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Breitbart screen cap of story, Headline:
The show's Wednesday night episode, the first from season 5, scored 8.5 million viewers, a figure that eclipsed the numbers from the end of season 4. The ratings figures weren't as high as the first episode from season 4, though. Those ratings set a cable television record.
Um, why exactly does Breitbart compare Duck Dynasty to Girls, as opposed to, say, American Idol, which was watched by 13.4 million viewers? Or Downtown Abbey's premier, which got 10.2 million viewers? Well, we know why. But what's super funny is that you follow the link that Breitbart itself uses, we get this:
‘Duck Dynasty’ Returns To 8.5 Million Viewers, Down 28% From Season 4 Premiere
And that's the HEADLINE, so you know the Breitbart geniuses couldn't have missed it. But I guess being down 28 percent is now something to be proud off? The commentariat sure is excited, though! All the goodness, below the fold.

And DD certainly has a lower overhead, better financing, and is thus more profitable. No budget for wardrobe, makeup, dialog coach, hairstylists or barbers, for sure!
What's the picture that Breitbart used to illustrate this story? Could it be ... one of its characters surrounded by two stylists applying makeup?

Maybe they're not union stylists, like that random other commie show.

That hairy old sage is the star of the show. Dropping him would be like cutting Vito Corleone from The Godfather for his clever homophobic and sexist comments while he was slapping Johnny Fontaine around. "Whassa matta with you? You become one'a those Hollywood finochiccios (queers) that cries like a woman? Boo-hoo! What do I do? What do I do?"
Fictional characters set in the '40s are just like real people today!
That must mean Girls is more successful than Duck Dynasty. In the liberal mind.
Um. I think the "liberal mind" is laughing at "‘Duck Dynasty’ Returns To 8.5 Million Viewers, Down 28% From Season 4 Premiere."
The truth hurts, Ms. Dunham. Only a few perverts watch your "show". America watches Duck Dynasty.
America sure is tiny these days.
SEXXXXXXXXXIST!!! for not wanting to see chubby Lena Dunham nude for no apparent reason.
Lena Dunham is the star and creator of Girls (thanks Wikipedia!). Conservatives hate her. They REALLY hate her. It seems that one reasons is that she was behind that "first time" video during the 2012 presidential election. It made conservatives sad and Breitbart has apparently been obsessed with her since.

She also won a Golden Globe for her performance, which was Hollywood's foreign press corp's way of sticking it to conservatives.

GLAAD and the progressives really make conservatism more appealing!
Going from 8.5 from 12 million is evidence!
It goes to show that we are still a center right nation.

Think about the numbers vs competition with the following:

FOX News
Mark Levin
Duck Dynasty
Chick Fil A

So the Duck Dynasty show numbers prove that there is still an "American" population that is the majority. Both genders, all races.

What about that other number? You know, the one called ... what was it? It's on the tip of my tongue ...

Oh yeah, ELECTION. What does that number prove?

Just remember, they can be honest about homosexuality and they have shown America that the gaystapo can be ignored, and there isn't a thing you can do about it.
Well, people can stop watching the show. And they kinda did.

You cross the gaystapo at your own peril.

So why is Yahoo TV saying they took a dive in the ratings? I hope Breitbart has honest numbers. BTW, I know of two black co workers that love that show, one male and one female. So there goes that racism BS.
This is why Breitbart can link to a story, and then ignore the headline of the story they linked to: because their readers are too stupid to actually click on that link. On the plus side, some of their best friends are black.
China is to the United States as Babylon was to Israel.... unless

If my people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, THEN will I hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land.--2Chronicles 7:14.

The backlash over A&E suspending Phil gave me hope that America is not yet finished as a nation. Resisting evil (yes, I'm calling GLAAD, HRC, and the Democrat Party evil) is never easy. It takes courage and perseverance. It takes determination not to compromise with evildoers.

I realise there are many, perhaps most readers here who are not Christian. However, I'm addressing only those who know God personally and understand exactly what I am saying.

A revival is underway I believe. We still have time, though it grows precariously short. We have time to pray our relatives into the kingdom, we have time before the darkness descends. Barack Obama was sent to us as a warning about what happens to a nation that forgets God. Are we getting that message? I believe, at last, yes we are.

It's a show. On TV. About shooting ducks. And its viewership is down from 12 million to 8.5 million. So ... if the show has anything to do with someone's god, and it doesn't, then it's not looking good for their team.
...and what is there to watch on Wednesday night, as good?.... NUTHIN! Unless you are the type that will watch a show filled with degenerate progressive ideology. I fear that before conservatives can reverse the trends in America we will have Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!
Dogs and cats DO live together. I didn't realize that was a sign of "degenerate progressive ideology".
Good to see. The American people show their innate goodness and decency. I for one would rather watch a hard-working family enjoying each other's company than the odious Lena Duham trying out a newa sutra position
Please please please please, can someone tell these people that the population of the United States is 314 million, and NOT 8.5 million?
All I am going to say is HA HA GLAAD.
Let's see, the haters have a bad reality show with collapsing ratings.

The forces of equality have Utah and
Okalhoma, just this past week.

GLADD says "HA HA"!

However, Duck Dynasty cannot match Girls' all-important cooties demographic.
Luckily, Duck Dynasty DOES get the 40-year-olds-who-still-think-like-a-10-year-old cohort.
Still the number one show in America despite liberal witch hunt. HA HA! And Phil is more popular than Obamacare. HA HA! And still has an higher approval rating than Obama HA HA!
Duck Dynasty beat some show on pay cable, therefore it's the number one show in America. Conservative logic is fun!
We still have the Constitution, which makes us free to disclose our views to anyone who will listen, this includes our religious leanings. Only the Liberals call these views, based on the Bible, bigotry or ignorant. I pity them because they are ignorant and petty. Of course Obama could he could use his executive order to suspend free speech. Maybe thats the next step.
The Bible talked about how happy blacks were during the Jim Crow era? I missed that chapter.
Lena dunham must be the happiest person in the world... she's on Tv though she's boring as phuck, she gets naked even though you tuned in to see the other girls take it off and she gets to believe and promote that she's friends with hotter girls because some liberal big wigs in a corner of the industry call her genius.
Gasp! The wrong woman took her clothes off? That is so horrible. The only possible response is to randomly compare her show to Duck Dynasty. Thanks Breitbart!
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