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                                                  Oh, the humanity!

A brand new poll shows Christie's favorably ratings have fallen a jaw-dropping 27 points in 40 days.  A dive quick enough to blow out your ear drums.  Just last month, Christie enjoyed a positive +12 national approval rating (43% to 31%).  Today, PPP finds his ratings at the bottom of Hudson River, with a negative -15 rating (31% to 46%).  OUCH!  

I should add that while PPP's last national poll was taken 40 days ago, the evidence that Christie's office was behind the closing of the George Washington Bridge emerged only 21 days ago, on January 8th.  So the 27 point collapse has essentially occurred over the past three weeks (hat tip chicago minx for pointing that out).

That said, I just saw American Hustle, which is story about corrupt New Jersey politicians, and these lyrics from their soundtrack seem timely:

Did you hear the news it came across the air today
Someone has been found on the rocks down in the bay

Did you see him hide, did you see him crawl
Does his life mean more than it did before

Did you see your friend crying from his eyes today
Did you see him run through the streets and far away

Did you see him run, did you see him fall
Did his life flash by at the bedroom door

But it gets better!
The national GOP frontrunner is NOW Mike "Uncle Sugar" Huckabee.


Huckabee now leads the GOP field, with Christie dropping from first to third.  

He's at 16% to 14% for Jeb Bush, 13% for Chris Christie, 11% for Rand Paul, 8% each for Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Paul Ryan, 6% for Scott Walker, and 5% for Bobby Jindal.  Source.
Among Republican voters, Huckabee enjoys a 64% approval rating (64% to 18%).

To quantify the extend to which the lunatics have taken over the asylum, PPP finds the most popular person among GOP voters is....  you guessed it.... Half-Governor Palin

Among GOP voters, Palin holds a stunning 70% approval rating.   If the GOP had their way, the failed reality show clown would be President today.

There you have it.  The party of Eisenhower and Buckley is now the party of Michael Grimm, Uncle Sugar, Tim Huelskamp, and Sarah Palin.


Lunatic Fringe - I know you're out there
You're in hiding, and you hold your meetings
I can hear you coming, and I know what you're after
We're wise to you this time we won't let you kill the laughter

Lunatic Fringe - in the twilight's last gleaming
This is open season, but you won't get too far
'Cause you got to blame someone for your own confusion
We're all on guard this time against the Final Solution

2016 is shaping up to be a ... ahem... slaughter.


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