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Sometimes when you let someone in the GOP talk and talk and talk in between the wild-eyed paranoid conspiracy theories they will - occasionally - let a nugget of truth fall to the bare ground.  This IMO seems to have happened the other day when Michele Bachman (R-Batshit Town) decided to explain why the GOP isn't really anti-immigrants, Immigrants are anti-GOP.

Bachmann... stressed the need to reform immigration to stymie the tide of immigrants who aren’t “conservative Republicans.”

If these were conservative Republicans coming here illegally, the last thing Obama would do is seek to give amnesty, citizenship, and legal voting status to the people coming into the country,” she said. “If you look at Hispanics today, 77 percent respond that they believe in big government and like big government. Fifty-five percent of Asians say they believe in big government, they like big government.”

“It isn’t the conservative Republican immigration policy that immigrants don’t like,” she argued, “it’s our stance on fiscal conservatism, the Constitution, patriotism, the fact that we believe in limited government and personal responsibility.

Or to put it another way, you guys are a pack of cheap, selfish, jerks who've decided the safety net has become a hammock cuz TAXES that pay for Roads and Schools and Police and Food and Healthcare are BAD, m'kay?!!! (even though President Obama has cut taxes far more than he's increased any while shrinking the deficit to half it's size when he took office), also "GET OFF MY LAWN ya Hippie!", and those pesky immigrants just don't appreciate your jerkiness, uh I mean, Fiscal Responsibility or for that matter you're Creepy Knife Stalker-Like "Love" for certain sections of the Constitution (the 2nd Amend, and uh - what else is there?) when it suits your political purposes.  See if those illegal immigrants were more likely to be Republicans than Democrats surely Obama wouldn't be trying to get them out of the underground slave-wage, drug & human trafficking infested undocumented sub economy and grant them magical sparkly instant voting rights at all.  

Why do that when it might put you at risk of losing elections sometime around 20+ years in the future?  

And of course by the transitive proper of inverse reality if they weren't predominantly likely to be Democrats - the GOP Would be ALL FOR Amnesty - y'know - the way that Pappy Lord-King Reagan was back in the day?

And see how that it's not at all Racist or Bigoted for the GOP to generically classify 11 Million people into one homogenous generic lump in order for them to be anti-immigration reform because we all clearly know nothing motivates the GOP like their own craven myopic petty electoral self-interest.

Everyone ask yourself, if you believe in the potential of the American Dream strongly enough to uproot yourself and your family and immigrate to this country - which political party and economic platform do you seriously think is more likely to aid you making that Dream into a practical waking Reality?

Yeah, thought so.  That is why so many immigrants are likely to be Democrats. Let's be honest here, if there's one thing that the GOP Conservatives truly, dearly, severely, burning-like-the-surface-of-the-sun hate, Hate, HATES! when they aren't failing over themselves to pander to the aggrieved loss of Supreme White-Male Privilege & Autonomy  - It's Non-Conservatives.

Speaking of "Loving the Constitution" Bachmann also said this:

“One thing I’ve advocated a long time is to get rid of this mindless idea that if someone has a baby in the U.S. and the parents are illegal aliens, the baby should be given automatic status as an American citizen,” she concluded.
Because the sins of the parents should of course be visited upon the children who weren't even born yet and also - who needs that annoying 14th Amendment and it's guarantee that Citizenship is a Birthright no matter who your parents are, where they came from and/or how they got here, even if they might have been Black or Enslaved or anything.  I mean, it's not like it was ever determined that some people born in the U.S. couldn't be considered citizens or even relevant to the Constitution even if they were Born Here Unowned and Free. (Answer: Yes it was - under the Dred Scott Decision, which was only reversed by the 14th Amd.)

So, yes, let's just quickly undo that "mindless idea" because what could ever possibly go wrong if we do?

Much more crunchy nuttiness over the flip.

Some of the rest of this is just too guano-paste crazy to be believed as she goes on the explain that an ObamaCare website subcontrator from Belarus - that's really RUSSIA don't cha know - has stolen all of America private data and sent it to their country and then attached a malware virus so they can keep it, or copy it, fold, spindle and mutilate it - or something... I don't know, I can't follow this nutty....

“Now,” she told Shapiro, “if the subcontractors that were building this disaster website of Obamacare, if these subcontractors were from Belarus, a.k.a. Russia, you can bet that they put back doors into that software system. That means they could have access to millions of Americans’ sensitive private data.”

The threat to Americans is real, Bachmann insisted, “[b]ecause, remember, under Obamacare, all Americans will have their sensitive data in the federal data hub. That’s 330 million Americans. It isn’t just your healthcare information or just your insurance information, it’s all of your employment information — your employment history, your income; everything that goes along with employment. It also includes your IRS returns, your tax returns.

“So, the access that Russia could have — not only the sensitive personal information of individual Americans, but also access to be able to get into the IRS, get into the Department of Homeland Security, in addition to about seven other — to a total of about seven different federal agencies.”

Uh, um... fucking wow!

Yeah - ah - again - WOW!

Well, let's start with the easy stuff - 330 Million Americans on

Uh - No!

Members of the GOP usually have a bovine-live-birth when it's suggested that about 12 Million people have gained access to Healthcare as a result of the Affordable Care Act.  Most of that is through the expansion of Medicaid and the rest is through Private insurance companies.  But 330 Million?

Uh - Fuck Nope!

Under the ACA Mandate requirement anyone who already has insurance through their Employer is Exempt from ObamaCare.  Anyone who has Medicare is Exempt, anyone who has Tricare, the VA, S-CHIP or is already paying for their own personally individual private plan - doesn't Have to Use the ObamaCare Website At All. The most optimistic estimates from the CBO were that in a few years about 25 Million Americans would have Health insurance as a result of the ACA.

So then how are 330 Million American's private data supposed to get stored there?  How's that even logical?

And never mind the Federal Hub, there are 16 States who have their own exchange sites - so the data in fact is distributed, not centralized. The only reason there are some many states dependent on the Federal Exchange Hub is because Republicans Refused to STEP UP and do their own sites.

You don't have to include your personal healthcare information on your Exchange profile other than your age, and sometimes whether you smoke, because Pre-Existing Medical Conditions are Now Irrelevant.

So, Why-oh-WHY would they need to even ask for your medical records when there's literally nothing worthwhile for them to do with them? And as a point of fact, they don't ask and they don't store it. Period.

They also don't store your IRS data on because The IRS Already HAS THAT so there's no need.  All they do is perform an internal verfication that you are who you say you are and your income is what you say it is, it's a quick and simply "lookup" for data the IRS already has that occurs in the background of the programming not on the screen.  If the argument is now that the IRS shouldn't keep records of tax returns, well then that's just too damn bad now since they've been doing that for more than a century isn't it? Where does she think we send our returns every April 15th? Calcutta? Bangladesh?

One other thing, the security test that Bachmann insists is needed - already happened.

Nearly three months after its launch, underwent end-to-end security testing and passed with flying colors, the top cybersecurity official overseeing the website told Congress today.

Teresa Fryer, the chief information security officer for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, told the House Oversight Committee that results from the tests have alleviated her earlier concerns about risks of cyberattacks and theft of consumers’ personal information

“This security control assessment met all industry standards, was an end-to-end test and was conducted in a stable environment that allowed for testing to be completed in the allotted time,” Fryer told the panel.

Uh yeah, and that.



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