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In Another cover-up in Chris Christie's administration, the editorial board of the New Jersey Star Ledger demands that the Christie administration stop stone-walling and release the transcripts and other documents related to the allegations of former Hunterdon County prosecutor Ben Barlyn, which I reported here last week in Ex NJ Prosecutor Barlyn sacked for prosecuting Christie cronies alleges "mafia-like" tactics. We finally see more media coverage of Ben Barlyn's allegations that he was fired by Christie's AG for refusing to drop charges against a Chris Christie crony. For the last year he has been using his own money to get the grand jury transcripts released.  

Barlyn says that after he secured an indictment in 2010 against Hunterdon County Sheriff Deborah Trout, a Republican with political ties to Christie, he was fired and the case hastily killed by Christie’s appointed attorney general at the time, Paula Dow. The real story isn’t the mundane crimes that were alleged: hiring without proper background checks, making employees sign loyalty oaths, threatening critics and producing fake police badges for a prominent Christie donor. It’s the possible abuse of power by the administration’s head prosecutor. ...

He’s not the only one who says so: Four grand jurors and other dismissed prosecutors have come forward to agree. A judge even ordered the release of the transcripts — yet still, the state is refusing to comply. It has filed a torrent of briefs in an effort to suppress the grand jury record, and will continue this fight at a hearing Tuesday.

Christie’s appointed attorney general is also seeking a gag order on Barlyn and his lawyer, in the event these transcripts must be handed over. Which makes you wonder: What is the administration trying so hard to hide? And just as important, why aren’t other people looking?

On the very day the indictment was unsealed, Paul Dow came in, shut everything down, and sent all the evidence to be locked up in Trenton in some dark Christie controlled dungeon.  Within months she dropped the charges, fired Ben Barlyn, and all the other prosecutors involved.

Yet if we leave this case to be sorted out in civil court, the administration will drag it out indefinitely. What we need is a state legislative committee, the U.S. Attorney’s Office or a specially appointed prosecutor to get involved and issue subpoenas. Dow must be compelled to answer questions under oath, and the grand jury transcripts and other investigative materials must be turned over immediately.

Like the allegations in Bridgegate and Hoboken, this is too important to leave to one man’s private lawsuit.  

Of course, I agree completely with the Star Ledger. Governor Christie promised to cooperate with all appropriate investigations. We need to highlight the fact that he lied about that as well, as this is a clear cover-up.  

There are so many scandals involving, or related to Chris Christie that for your convenience I put together a list of the top 15 with a poll to help us keep them all straight.

It's been raining Governor Christie scandals at such a rate that this program guide may be helpful. "Get your programs here!"  

Today's poll question is "Which Governor Chris Christie scandal interests you most, at this point?" Alternatively, you could indicate which is most under-reported, or will be most consequential. Check one for any reason you want, and we can make up reasons what for the responses may actually mean later. The happy side affect will be that by the end you will have memorized all 15 top Christie scandals and be able to use them in conversations for personal gain, intimidating enemies, or bullying Republicans.  

Bridgegate George Washington Bridge land closure and cover-up.

Hobokengate Mayor Dawn Zimmer's allegations of holding up Hoboken Sandy aid unless she approves the Rockefellar project favored by Christie.

Stronger than the Stormgate aka Sandy Storm Relief Funds AdGate Christie chosing Stronger than the Storm contractor who included him as the star. Since the Daily Kos poll function only has 15 slots I'm combining this with Sandy Funds Allocationgate - complaints about lack of transparency of allocation of Sandy relief funds.

Double-Dipgate aka Gourdagno2gate Lt. Gov. Kim Gourdagno files false reports with NJ Pension board to get here employee inappropriate pension in addition to salary from her.

Mayor Steve Fulop Jerseygate All of Fulop many schedules with Christie and staff immediately canceled once he refused to endorse Christie.

DMVgate Elizabeth Mayor Chris Bollwage accuses Christie of closing their DMV.

Ben Barlyngate Former prosecutor of Huntington County fired by Christie AG after receiving a grand jury indictment against Christie crony
1994 False adgate Christie repeats false and libelous charges over 400 times in 1994 election.

Helicoptergate Chris Christie uses state helicopters and expensive Limosines for personal trip to see kids sports games.

Hounddoggate: Dkos blogger keeps dogging Governor Christie in compulsive frenzy.

Gategate: Lazy writers suffix words with gate to imply a scandal instead of thinking of original names.

Chrisghazigate: Liberal media will not report scandals about Benghazi, IRS, Obamacare, Fat and Furious, and doggie as much as Christiegates.

ChrisTeaBaggergate: Republicans whine about Chrisghazigate (liberal media no reporting Benghazi) as a distraction from responding substantively to the many Christigate charges.

KosChristiegate: Daily Kos community posts an inadequate number of  articles on Christie scandals and don't rec enough Christie scandal posts.

So warm up some popcorn tell us what you think.  This is an open thread, as I have no on-topic rules in most of my posts. Also, if some kind soul could help me add the several dozen tags. I have to run out to get some magnesium citrate for a colonoscopy tomorrow. Yikes!  I'll be back soon.  

1:02 PM PT: The most important headline in this is that while the GOP is congratulation Governor Christie for "coming clean" and being decisive in firing the culprits, the truth of the matter is his administration is stonewalling and covering up 6 or 8 different investigations.  This should have been my final "gate" poll choice" "Cover-upgate)"

1:31 PM PT: Read more:

2:16 PM PT: Thanks to Mokurai for bringing us this additional links on this story:

New York Times

The Quashing of a Case Against a Christie Ally

Report: Grand jurors back former Hunterdon prosecutor on case against Christie supporter

Ex-Hunterdon County prosecutor compares firing with bridge scandal, report says

Cries of politics over AG's role in probe present new challenge for Christie

Even (oog) Breitbart

Prosecutor Claims He Was Fired in 'Mafia-Like' Way for Indicting Christie Allies

Originally posted to HoundDog on Mon Jan 27, 2014 at 12:53 PM PST.

Also republished by Christie Investigations.


Which Governor Christie related scandal is most under-reported compared to its signifance?

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24%57 votes
5%12 votes
1%3 votes
1%4 votes
0%0 votes
5%13 votes
38%90 votes
0%0 votes
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5%13 votes
4%11 votes
0%1 votes
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9%22 votes

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