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Hanlon's razor says:

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

You made up a narrative that fit your preconceptions without data to support your narrative. This is supposed to be a reality based site, not one where we make up stories, but that's just what you have done.

But what struck me most was this:

    38% say they are more likely to pay the fine the government will assess most Americans who lack health insurance.

That 38 percent generally approximates the conservative fringe of America, you know, the ones who clung to George W. Bush to the bitter end, the ones who believe Obama was born in Kenya, the ones sickened by America's creeping communism. There are probably a handful in that 38 percent who are choosing to pay the fine for non-ideological reasons. But there are many more who are doing so to spite the president.

Because, you see, placing yourself at risk of financial ruin, severe disability, or even death is totally worth it in pursuit of undermining the communist plot hatched at the Heritage Foundation. It's like eating crappy, unhealthy fast food in order to spite liberals. Or refusing to exercise because Michelle Obama.

This is entertaining writing, but, as far as I can tell, you made this part up.
There are probably a handful in that 38 percent who are choosing to pay the fine for non-ideological reasons. But there are many more who are doing so to spite the president.
Show me the evidence to support this claim.Gallup's discussion of their polling results says that two thirds of the uninsured people are ignorant about the health insurance exchanges.
Uninsured Exchange Visits, Familiarity Still Lacking

A fairly small minority of the uninsured, 23%, say they have visited, or have attempted to visit, a federal or state health insurance exchange website. That number is little changed from 26% in December, and 20% in October and November, when many Americans had difficulty accessing the sites because of technical issues.

Perhaps surprisingly, exchange website visits are no more common, 21%, among uninsured Americans who plan to get insurance. Thus, apparently many of those who plan to get insurance have yet to take specific steps toward doing so.

Because relatively few uninsured Americans have visited insurance exchange websites, it follows that 67% claim to be unfamiliar with these exchanges. Thirty-one percent of uninsured Americans say they are "very" or "somewhat familiar" with the exchanges..

Ignorance, not politics, is the most likely factor in the decision to remain uninsured based on Gallup's figures and discussion. Right wing disinformation may be a factor in that ignorance.  Gallup provides no evidence that the people who would remain uninsured are doing it out of hatred for Obama. The fact that the value 38% shows up in two different polls is not evidence that it's the same set of people. That's most likely a coincidence. You appear to have made up the claim that millions will go uninsured to spite Obama. Based on Gallup's polling and analysis it's likely that millions will go uninsured because they are confused, ignorant and misinformed.

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