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Conservatives hated Catholics until the Catholic Church started obsessing over the same things they do -- abortion and birth control. It didn't matter that the church was covering up the rape of thousands of boys, that was okay with conservatives who rallied to its defense. So child rape? Okay! Talking about income inequality? Well THAT CROSSED THE LINE! With that in mind, today's source material:

Breitbart story screenshot, headline: POPE FRANCIS BLESSES FORMER MALE STRIPPER'S PARROT
1. Slow news day, Breitbart? Or is the rag trying to agitate against the new Pope? (Rhetorical question, we all know the answer.)

2. Note that the Pope was handed a parrot and he blessed it. He didn't do a background check on the parrot's owner.

3. Who gives a shit what the Pope blessed. Which religion says "judge not lest you be judged"?

None of that matter, as the crazies in the comments got predictably riled up. The goods, below the fold.

detestable - our Rock Star Pope who asks 'who am I to judge gays', will campaign politically for amnesty and open borders, continues to seek the limelight - a misfortune
Fucking Pope blessing shit, attention whore!
Stop with the pope stories. He is a freaking communist.
Everyone knows Jesus was a CEO.
Wake the eff up!... This man has said one doesn't need Christ for salvation. He is an apostate, not a valid pope, he loses all authority of his office by virtue of his apostasy, ipso facto, with the decree of a canonical court.
zzzz -- uh, huh .. wah?
Francis ( Jorge Bergoglio ) is an apostate and heretic. He has said Jews, who don't accept Jesus Christ, and atheists who follow their conscience can have salvation, and because he appears in "humility" talking about matters of corporal works of mercy, which the most basic Christian would agree with, people adore him. Further, the man talks and acts like a doctrinal idiot.
Fucking Jews are going to HELL. EVERYONE knows that!
What next? The blessing of the pedophiles? Are they "a beautiful gift from God", too.
Ask the last two Popes.
This pope is an ass clown. Roman Catholicism is a dead cult now trying ay to hard to be culturally and politically relevant in mans eyes.
"1.2 billion Catholics" is an odd definition of "dead".
I really wonder about Pope Francis. Sorry, but I really do believe he's just a place-marker with the real leaders in the background. My biggest trouble with this is, what is their agenda? This is coming from a Catholic.
It's the illuminati, isn't it?
This fraud has nothing better to do than grandstand and seek publicity for himself.

What is next ???? Pope Francis writes a 'tell all' and goes on a book signing tour.

Complete with former male strippers and a menagerie of small animals ???.

This dude has turned the church into a laughing stock and will certainly be the LAST POPE !

Yeah. His whole posse is strippers and animals. That's exactly what the story said.
The Pope is a Catholic. Look at it this way, Christians are not Catholic.
So the original Christians aren't Christians?
What a disgrace. This guy was elected Pope by the current crop of Cardinals(Bishops)? I wonder if Obama's NSA spying gathered blackmail material to get them to vote for a Marxist-symathizing buffoon?
Benghazi, too. Don't forget Benghazi.
Pope Francis the bird blesser now? How utterly embarrassing! First he comes out of the closet (so to speak) in support for gay marriage, now he is out blessing the bird of a known male stripper? This is sooooooo not a good thing!
There is such a thing as "known stripper"? What, are there trading cards? You can go online and get the full stat line on them? They headline primetime TV shows?
Whaaaaattt???? Pope Francis appears to be going madly off in all directions. God help us.
Blessing one of god's creations sure is wacky and crazy! If only god would help us by, I don't know, harping on birth control or something.
The Second Vatican Council must be urgently obliterated; antipope "Francis" is a full-blown apostate who must be immediately removed manu militari from Saint Peter's throne!
Regime change!
I hope this man, so deeply involved in sin, uses his new notoriety to get a private audience with the Pope. I would expect the meeting to end with the words, "go and sin no more."
Global income inequality? Psshaw. This Pope needs to go to every stripper in Rome and beg them not to strip. Then he needs to go to the suburbs and do the same. Then the surrounding cities, eventually work his way through Rome. Then he has a decision -- go to France, or Slovania, Switzerland or Austria. Hmmm. Tough choice, because by now he'll be super tired of talking to strippers.
Enough Vatican bird stories; Romes on fire.
Quick, someone put out the fire by talking about outlawing contraception!
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