kelly's eagerness to talk about maybe impeaching the president because reasons has gotten a bit desperate-sounding. I realize the entire point of the network is to give retired or unemployed conservatives something to occupy themselves with during the long, dull day—preferably, content that will avoid the sticky questions of why their chosen party seems bent on making their lives a living hell—but still; the promised post-Glenn-Beck transition into more credible-sounding malarkey seems to have hit some serious snags.

So here we see Fox host Megyn Kelly leaning hard on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell with regard to the tyranny of presidential recess appointments, i.e. all this "presidential overreach" that has been going around.

[T]he question is whether beyond this case, what is perceived by some as presidential overreach, really can be resolved, in your view, by the courts. [...]

We’ve had lawyers, constitutional lawyers come on this show and say, OK, so when that happens, when you have a president who, in your view or the view of some, is out of control in terms of overreach, you as the lawmaker really have two meaningful options. And the main one that has been used historically is: try to impeach him! I mean, is that ever considered – as opposed to running into the courts and trying to get them to do it?

Oh, Fox News. Always looking for someone to jump through a few more flaming hoops on their motorcycle.

So here's my question: Is Megyn Kelly so eager to see the president impeached because she really believes it to be a fine thing to do, or is she just itching for it because Oh My God Think Of The Ratings? Hmm. No, it is probably more likely that she doesn't consider it a serious possibility for a moment, and is just doing the necessary jingling of keys in her audience's blank little faces. Telling them that Obama might be impeached or that we really are just this close to getting rid of Obamacare or that Benghazi! was a conspiracy by Hillary Clinton and the lizard people certainly makes for much a happier conservative show than having to deal with more rote concerns like unemployment or how shuttering the entire government did not work out that well after all.

Originally posted to Hunter on Tue Jan 14, 2014 at 10:22 AM PST.

Also republished by Daily Kos.

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