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So there's this new 'Conservative' meme going around about Obama blaming Rush Limbaugh and Fox 'News' for his falling poll numbers. Naturally, they're all convinced that it's because Fox and Rush opinions on Obama are gospel.
For many years now, I've been doing this thing where, when some wingnut regurgitates some Fox/Rush BS, I challenge them on it and offer a deal with collateral. "Back it up", I say. Here's the article, and then my response under the break.

If any wingnuts are reading this, you're welcome to participate.


LMAO! So if you lost your seat on the PTA because enough people call you a child molester, that just your fault, not the fault of the people lying about you?

Hey guys, instead of believing the lies and BS Rush and Fox make up about Obama, why not criticize him for what he's ACTUALLY DONE? You know, like NSA spying, pushing the TTP to give away American sovereignty, or the extra-legal drone attacks on American citizens without due process? (I know, you guys don't get that whole 'due process' thing.)
Heck, maybe you should ask WHY Rush and Fox aren't covering his pushing a trade deal that will likely screw us all.

But that's beside the point. I have a deal for any or all of you. I collect swords. They're pretty nice, practitioner's swords. Three of them are made by Cold Steel™.

So here's the deal for ANYONE who wants to take it up (This post can be construed as 'legally binding' if you'd like):

I need a car. You all (anyone who believes Fox or Rush) are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN of the veracity  of virtually everything that Rush and Fox tell you about Obama. Good. My swords are my pride and joy. What better way to separate someone who must certainly be a 'liberal' from something they love for being 'wrong' about your icons? Like taking candy from from a comatose and slightly abused bowl of pudding, right?
So here's the deal: You send an email to "" With your name, town, and verifiable claim to ownership of a running, functional, untampered-with, state-inspected road vehicle. This along with contact information so that I may contact you if your collateral is acceptable. By doing so you agree to these terms below.
If agreed by me, it will be incumbent upon me to publicly provide one demonstrable falsehood or instance of deliberately misleading their audience by each of Fox News (which means by their on-air commentators)  and of Rush Limbaugh ABOUT President Obama or his policies, and publish them openly on this facebook page and mine.
SHOULD I FAIL (and of course given your faith in Fox and Rush, you are already convinced I will), Then I will remit to you 2 Cold Steel™ Chinese War Swords and 1 Cold Steel™ WuJian sword  (Retail at around $1000). I'll even pay shipping and handling.
If, on the other hand, the impossible happens and I provide such demonstrable falsehoods, then you will deliver to me the vehicle you described. I'll let you know where to bring it.
Also, if you fail to hold up your end, you agree to pay my court fees and transportation costs should such be necessary to complete the agreement.

Fair enough?

Now here's what's really going to happen: Not a single one of you has the integrity, or even the actual faith in Rush and Fox, required to take up such a challenge. So I already know that none of you will do it.
Instead you will resort to insults, threats, and trying to find ways around it. You'll say the 'terms aren't fair' even though the only way you could possibly lose is if Fox and Rush have misled people about Obama. I'm sure you'll also delete this post or try to get me banned from facebook for having the audacity to impinge upon the fragile bubble of delusions you guys choose to live in.

You will. Because you are craven, deluded children rather than adults that are willing and able to do enough research to prevent yourselves from being manipulated by the media.

So, any takers?

I won't hold my breath.

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