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Screenshot of Frontpage Mag story:
At the start of his first term, he had the approval of 62 percent of independent voters. Today he has the approval of less than half that number. Only his support from his own party has remained unchanged.

Any honest politician would put those numbers down to his actions, but Obama always takes refuge in race, telling Remnick, “There is a historic connection between some of the arguments that we have politically and the history of race in our country, and sometimes it’s hard to disentangle those issues.”

Few men knew that history better than the black Republican minister who stood on the steps of a memorial to the Republican president who ended the Democratic Party’s institution of slavery and, with a resonance that echoes across time, said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Ah yes. MLK was a Republican (although I also thought he was a communist ...), and I'm sure he'd be a Republican TODAY, right? And the Democrats who promoted segregation and racial divisiveness weren't named "Strom Thurmond" or "Jesse Helms," or that those racist Southern Democrats were eventually replaced with Republicans following in the same tradition. Seriously, I'm not sure why conservatives waste so much time trying to paint themselves as the party of tolerance when ... well, you'll see in the comments below the fold.

Sane Americans disapprove of Obama not because of his race, but because he's a communist. As a communist, Obama is opposed to a black middle class not only to keep racial inequality alive as a political issue, but because the middle class represents an independent power base against the State. Blacks who enter the middle class have a higher than average tendency of becoming Republicans, because they tend to be family and church oriented.
There is no set definition of "middle class", but depending on where you set your markers, between 45-60 percent of African Americans are middle class. And yet Romney only got 6 percent of all black voters. So, I'm sure there's plenty of evidence of African American backlash against the traitor communist president, you just won't find it in reality.
I see that Sarah Palin said that 0bama plays the race card too much; and of course the MSM are jumping on her with both feet for daring to state an obvious truth, and to state it on St. Michael's Day, of all days.
Palin, as usual with her pithy one-liners, nails it squarely on the head. obama does play the race card far too often, to the extent that he practically IS the race card, and his whole presidency is based on playing the race card.
Talking about race is bad! Unless you're arguing that MLK is a Republican, right after arguing that he was a communist.
Obama is not even one-half the right sort of Black. He's not African-American and he's not of West African extraction. He has no right to represent the African-American community any more than a Cherokee does. In fact if genetics are a factor, he has more right to represent White Americans because his mother was one.
So once again, all this 'race' nonsense just proves how stupid the Left are.
This isn't playing the race card. That "race card" thing doesn't apply to conservatives.
Actually, it's BECAUSE of the content of so many blacks' character that whites avoid them! Whites don't avoid blacks because of their skin pigmentation, but because they're uncouth, loud, aggressive, volatile in nature, and have strong criminal proclivities. Let's not make this more complicated than it needs to be. Blacks are despised worldwide because of who they are and what they do - namely, destroy every city and community they dwell within.
Nope, still not playing the race card.
And so it is, that special time of year when we honor our most sacred holiday, Moochin' Lootin' Coons birthday.

What an absolutely vile people Conservitives are for accepting this dead baffoon.

This clown single handedly CREATED the whole grievance industry and his jack booted tactics foist them upon us.

He was nothing but a domestic terrorist.

Your all traitors to this country and traitors to freedom.

Why can't Democrats be more like MLK and not see skin color, like conservatives who are still not playing the race card!
Nonsense! MLK was a fraud from the outset, not to mention a proven plagiarizer, a habitual adulterer, and social agitator meant to ultimately weaken and destroy the white founding stock of this nation. He was communist sympathizer who lacked genuine moral character. He and Obama are feathers of the same bird.
Gosh, if only Democrats were as color-blind as this crew.
Naive whites perpetuate the MLK myth because they can't accept that the man was really as bad as his critics have said. But he was.

By the way, MLK wanted blacks to be judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin. Well, many of us whites have, and that's why we avoid them like the plague. In truth, blacks are despised worldwide BECAUSE of the content of their character. Want proof? Look at Detroit, Birmingham, Philadelphia, Oakland, Chicago, The Congo and South Africa.

I give up.
At its core, the entire Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the entirety of the movement are about the redistribution of income--Marxism.
So ... MLK wasn't a Republican? Getting your talking points straight shouldn't be this hard!
I wouldn't call him a great man.
That is a media myth.
But he got one thing right. Equality of opportunity.
And that message has been buried by race hustlers like Obama.
Nothing says "equality of opportunity" like propping up the system of the 1 percenters.
I don't see any difference between Obama and King.
I do see the same characteristics as concerns socialism, plagiarism, a love for Americas enemies, a phony front, and sexual immorality.
You need glasses.

So hey, you ever wonder what a "debate" between a racist person and a little less racist person might look like? You're in luck!

Wolfthatknowsall: Rev. King only flirted with communism in his darkest hours. Obama does much more that flirt with communism. He embraces many of its core values, and has brought communists into his administration ...

It's not so difficult to believe that most Americans would oppose a Bill de Blasio presidency as much as Obama, is it?

bluffcreek1967: It's easy to claim that, but it's not true in any form. I'm one white who is racially conscious - the very thing every other racial group does in the interests of its own people.
Wolfthatknowsall: Why be "racially conscious", at all? I'm a conservative who treats everyone as a human being. I only launch myself into a discussion when it becomes "racial". Interesting that it's almost always the Left that goes racial ...
bluffcreek1967: "Why be racially conscious at all?" That's like saying why should I care about preserving my culture and heritage? Why should I care about a white western culture that is being eradicated by a third-world culture? Spoken like a typical white man who has been thoroughly duped by multiculturalism. Yes, Leftists like to talk about race, but only to further denigrate white culture and white people in general. Thanks for helping them out by your apathy and lack of discernment.
Wolfthatknowsall: Have you ever got me wrong, buster. I am one of the planet's biggest opponents of multiculturalism. It is the one thing destroying Western civilization, in general, and American society, in particular, more than anything else.

When I say that I am not "racially conscious", I say that I approach every man and woman as a human, and not as a thing based upon their skin color. When they prove to me that they don't deserve decent treatment, they don't get it.

It's Western culture. Not "white culture". There's only a few groups that emphasize the latter, and I hope that this is a simple misunderstanding, on your part, and you're not a member of those groups.

bluffcreek1967: A couple of things: Western culture IS white culture. It wasn't invented by any other race than whites. And it's important to preserve unless you want a lower, third-world culture to prevail.

You may SAY you oppose multiculturalism and perhaps in theory you do. But the best way to stand against it is to not only point out its errors, but to promote that white western culture and people it's trying to destroy.

There's no shame in promoting white racial consciousness, and don't let the extremes of certain groups like the KKK prevent you from being proud and supportive of the white race! The blacks and Mexicans have no problem being proud of their racial and ethnic heritage, and neither should you.

I approach people as human too, and I don't judge by skin color - but by character, culture and those which are in the best interests of my culture and race. All of us being human doesn't erase distinct and often conflicting cultures, world views and customs. I wish other races no harm, but I do wish to preserve my own.

Wolfthatknowsall:  think we have finally arrived at a consensus.

To the extent that people of other races wish to be an active part of Western culture, they are welcome, as far as I'm concerned. As you correctly point out, this culture had its origins in Europe.

I would gladly and proudly vote for someone like Allen West. I would also gladly and proudly serve on Mr. Obama's firing squad.

We agree on the KKK and other organizations. I can't honestly say that I'm white and proud of it, since I have as much white in me as Obama (the other 1/2 being Comanche ... hence, my nick). But Western culture must be preserved at all costs, and there is nothing I wouldn't do to preserve it.

Phew! So glad they reached a consensus that they didn't judge anyone by their skin unless they didn't follow white culture, which isn't about race at all because if you use the word "culture" then it's not racism.
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