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I've spent quite a bit of time pointing how pervasive the central tenants of Fascism have become in our media's interpretation of current events.  Glenn Beck was a favorite topic of mine, as was Jonah Goldberg, and Dinesh D'Souza maDe an occasional appearance.  

But lAtely there has been a bit of vacuum in the realm of regurgitated Nazi propaganda, and the Wall Street Journal is stepping up to fill the gap.  

So far they hitting on three main points:
1) "Fascism as antifascism" - making the Chenyesque/George Zimmermany claim that preemption is the moral equivalent of self defense, even when other people don't perceive the alleged threat.
2) They are saving the Fatherland from "Class Struggle."
3) They are saving the Fatherland from "Envy."  

First, let's consider the recent flap over Tom Perkins LTE where he says he fears a looming Progressive Kristallnacht. There seems to be a corollary to Godwins Law that when a conservative invokes Hitler, he will then start spewing stuff plagiarized from Mein Kampf. There are also a couple quotes around to effect that "Fascism comes disguised as anti-Fascism," and Perkins is making classic Fascist statements disguised as antifascism.

In this case, he's pretty much in full agreement with Hitler: The liberals are the real racists, the liberals are going to enslave us, the liberals are the real genocidal maniacs, the liberals are the real Fascists. After all, this was exactly what Hitler said - that the Jews (he used "liberal" interchangeably) were going to slaughter and enslave the whites.

See how easy it is to embrace Hitler? Just dust off Adolph's old scripts, rinse, lather, and repeat. And there you are, presenting Fascism as anti-Fascism. Killing liberals is justifiable and practically a moral imperative.

Let's goosestep past the orange Blutfahne for more Fascist wackiness!

Let's move onto another WSJ editorial where the WSJ defends Perkins.  And of course, they blunder into the same trap of promoting Fascism disguised as antifascism.

Maybe the critics are afraid that Mr. Perkins is onto something about the left's political method...... siccing journalists to trash them and federal agencies to shut them down.
and not only that
He who picks up a ... newspaper in the morning without finding himself abused in it has not usefully applied the previous day; for if it were so, he would be persecuted, slandered, abused, cursed, and sullied by the Jew.
Oh wait, my bad, that was Mein Kampf

Anyway, according to the WSJ...

While claiming to be outraged at the Nazi reference, the critics seem more incensed that Mr. Perkins dared to question the politics of economic class warfare.
"Class warfare?"  Well that sure sounds familiar.  Actually, the Nazis were less inflammatory in their promises to save the Fatherland from "class struggle."  Here, let's help  the WSJ ombudsman (if they have one) brush up their Goebbels:
"..........He who opposes class struggle and fraternal murder, who is looking for the way out of chaos and confusion, this man will vote for Adolf Hitler....."
-Joseph Goebbels (1932)
".......They (the Jews)  mobilized the so-called proletariat to class struggle by ruthlessly exploiting real or imagined problems...."
-Joseph Goebbels  (1941)
"..... Bolshevist class struggle that wants to make everyone the same. That we want to oppose by every means......He who spreads such ideas does not want a hard-working community, but rather wants to spread bitter views of class conflict...that could result from envious and critical sentiments........"
-Joseph Goebbels (1943)
"..........The enemy was Marxism. Our goal was its annihilation. Our propaganda had to shake the foundations of the core of the Marxist idea in the minds and hearts of the masses, the theory of class struggle......"
- Schulze-Wechsungen  (1934)
".........Marxist agitation for class struggle has torn the people apart, and set one against another......":
- Nazi campaign pamphlet
"...........The means to realize Marxist doctrine was class struggle,
- Anti-Marxist propaganda......"
".......the Jew saw his goal as setting social groups and classes against each other, of inciting nations to class struggle and class hatred, thus destroying each other through civil war.....That is why the Jew alone is the father of class struggle...."
-by Robert Ley (1944)
The third time the WSJ steps in it is with this oped Stephens: Obama's Envy Problem.  It's a bit of a kick because at the end there is a correction where Stephens admits his premise (inequality isn't getting worse) was complete bullshit.  But the larger point is that they are using another favorite Nazi theme of saving the nation from "envy." Romney tried using this theme, and I wondered if it would hang around.  It seems like conservatives have a deep attachment to this theme - does it go all the way back the 1930s?  Anyway, here's Joseph Goebbels and Hermann Goering.
And there is a war on. We hate them from the bottom of our souls because they threaten our very life, because they oppose our national existence out of envy, jealousy, and ill-concealed national pride.
-Joseph Goebbels (1933)
The Führer drove arrogance and contempt, envy and hate of labor and possessions, from Germany.
-Robert Ley (1936)
‘Anger, envy, hatred, rage,
Are in the blood of the Jew,
German anti-Semitic childrens book (1938)
People’s comrades, we have spoken of those all to eager to accuse others, who are driven by envy,
-Hermann Goring (1933)
Once each was the enemy of his neighbor. Envy, mistrust, and hatred were everywhere;
-by Robert Ley (1937)
Meanwhile, the base yellow press of our enemies has forced us to defend our lives with guns in our hands against the envy and resentment and threats of our enemies.
"How They Lie"
They hope to realize their infernal destructive goals, driven both by their political and economic envy as well as their Old Testament hatred, by shaking German war morale.
“Die Aktivierung der Partei!” (1943)
We are fighting to save our children from the unbearable threats of the Western democracies, driven by envy and hatred
Nazi propaganda magazine (1939)
Mr. Roosevelt recently told the nation, he retired to his bedroom to write a prayer ....that (God) will help them enslave a part of the world that is attempting to live modestly from its own resources. This they cannot tolerate, out of greed and envy.
-Joseph Goebbels (1944)
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