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  • Today's comic by Tom Tomorrow is Cartoon: Support the drones!
    Comic teaser panel 2/3/2014.
  • What you missed on Sunday Kos ...
    Why extending unemployment benefits must be paid for, by Ian Reifowitz

    When did your county's population peak? This map shows you, by David Jarman

    Rosa Parks—beyond the stereotype, by Denise Oliver Velez

    You're terminated, by DarkSyde

    The invisible finger of the market, by Jon Perr

    Is Founding Father James Madison’s 'Federalist 10' also responsible for America’s divide, by Egberto Willies

    Henry Waxman and the impending irrelevance of Congress, by Dante Atkins

  • Drought empties Western reservoirs:
    In 2003, Lake Powell reached 97 feet below normal water level. Today, it's 121 feet below. Last year, for the first time ever, the reservoir had to cut its outflow to the lower Colorado River states. This year is already looking worse, somehow.
  • Bill Kristol joins ABC News as a contributor: As John Cole at Balloon Juice asks: "Why? The man has been wrong about EVERYTHING his entire life, and he is evil, to boot."
  • Ta-Nehisi Coates discusses Obama as black champion:
    And this messenger—who is Barack Obama—becomes something more to black people. He becomes a champion of black imagination, of black dreams and black possibilities. For liberals and Democrats, the prospect of an Obama defeat in 2012 meant the reversal of an agenda they favored. For black people, the fight was existential. "Please proceed, governor," will always mean something more to us, something akin to Ali's rope-a-dope, Louis over Schmeling, or Doug Williams over John Elway.  

    How does a black writer approach The Man when The Man is not just us, but the Champion of our ambitions? More, how do you approach the offices that have so often brutalized black people when those offices are occupied by the Champion? How do you acknowledge the president's many gifts, his actual accomplishments, while still and all outlining the depressing limits of his own imagination?

  • Oh goody. Liz Cheney is not gone for good:
    If the Senate race famously took a toll on the Cheney family—Liz Cheney’s sister, Mary Cheney, disavowed her sister’s campaign because of its stance on gay marriage—the larger community of operatives and donors in Cheney-world remains very much intact. The sense of destiny that appeared to propel her candidacy, and that plainly irritated Republican Party leaders in Washington, has not faded within the circle of close Cheney allies.

    The financial contributors who powered Cheney’s campaign aren’t going anywhere either, though the ex-candidate is returning the $2 million she raised for the race, rather than keeping it on hand for a later campaign. Cowboy PAC raised $38,500 for Cheney’s race, including big contributions from several of Dick Cheney’s fellow Ford White House alums and former Defense Secretary Frank Carlucci. Those contributions, based on longtime personal friendships, would presumably be back for a second try.

  • Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman dead at 46:
    “The theater was very difficult for him,” Robert Falls, the director of “Long Day’s Journey,” said in an interview Sunday. “It cost him; there was an emotional cost to the work, having to do it for eight performances a week, and having to rehearse. In ‘Long Day’s Journey,’ a role about an addict who would be dead in a number of years, who was filled with self-loathing, certainly Phil had access to those emotions. But I’m not talking about a method actor. He just brought every fiber of his being to the stage. He was there — with his depth of feeling, depth of humanity — and no other actor I’ve ever worked with ever brought it like that, not at that level.”
  • What it's like to come home to America if your name is "Ahmed":
    Ahmed Shihab-Eldin is a respected journalist who holds US citizenship. Every time he returns to his home in New York, he is detained for many hours by the DHS, subjected to humiliating questioning and detention without evidence or charge, because he fits a "profile" that seems to consist entirely of "brown dude with Arabic name who visits the middle east." He recently returned from the World Economic Forum in Davos and found himself detained for hours, despite having been assured that his name had been removed from the DHS's watch-list.
  • Wolves are better imitators than dogs:
    The scientists found that wolves are considerably better than dogs at opening a container, providing they have previously watched another animal do so. Their study involved 14 wolves and 15 mongrel dogs, all about six months old, hand-reared and kept in packs. Each animal was allowed to observe one of two situations in which a trained dog opened a wooden box, either with its mouth or with its paw, to gain access to a food reward. Surprisingly, all of the wolves managed to open the box after watching a dog solve the puzzle, while only four of the dogs managed to do so. Wolves more frequently opened the box using the method they had observed, whereas the dogs appeared to choose randomly whether to use their mouth or their paw.
  • On today's Kagro in the Morning show: Did you see the football game they showed around The Great American Right-Wing Coca-Cola Freakout? Did anything else happen? Sure, and Greg Dworkin rounds 'em up. "The End of American Exceptionalism," for instance. A peek at what the new Ezra Klein project might be like. Again, you'll have to wait & see on Obamacare. And Dr. Greg explains what's up with all those Hs and Ns in the flu virus! WaPo follows up on ACA launch in Kentucky. Armando weighs in on the Coke ad, the game, Christie developments & more. Gunfight Nation Rising: Is armed America a more dangerous America? And "The Myth of the Good Guy With a Gun."

Originally posted to Daily Kos on Mon Feb 03, 2014 at 12:00 PM PST.

Also republished by DK GreenRoots.

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