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Executives at Coca Cola thought it was a good idea to run a 60 second Super Bowl ad featuring children singing "America the Beautiful" – a deeply Christian patriotic anthem whose theme is unity – in several foreign languages. The ad also prominently features a gay couple.

Conservatives instantly lit up social media with objections, with many vowing to boycott the soda company's products.

Remember, MSNBC had to apologize to the RNC for a tweet that suggested that conservatives would freak out over an ad featuring a theme of multiculturalism. Then, conservatives freaked out over an ad featuring a theme of multiculturalism.


The tribe freaks out, below the fold.

Doing what Coke did celebrates racism, divisiveness, and the idea that the concept of the 'American Melting Pot' is dead an buried and that America is now a country of competing (if not warring) ethnic groups where immigrants are not even tolerant enough or respectful enough of American culture to learn a common language, much less share a national culture.
Yeah, that one scene with the Asian guy blowing up the Latino was a little too much.
As the ad played I became more offended. When it became clear that it was a Coca Cola commercial, thought that's it, I'll never drink a Coke again. The best rendition of America the Beautiful, I ever heard, was done by Ray Charles. What Coca Cola had produced was close to an abomination.
ABOMINATION! Actually, just close to one. Like, right on the edge.
Common language promotes unity. The Statist Left doesn't want that because they don't want unity, they want balkanization so bureaucrats will have plenty of jobs managing all of the ills that it artificially creates.
Just look at all that unity in the South, where conservative whites embrace English-speaking African Americans and afford them equal rights and opportunity, and racial harmony reigns supreme!

Why does Coke want to end that?

That's it I'm drinking Pepsi from now on
I don't know. Their logo kinda looks like the Obama campaign logo. Ten bucks says Glenn Beck has already connected them on his chalkboard.
My ancestors came over in the mid 1800's from Germany and Ireland. I
don't speak Irish or German because they assimilated when they came here
Legally? In the 1800s, that meant getting on a boat and showing up. So, functionally no different than today's undocumented immigrants.

And why would anyone brag about not speaking another language?

if a company pushes multiple languages that is divisive and racist. When I go to China I don't expect to see signs in Spanish. Multiple languages do not bring people together, they divide and pushing a foreign language like Spanish onto an English speaking country is divisive.
China. Signs. In English.

Also spoken in China: 292 different languages, including Mandarin, Cantonese, Uyghur, Tibetan, Zhuang, and Mongolian.

I wish I could say I'm surprised we're heading this direction. In "Melting Point 2040", I wrote a story of what awaits our nation as segregation by language is added to the efforts of many politicians to re-segregate America by race, ethnicity and religion. It's sequel, "Secession 2041" details the struggle and cost of reuniting once we realize we've gone too far.
In that sequel, Zombie Reagan is reelected president and promptly signs another amnesty bill, like during his first go-around. It's all very conservative-y.
Why, is it some how wrong to promote American Cultural Norms in the United States of America but it's ok to replace American culture with every other culture but ours, so as not to offend anyone? When you replace American culture in the United States of America with something else you offend the American people. If you don't want our culture don't come here stay where your at since that is the culture you like. Even a liberal should be able to figure it out.
And by "American culture", you mean ... ? Oh, white people. Thanks!
Coca Cola could easily have sent a powerful message of unity by having all of the singers come together at the end of the commercial and sing the last few phrases together in English. Such a commercial would have sent a powerful message that America celebrates diversity, honors multilingual citizens and welcomes immigrants from all over the world to join in becoming part of a nation that shares important common bonds.

I suspect that most but not all of today’s trauma could have been avoided had the producers not worried about offending people who believe it’s good to create new communities segregated by race, religion and language.

And it would've been an even more powerful message had they then picked up "Romney for President" signs and accused Obama of being born in Kenya. But alas, it was so power-LESS that hundreds of Breitbartians ended up losing their heads over it, literally TRAUMATIZED by it.
It accentuates failed cultures instead of America. It promotes 'diversity', which is the antithesis of the melting pot, where people are integrated into American culture. The reason comes right out of the communist playbook. They WANT us to be divided. That way they can prey upon each group's fear and greed, which wouldn't stand up if you have a united, cohesive, culture.
You know who else insisted on assimilation and tried to stamp out non-official languages? (Hint: it was Stalin.)
I have watched and rewatched. Tried to have open mind. Still feel uneasy about it. yes, they kept the phrase "God shed His grace on
thee" shocker there. I think had this been shown 10 years ago it would have been more accepted. So what happened? The atmosphere of the nation right now. with the blatant acceptance and promotion of both illegals and now islam we are in danger of no longer being a melting pot nation but one where our American culture is dying and we feel helpless to stop it from happening. We are being forced against our will to accept those that break our laws (An outright slap in the face to those that came here LEGALLY) and those that come here to kill us. (if you don't understand that is the goal of islam, then you are not paying attention)Coca-cola's goals may have been honorable but when the nation reacts this way you know we are on edge and distrusting. very unfortunate and makes me very sad. I long for the days of being a melting pot. I did notlearn to hate or fear other cultures, because it was understood when you come to America, you embrace our laws and our values. It was OK to
celebrate your native heritage and help us understand it, but it was not forced on us and we did not have to fear 'offending' anyone from
another culture. that was absurd. I wait now to see how Coca Cola
The whole nation thinks Coca-Cola is in league with creeping Sharia-ism. I mean, EVERYONE!
It was everything but American. And if they want to do global, which would have worked…they should not have played America the Beautiful!!
America IS NOT BEAUTIFUL in foreign languages!
At first I didn't really take issue with the ad, because to me it is a
wonderful reminder of American Exceptionalism. America is the shining city upon a hill whose light serves as a beacon to freedom-loving people everywhere. America should be honored as the greatest nation on Earth, because it is. However, I'm not entirely sure that's what Coca Cola is trying to say here. I was reminded that the original ad from the 70s that inspired this one, "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing", was sung in English, while the Coke logo was written in different languages. Now,the song is in different languages, but the Coke logo is the same. Is this a commentary on how corporations are replacing nations? Is Coca Cola trying to say that there is no such thing as sovereignty anymore, because we are all nothing more than customers?
It sure would be disturbing if a publicly traded corporation spent millions on a Super Bowl ad in the hopes of acquiring more customers for its products.

I hear the cool kids call that "capitalism", which used to be a thing until Obama turned America into a communist nation.

Well 100 million Americans were unexpectedly forced to watch that commercial. They did Pepsi s big favor in my book.
I've got bad news for you ...
What's wrong with the AD? Celebrating diversity is a horrible thing to do. It highlights our differences. Wouldn't it be better to highlight our similarities? After all, racism truly exists because people refuse to accept that we're all 99.9999999% the same.

A nation will never be held together by it's diversity.

Poor Switzerland, broken and failed. If only the Italian, German, and French cantons had gotten together and agreed to speak American.
If Latinos and other want to sing the song then do it in English after they become citizens, so what's wrong with it you say? well if you don't see what's wrong with it the YOU are whats wrong with it,
If it's not in English, it's not America! But wait ... what the hell are those words on this thing?
Great seal of the United States
Our friends and family have become "instant" Pepsi lovers - from now on. It tastes better anyway!
I've got bad news for you ...
Pepsi ad, in spanish, featuring Sofia Vergara
And if Pepsi tastes better to you ... why were you drinking Coke in the first place?
Multiculturalism is a death-cult and I will no longer be spending the few thousand dollars per year that I have been (for years!) on Coca-Cola. SodaStream is now getting my business - until and unless they do something stupid as well. Life is a series of choices - make yours wisely. Vote with your wallet.
Most of SodaStream's employees speak Arabic. Maybe you can find some old Jolt Colas to spend your THOUSANDS on?
I would have to agree. I watched the ad and instantly knew what they were trying to do, but I believe in appealing to one group they managed to tick off a much larger one. The guys in Marketing approved this? Oh well.
By appealing to the largest growth demographics in the United States, Coke managed to "offend" those wilting flower endangered white Southern males, which is MUCH LARGER on the Breitbart message boards. Oh well.
Apologies are now meaningless substitutions for the lack of good judgement, and right decisions by our media, entertainment, political, and business leaders. They get nailed up on a wall of disgrace and try to escape the humiliation with a meaningless apology. They really do need to turn their attention away from the culture exposition northeast, the left coast, and mistakes on lakes, to pay more attention to those leading good honest true lives out here in flyover country.
So ... stop listening to the American majority?
Press 1 for English.
So it's just an ad, but it's an obvious component in the recipe for utter destruction of AMERICA.
Borders, Language, culture. (American!!)..... F the multicultural brain washing sodas.
Every time you press 1, America dies a little more.
BOYCOTT COCA-COLA! And e-mail them. They're part of the problem, aiding and abetting the liberals'-leftists' diversity and homosexual agenda.
... on the other hand, drinking Coke is unhealthy, and that would SHOW MICHELLE OBAMA who is boss! Choices, choices ....
Liberals keep telling us they are open-minded but won't read any of our books or give us the same respect we give them by hearing their views. Just crazy and superficial name-calling of everything-RACIST! CLOSE MINDED! MISOGYNISTIC!
I'm a constitutionalist, and there is no racism in protecting a language, a culture and a way of life. The United States was not built by immigrants, it was built by Americans that could care less about being from some other country but rather being an American, unlike today's illegal aliens.

The Coke commercial is divisive and racist - dividing people by language and origin. It's really a slap in the face to America.

Yup. St. Patrick's Day parades are PURELY American, celebrating the inclusion of an official English language in the CONSTITUTION. Why would anyone assume otherwise?
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